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delicious distance
..a mastery of abstraction is the talisman that keeps one ahead of the others struggling so hard bankers, engineers, programmers, accountants study hard and climb effortlessly above and see the absurdity of those trapped below even for those lower down art, tv, are forms of worshipped abstraction and they equate to the delicious distance from life that is possible and consumable modern art hanging in banks and corporate corridors imply this delicious distance but a fusion of abstraction and matter is power in our world beauty and the body banking money and the things it can buy. the physical tv and the episode of buffy .. some american soldiers probably entered iraq and afghanistan with the most delicious of abstraction tech, retinal displays, dancing lasers in their eyes. The distance from reality maintained with guns and information and the ease of localised accurate air strikes. Not easy, but no need any longer for walls to celebrate those abstractions behind. No need for those ...
20:49:19 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: headmap

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