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Sometimes I'll go to type something in, and I'll be holding down the shift key. Lock, loaded and ready to write one kick ass sentence. The problem is that my brain kinda forgets what I'm doing. No big deal, I'm used to it. But the next thing I know BEEP StickeyKeys has turned on. And in a rush of confusion that can only be brought on by when your brain is at idle and suddenly gets beeped at, I simply hit enter. God help me at this point. Pressing shift acts like the caps lock key, the caps lock key seemingly makes the little light on the keyboard mean the opposite of whatever it indicates, and I'm pretty sure the Scroll look key and the SysRq keys switch functions too. Any combination of shift, caps lock and the letter n seemingly simply set caps lock to the opposite of whatever I think it should be at that point. It's a little humbling to realize that sometimes my brain will cause me to type at a speed that Microsoft has assumed could only be brought on by a physical disability.
11:25:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Phil Scott's WebLog

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