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Love Actually
Watched Love Actually. Seems like Richard Curtis was sick of all the hatred that's all around. So he wanted to make a point through this movie: that it's only love that's all around. Quite true, at least in the movie. It's got not one, but eight couples dealing with their love lives. With so many people and so many activities, all in one movie, Richard has done quite a good job.It would be unfair to judge the actors' performance, because with so many characters, none have a major on-screen presence. However, the movie doesn't demand anything extraordinary, as is the case with most romantic dramas.I thought I'd say that I hated the movie, but somehow I feel like watching it again. Maybe it's because the movie is quite refreshing, or whatever, but definitely worth a watch...at least once!
07:03:39 January 4, 2004, Sunday (PST) Source: Premshree Pillai

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