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University of Abertay, Dundee
We came...we saw....we gave 4 presentations at the University of Abertay and we left all within 24 hrs... Abertay was the first date on the 100% Inspiration Tour and was my first taste of what my job will be like for the next year. We flew up to Edinburgh on the Tuesday night and drove to Dundee on the Wednesday morning at a very un-Mark-like hour (around 7.30am). There were a couple of technical issues that we encountered that un-nerved us all. Did you know that the resolution on a Dell D600 laptop is so high that it can stop certain types of projectors from displaying presentations. We didnt before Abertay, we do now - we sorted it by lowering the resolution but it caught us off guard. Gavin and Dave gave 4 presentations: Mobility, .NET Framework, Web Services and Gaming & Graphics. All 4 were very well received and the presenters were awesome- I am aiming to start giving presentations on the tour as soon as possible but these guys do it with such style and professionalism that ...
22:24:28 October 8, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Mark's mark on the www

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