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Phones for the Fun of It
These Wireless "Phones" Rate a Wow! "The new handsets make today's most advanced phones, which are already equipped with personal organizers, color screens, cameras, and rudimentary video recorders, look clunky. They'll start appearing on store shelves next year. Improving on everything from displays to audio, these devices continue to blur the line between cell phones and multimedia computers, making them well suited for applications way beyond voice (see BW Special Report, 10/20/03, 'The Wireless Challenge').... For sheer visual brilliance, nothing beats the Samsung GHX400. Intended for younger users, it displays 3D animation, bringing gaming to another level. It will be available next month in Europe and later in the U.S. And just for fun, the phone includes an FM radio. The price hasn't been set, says a Samsung spokesperson. How good are the latest screens? Well, cutting-edge camera-phones in the U.S. have screens that display about 350,000 pixels. But Samsung's new SGH ...
21:10:51 October 21, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Jenny Levine: Wireless

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