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This Post Brought To You By, Persnickety
Company pulls candy bags with toy depicting 9/11 attack: MIAMI (AP) — Small toys showing an airplane flying into the World Trade Center were packed inside more than 14,000 bags of candy and sent to small groceries around the...
19:27:59 August 27, 2004, Friday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Mises U: Wish You Were Here
I put together another collection of photos from the economics conference I went to a few weeks ago. Click on the picture for more luvin....
12:44:30 August 27, 2004, Friday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
By Reading This Statement You Consent To My EULA
South Korean students engaging digital shoplifting: The whole thing smacks of a bored journalist blowing a story way out of proportion during a slow news month, but a South Korean newspaper is reporting about a new problem affecting bookstores there:...
14:42:24 August 16, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Everyone In The Club Gettin Tipsy
It's a little old, but new to me. Via WFTV Slideshow (there is all sorts of crazy shizola in there). VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II presides over a performance of break- dancers from a cultural organization of Poland,...
14:21:51 August 16, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Ted Koppel: Leading America's Finest Into Fish Barrels
17:10:14 August 14, 2004, Saturday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Watch Out Here I Come
Dammit, I have to goto Dallas for a few days. I'll try to stop by Quakecon and let you know how Doom 3 is (which all of you care about)....
17:03:17 August 14, 2004, Saturday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Will Ferrell: Americans Coming Together
While I'm hardly a fan of mobocracy, I thought this was one of the funniest parodies produced in the last couple of years. Watch the video or the terrorists win. Via Mike Ewens. Hey Hollywood, what do you think looks...
11:46:22 August 12, 2004, Thursday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Shreveport, land of floating casinos and Polish exchange students
I have a plethora of stories to share with you including those filled with eyelash-pounding action, tanning salons and aircraft carriers but right now you'll have to settle for the 2004 Amazing Casino Adventure. This takes place over a period...
23:05:58 July 11, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Youth Adventure Program
I know those of you that read my blog (all three of you) don't because of any interest in my personal life, however, due to the lack of updates I thought I owe you an explanation. I'm back at Texas...
22:00:50 June 19, 2004, Saturday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Saved! – based upon true stories everywhere
Pretentious. Flamboyant. Grandiloquent. Ostentatious. Snobbish. Those are but a few words to describe many Christian fundamentalists. Surprisingly (although, it’s really not too difficult to do), entertainer Mandy Moore manages to play the part of a splashy Hilary Faye whose inflated...
23:03:44 June 12, 2004, Saturday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Misanthropic Dystopian to the rescue
Last night I moved back down to College Station for a grad internship this summer so I'll be on and off throughout the week. Here is an amusing post I noticed over at Media Dystopia:I didn't want to be rude....
10:55:48 June 12, 2004, Saturday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Beam me up Scotty, Data is dead and Deanna is pregnant
This sugar free post is brought to you by mellifluous, because that's how Craig Kilborn described Patrick Stewart's voice. - Three Positions on Intellectual Property Rights - "However, "intellectual" goods are not like the usual sort of goods. If I...
22:39:34 June 10, 2004, Thursday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Your last chance to finance PLUS grow 3-6 inches
Day 10 of the content-lite blog diet. Atkins, eat your heart out. - Chinese scientists find 1st fossil embryo - "Scientists in China have discovered a fossil thought to be more than 120 million-years-old containing an embryo of a flying...
22:50:12 June 9, 2004, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
I wear my sunglasses at night
My laggard, sweat-free stroll produced a few gems today. - Kangaroo Next in Line to Have Genes Mapped - "The kangaroo will join dogs, people and mice in having all its genes mapped, U.S. and Australian scientists said on Tuesday."...
22:10:51 June 8, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Someone's got a case of the Monday's
As I am fat I could only take a brief walk around the blogosphere today. - Earn Your PhD While Playing Games - It's like getting paid to play Nintendo. How cool is that? - What's Google's Secret Weapon? An...
20:26:29 June 7, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
In Communist China They Censor The Web
And in apple pie America they censor... the web: Courtesy of Richardson High School sophomore John Swanson (my younger brother). I suppose this post didn't help at all....
19:42:53 November 4, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Doctor Recommended
Back By Popular Demand
- Sashley - Kayton Any similarities between actual persons, living or dead are purely coincidental. Do not try at home....
18:48:15 October 16, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
It Takes Your Stomach 7 Years To Digest Gum, Billy Said So
- The Worst Jobs In Science:11. METRIC SYSTEM ADVOCATE The Metric Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology has a bold, if Napoleonic, motto: "Toward a Metric America." That is, a fanciful future in which we'll buy decagrams...
23:32:16 October 1, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Quiz of the Day -- Star Wars Character
You are Luke Skywalker: Which Star Wars Character are you? I need to work on being less nice and more on pillaging Jawa camps. They have a good taste for droids you know....
12:48:57 October 1, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Public Schools Beware, OpenCourseWare Is Here
From another blog I post at:"Free" Private Education - MIT OpenCourseWare In 1999, MIT began an initiative to “virtualize” all of their graduate and undergraduate programs, for public consumption, por gratis (an idea similar to Wikipedia). As of September 2003...
20:52:28 September 30, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Ugly Creature of the Day -- Almiqui
Creature Thought Extinct Found in Cuba:HAVANA - A living example of an insectivore native to Cuba — but believed for years to extinct — has been found in the island's eastern mountains, a Cuban news agency reported. The discovery of...
15:55:51 September 30, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Word of the Day -- Tyrannosaurical
P2P group seeks peace, but talks tough:A newly launched peer-to-peer trade association has offered to sit down and negotiate with music industry lawyers, while it simultaneously denounced its adversaries as obsolete and "tyrannosaurical." Despite the creative newly minted adjective, the...
14:29:50 September 29, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Funny Company of the Day -- SkyHigh Airlines
Global Package Tracker - They're Out There Somewhere:At SkyHigh, we don't like to think of your missing luggage as being "lost." Rather, that it has embarked on an exciting journey all its own. But rest assured, we're fairly confident your...
12:29:32 September 29, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Real MagiQ, Encryption Style
Uncrackable beams of light:MagiQ is in the final stages of testing a system for quantum cryptography, which it plans to release commercially within the next few months. Encryption engineers have long waxed lyrical about quantum cryptography, but this is among...
21:34:19 September 28, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Quotes of the Day -- Linus Strikes Again
QUESTIONS FOR LINUS TORVALDS:O.K. So what are your views on sharing music files? I don't actually think about it much; I listen to the radio if I listen to music. What I do find interesting is how the file-sharing thing...
23:59:31 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
15-year old males losing the war on free pr0n
Porn Pages Reach 260 Million:An 1,800 percent growth rate over five years is typically considered an online success story, but in this case, the statistic pertains to Web porn. N2H2 found that the number of pornography related Internet pages grew...
15:54:34 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
Is it High Noon for the western?:The western movie is 100, but it is in truly appalling health. Hollywood released no cowboy films in 2002, so will audiences flock to the spate of big-budget westerns due out soon? [...] But...
14:23:02 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Oxymoron of the Day -- Drunk Russian
Movie stars get hung up on KGB's anti-hangover drug:A drug created by the former KGB to keep its agents sober so that they could drink opponents under the table before stealing their secrets is being sold on the internet to...
00:23:06 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
With Timelines Like These, Who Needs Historians?
Upon viewing the "official" history of UNIX I've decided that what Darl & Co. should have done, is simply write an open-letter to the community, thanking them for being stewards of their code for the past few years:March 6, 2003...
17:32:02 September 25, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended
Post of the Day -- Man Descended From Coal
Evilution exposed! All FAKE!!!:The Theory of Darwinian Anti-Theism has just COLLAPSED! Paleontologists have found a piece of COAL containing a perfectly preserved HUMAN BEING. By the theory of EVILUTION, coal is much OLDER than mankind. Even the most blinded Darwin-worshippers...
02:48:28 September 25, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: Doctor Recommended