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Note: The project has been discontinued
DBus Python Bindings
Work continues on Python bindings for DBus. It started off as a necessary step to making SystemServices work right... it has taken on a life of its own. At this point it is insanely easy to create new Services (things that export objects over the dbus that people can call methods on). Accessing remote services is even easier, of course. Behold, the awesome beauty that is a DBus Echo service written in Python: import dbus import gtk def Echo(self, echo_message): print ('org.designfu.Echo: received %s' % (echo_message)) return echo_message service = dbus.Service("org.designfu.Echo") object = dbus.Object("/", [ Echo ], service) gtk.main() Now I have to work on making the signal (receiving and transmitting) API better... and finish off some half-assed code at tunelling Python exceptions across the bus (when using Python on both sides).
17:53:00 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: Design Fu

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