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PDC - Summary
Well PDC has come and gone. I had hope to blog each day on each keynote / session that I attended, but there were too many sessions and too little time... ;-) What I like about PDC:1) I really enjoyed the Keynote speakers / sessions. They did a great job on product announcements and had some very cool demos! Plus I really enjoyed learning all the new techologies! The future looks bright! ;-) 2) I really enjoyed meeting with my fellow MVPs, INETA speakers, and Microsoft friends. It was good to finally meet “the person behind the name” (in MSN IM / Newsgroup posts) 3) The conference transportation was excellent. I always found a waiting bus to and from my hotel. The conference even provided buses to the LAX airport on the last day. 4) I enjoyed helping out with “Ask the Experts”. It was interesting to hear all the different kinds of questions folks had on their mind. I help out in both the ASP.NET and ADO.NET tables. What I did NOT like about PDC:1) The conference was way too ...
23:44:00 October 30, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Carl Prothman's .NET Blog

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