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1000st Post on the Bay Area Futurists Yahoo Group
This is the 1000st message on the Bay Area Futurists Yahoo Group. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and makes this one of the most interesting boards out there regarding futuristic themes. Mike Korns said it yesterday evening at the dinner and I would like to extend a special thank to Wayne for the many quality well researched posts. Mike even said that he keeps all of his posts. We joked, that he does that, so that he has a track record, for when the Feds catch up with Wayne :-) When you search the board for Wayne, it turns out that he is mentioned in 921 of our 1000 posts. I always post the announcements and my name is so much more common, still I only get six more 927. Some more interesting onesMike (Although there are at least two): 628Mila (Words like siMilar count unfortunately): 831Troy 779John 830Eric 885Joschka 526and the winner is: Chris with 940 messages. This will find a place in the drawer with the pretty useless statistics. Here the information for the ...
23:14:04 October 18, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: mark finnern: Future Salon

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