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iCal Extension for PHP
One of the items that I've wanted to add is a plan file similar to the one that Randal Schwartz has on his website. Ideally, the HTML would be generated by means of a PHP script that read an iCal formatted file created by exporting a specific calendar from Apple's iCal application. The plan called for me to create an iCal format parser in PHP. Checking over my to do list (stored in OmniOutliner) this evening , I was reminded of this and went Googling to see if anyone had done any work on an iCal parser for PHP and found this very promising PHP extension that wraps libical. I won't have a chance to compile it this evening, but I've set aside tomorrow evening for it. I've found several other applications of RSS on Jeremy Zawodny's site that reflect thinking outside-the-box in using RSS to disseminate information: Yahoo has made available dynamic feeds that you can specify a search term to and news containing that term is returned as an RSS feed. There's also an application that will ...
22:09:36 October 21, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: sneer.org

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