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Planetary Society Presents a New World to Congress
On May 25, The Planetary Society, in cooperation with the House Science Committee, will presents to Congress "Exploring a New World," in Washington DC, featuring filmmaker James Cameron, Bill Nye the Science Guy, planetary scientist Heidi B. Hammel, and Society Executive Director Louis Friedman. The event is part of the Society's ongoing Save Our Science SOS campaign and is designed to remind congress and the Administration of the vision needed to continue exploring our solar system. (PRWEB May 25, 2006) Trackback URI: http://www.prweb.com/zingpr.php/SG9yci1IYWxmLVNxdWEtUHJvZi1IYWxmLVplcm8=
21:21:31 May 27, 2006, Saturday (PDT) Source: PRWeb: Government Education

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