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Yesterday, HT, etc.
Yesterday night, we were at Fortune; Kamalesh, of course, was playing with his band. Lots of beautiful songs. Anyway, as for the food, we first had something called "Burmese Touch" (diced chicken cubes with noodles blended in exotic herbs), which frankly wasn't all that great. Later we had a typical Italian salad (chicken and beef cubes, mushroom, and other vegetables in mayonnaise); it was fantastic. Oh yea, I did booze, and fagged way too much.Did I mention I am obsessed with Motherjane's Mindstreet?My name has been mentioned in The Hindustan Times: "Managing change in ebusiness" by Puneet Mehrotra.
04:39:33 January 11, 2004, Sunday (PST) Source: Premshree Pillai

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