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Multimedia Ebooks - The Future of Internet Marketing!
I just had a strange conversation with top selling authorJames Maduk....He hates writing! Even though he's done incredibly well sellingbooks online. Last month, a single mailing pulled in over $2,700.00! To some of you that might come as a bit of a surprise when you consider he just finished writing his third book "52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing". (100,000 words and 260 pages) Right now you might be saying to yourself - "I couldn'tpossibly create an ebook. I have trouble figuring outwhat to write in a Birthday card. How am I going to write abook?".It is a lot of work writing books. If you've tried it you'll know...butthen who said the only way to sell your information online wasby writing a book?What about creating your own MULTIMEDIA EBOOK!Who wouldn't love selling multimedia information products online withall these benefits:* Instant Publishing - your ebook is finished as soon as you stop talking! Stop waiting for time consuming edits and layout ...
22:00:02 October 8, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Online Business Opportunity

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