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Pinch me
RRJR47: u got me . u just sell stuff.RRJR47: u r not 4 realMarkedGirl: I could of sworn I wasn't imagining myself, but you never know.RRJR47: take careI wonder what I'm not supposed to be for real? But, as someone pointed out far more astutely in a comment in my journal, I am a masochist, and I do seek out this pain and suffering while searching for those elusive good conversations. You know, the ones where people speak in complete sentences with some semblance of proper punctuation. I keep hoping someone will strike one up that's good today while browsing through the flash at tattoodles.com.My owner bought me a subscription to that site today, and told me to pick out some things I like to give him an idea for a neck tattoo for me, which is not one I could possibly do myself. He's got a room booked in the quarter weekend after this, conveniently close to my favorite tattoo shop.
18:10:07 October 8, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Delia Day

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