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Can it really be an update?
Yes... yes it can :)I have been unbelievably busy lately. I have no other excuse... This past weekend I tore apart my kitchen walls with the help of K, M, rixor, and T, and am now living in a mess of dust, disorganization, and dissarray! I can't stand a mess like this. I sit on the couch, and look at it and I am afraid to move. I want to clean, but there is no place to put anything. I cannot even cook anything because my Stove is unplugged and in the center of the kitchen, one wall is ... well, it is not really even a wall at this point... The other wall is half-done, and the other wall needs to be taken down. I will be so happy when it is done because Then I can do the dishes, and put everything *back* in the kitchen instead of inside my living-room, hallway, basement, bedroom, and wherever else there was room.I've been getting free HBO for the past few days, and for the next two months... So I've been watching a lot more TV than I usually do. But I have seen a few really cool ...
21:54:13 October 30, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Bill Philibin

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