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So who is this Walter Smith guy? Here's what I wrote the last time somebody asked that: Walter got his B.S. degree from CMU (sure that B.S. would come in handy in the computer industry) and stayed on for grad school. After a year he got a summer job at Apple. That was so much fun he took a "temporary" leave of absence from school, which has now lasted 15 years. Walter spent eight years at Apple working on the ever-morphing Newton project, for which he ended up building the NewtonScript compiler(s), runtime, and object store. After Newton 2.0 he left Apple to look for something new. He soon found himself working for Microsoft, where he has messed around with browser UI and various attempts to improve the Windows application model, helped ship three versions of MSN Explorer, and is currently an architect on the Windows Client User Experience (aka Shell) team. Walter enjoys long walks in the rain between buildings 9 and 35, believes K&R had the brace style right to begin with, and ...
23:44:23 October 1, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Walter At Work

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