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"Deaf" Comedian on SNL
I just caught a bit of a "deaf" comedian on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. It is a current episode, starring Liam Neeson, not a rerun. I don't know who was playing the "deaf" comedian, but he was probably not deaf! His "signing" was absolutely terrible...once in a while I saw something that looked like a real sign, but most of the time he was making it up. His "interpreter" was played by Kenan Thompson. He made jokes like "dating is hard...girls give me their phone number but I can't use the phone because I'm deaf." He also made a lot of racist jokes, because he was white and the "interpreter" was black. The "interpreter" broke just about all the rules of interpreting, of course.Did anybody else see this?
21:38:15 November 13, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: Quiescent Voices

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