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San Gorgonio waterfall
.flickr-photo { border: solid 1px #000000; } .flickr-frame { float: left; text-align: center; margin-right: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Waterfall along the route, originally uploaded by jeffrey_t_b. This waterfall was about half-way up San Gorgonio, along the Vivian Creek trail. (This post also tests Flickr interaction....
18:08:24 November 20, 2005, Sunday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Announcement In South Bend
The South Bend Tribune ran the engagement announcement on Sunday: Link...
10:54:18 November 7, 2005, Monday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Run Maps
I am pleased to be a part owner of Google, as they provide so many interesting hackable internet search tools. At this pedometer site, someone provided a useful way of mapping out running distances using Google Maps. It even allows you to save your route as a URL, so that you can send it to friends! I've mapped out some...
17:40:14 September 18, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Ath Cliath
Part of the FEMBA Global Access Program involves some international travel, and as my team is working with an Irish company, I went to Dublin (the capital of the "Celtic Dragon"). The meetings were productive, and I got a quick tour of the city (from my school peer Kieran). It appears as though the city has grown very fast...
10:27:42 September 12, 2005, Monday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
I asked and she said yes. Elizabeth has consented to marry me....
00:18:47 August 28, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Indiana Summer
Over the Fourth of July weekend, Elizabeth and I traveled to Granger, Indiana, to spend time with my family. It was a pleasant and relaxing weekend, as the weather in Indiana was comfortable and sunny. We didn't really have to drive anywhere, but rather spent the time enjoying the green backyard and chatting with my parents....
22:40:14 July 5, 2005, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Catalina Adventure
During the long Memorial Day weekend, Elizabeth and I journeyed to Santa Catalina Island, which is about twenty miles off of the shores of Long Beach. We spent the time wandering through the streets of Avalon, boating in the harbor, touring the interior of the island, and looking at fishes....
12:32:29 June 5, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
San Diego Weekend
A couple of weeks ago, my parents visited the lovely southern California town of San Diego. Elizabeth and I joined them, and we had an excellent time. On Friday, we drove through Mission Beach up to La Jolla (pictures below). On Saturday, we had breakfast in Old Town San Diego and toured the amazing San Diego Zoo. On Sunday,...
22:39:05 May 11, 2005, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Honeywell Event Study
Yesterday, Honeywell released its quarterly earnings report. The stock price also tanked. Are those two items related? What is the influence of the overall market movement? Are there certain typical stock price trends around the release of earnings, and can those trends be exploited?...
21:38:18 April 21, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Parker Mesa Overlook
One of my favorite hikes near Los Angeles is the "back" way to Parker Mesa Overlook, part of Topanga State Park. (The venerable guide Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles refers to it as "Topanga Overlook", but I'll go with the trail markings.) Today was perfect for a hike, with cool ocean breezes, a sunny clear sky, and green hillsides...
01:07:15 April 10, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Work Projects At Home
So what is the boundary between work projects and home projects? This past weekend (and tonight), I’ve been working on a piece of C++ code that will be used to do some specialized data lookups / interpolation at work. Why in the world should I be doing this, when there are other personal projects that I could be doing? (These...
22:34:25 March 28, 2005, Monday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Easter Weekend
It seems appropriate to celebrate the springtime, as the fertile earth brings forth a new growth. Elizabeth and I enjoyed a warm and sunny LA weekend by walking through our neighborhood, driving on Pacific Coast Highway, and cooking a delicious dinner. Yes, there are more food pictures attached....
18:43:35 March 27, 2005, Sunday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Weekend Fix-Its
There were three things that needed fixing this weekend. Hopefully, all of the tasks were accomplished. First, I needed to replace the fluorescent light in my office. I had tried replacing the bulbs, but that didn’t work (and the new bulbs worked in a different fixture). So, I decided to replace the ballast and the lapholders. The ballast was fairly...
20:51:50 March 6, 2005, Sunday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Palm Springs
In the tradition of other long weekends, Elizabeth and I drove to Palm Springs, over the President's Day weekend. It was a special opportunity to relax after midterms, and celebrate the ending of Elizabeth's chemo treatment. Although there was some rain, we had an excellent time lounging at the beautiful resort hotel, looking around the town, and exploring the...
22:39:37 February 21, 2005, Monday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Ayn Rand’s 100th Birthday
The writings of Ayn Rand were very influential on a young me, and it would seem fitting to write a bit about that on Rand’s 100th birthday. I was first introduced to her writing via the book “Anthem” during my senior year of high school, as an assignment in my AP literature class. The book was almost shocking: I could...
23:50:53 February 2, 2005, Wednesday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Remington Titanium R-9500
In an effort to improve my personal hygiene, my lovely girlfriend gave me a new electric shaver for Christmas: a Remington Titanium R-9500. Actually, it is more than just a shaver, it is an entire "shaving system". I believe that they classify it as a system because it contains several interdependent parts (the shaver itself, its recharging base, and a...
22:24:37 January 10, 2005, Monday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Winter Break 2004-2005
I've continued the virtuous tradition of spending a week or two with my parents (and extended family) in Indiana, over the Christmas season. It is always a good time, and an excellent opportunity to rest, relax, and prepare for the coming year. I've attached some photographs from the trip below....
16:45:17 January 8, 2005, Saturday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Christmas Wish List 2004
It is that time of year again: My family and I exchange wish lists, to aid in our gift searches. I've attached my list to this entry. Also, please see last year's list for reference....
23:15:13 December 11, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Upgrading to new MovableType version
I've taken the plunge and upgraded to the latest version of MovableType. There are a couple of useful new features in this version, including new/better plugins and improved comment moderation. I've had a lot of problems with annoying comment spammers, so I think that I need to take steps. Comments are always welcome, but now they will take a little...
12:11:40 November 27, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
XML Rant
At work, I've been advocating the conversion of some our text datafiles into something with more self-description (and an XML format). I think that a couple of my co-workers (who oppose the idea, on what I judge to be self-conflicting, and maybe even emotional reasons) would enjoy the following article, even if they might not be familiar with the particular...
22:35:50 November 19, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Election Results
So we have completed another Presidential election, and it happened without the interference of terrorism, fraud, or violence. The Republican Party gained more seats in the Legislature, and Bush will continue as President. Overall, I am impressed with this election. According the CNN statistics, there were over 117 million voters, which was a record number in absolute terms, and the...
21:33:32 November 4, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Something to try
Google has a new search tool, that includes stuff on one's harddrive. That sounds like something worth testing. A review (with technical content) can be found here. (Full disclosure: I hold Google stock.)...
13:43:17 October 15, 2004, Friday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Oregon Visit
Over the long Labor Day weekend, Elizabeth and I were the well-treated guests of Mary Sillick (Elizabeth's aunt), in Eugene, Oregon. It was a relaxing trip, with visits around the University of Oregon and Eugene, the local pools, and Mary's comfortable backyard. The highlight of the trip was an overnight camping trip to Lake Waldo, about 60 miles southeast...
22:05:25 September 23, 2004, Thursday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Hypergeometric Samples
Once a month, a random sample (of size n) is chosen from a population (of size M). This population might be of student-athletes for NCAA drug-testing, or taxpayers for audit, or some other similar scenario. How likely is it that there will be x repeats from one month to the next month? This is a useful question to ask, as...
23:44:23 September 21, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Current blog favorites
I thought that it would be interesting to put up a list of my current favorite current-event blogs. Instapundit - A well-respected, high volume site of libertarian / conservative writings (usually compilations of links to other sites), run by Glenn Reynolds, a law professor at the University of Tennessee. Belmont Club - Features interesting commentary, usually on the "big picture"...
13:23:09 August 29, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Bling Bling
These can be purchased from Marche Noir....
12:10:01 August 29, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Google IPO (postscript)
I ended up putting a little bit of money into the Google IPO, via my discount broker (ETrade). I'm very pleased with the IPO results (shares purchased at $85 are now over $100). Some post-game analysis can be found at Marginal Revolution, a good economics blog. The quick "pop" of the shares makes me somewhat itchy to sell, but I...
19:53:48 August 25, 2004, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
PP2One, next version
I've updated my PowerPoint-to-OneNote import program PP2One, to be able to run with the release version of OneNote SP1. I highly recommend all OneNote users to get SP1, as it seems to fix a number of errors....
20:40:37 August 8, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Role of Voting
Sometime last year, after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, an American journalist was interviewing an Iraqi about the prospect of voting. The Iraqi (having been educated with only Hussein's political doctrines, and probably genuinely curious) asked the question: "So now we are going to vote? What if we vote for a theocracy?" The American journalist (having probably been educated...
20:07:29 August 2, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles
Google IPO
Of course, everyone knows that Google is going to make an initial public offering (IPO) of its stock. This is big news both in the finance sector and in the tech sector, so naturally I would tend to have some interest in it. I've gotten an bidder's ID number, from their website , and maybe I'll make a bid on...
18:32:31 August 1, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: Rambles In The Brambles