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Howto: Create a Box Plot in OpenOffice
Periodically, I get frustrated with the inability of modern spreadsheets to generate a box plot (otherwise known as a box-and-whisker chart or box chart). While Microsoft publishes a limited amount of information on how to create a box plot in Excel, there's virtually nothing online for how to create a box plot if you use the superior OpenOffice. This post will likely be of use to you if you're a casual statistics user and don't want to learn r. Please note: This isn't the most intuitive function. However, considering OpenOffice doesn't natively support box plots, it's better than nothing. Sample box plot In OpenOffice calc, enter the following data as a table: Statisticabc median404550 q1302230 min101518 max10011090 q3507557 Select these six rows and select Insert - Chart Leave the default values on the first screen of "AutoFormat Chart" and press Next >> From the "Choose a chart type" window select "Stock chart". Also select "Rows" on this screen. From the "Choose a variant" ...
15:52:06 September 16, 2005, Friday (PDT) Source: Pleasing to Remember

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