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One More Day
I believe that family and friends are the best thing in this world. I believe that next to them we find what sometimes is so hard, if not impossible, to find "out there": understanding, patience, good advice. I don't forget...
16:41:25 March 11, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: proverb
Family and Friends
That's the secret: To understand that even if "out there" it's so wild sometimes, inside our little and private world we will always find love. Here are some recent pictures of people that I truly love. The first one is...
03:40:05 February 10, 2004, Tuesday (PST) Source: proverb
Silent Dictatorship
It's been a long time since I've been here. Meanwhile, many stories I heard, many stories I wrote. I finally did an assignment about the minimum wage. In fact, I had wanted to do it for a very long time...
16:56:27 February 7, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: proverb
How to Be Cynically Correct
Happy New Year! What are your wishes for 2004? "What are your wishes for 2004?" my friend asked me. It should have been enough to say, "more wisdom to the world," but wasn't. She wanted to know what I demanded...
15:59:38 January 6, 2004, Tuesday (PST) Source: proverb
Season's Greetings
Yes, as Adverb said, it was tough. We had no idea how things were going to work out. But they worked out. Three months in Portugal, going to the United States, coming back again for three more months and after...
16:49:22 December 22, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: proverb
Creative Financing
"To be continued" I said in my last post. Well, I could be here speaking on and on about the bad things I observe in this country every day. What does this have to do with love? Everything. What Portugal...
17:30:48 December 10, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: proverb
Let's Speak About Portugal
One day, seated in the back seat of a cab returning from an assignment, I heard this on the radio: "Me and my husband make 500 dollars a month, we pay the rent and the bills and we stay with...
17:14:33 November 21, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: proverb
Two Pieces of Candy
Probability is good, is necessary, is the base of our peace with the world. It helps us live better. It's more or less like faith, but for those who believe in reason. As far as I know about myself, I...
18:12:17 November 12, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: proverb
Good Morning
1. "We are strange creatures." 2. "No matter how well off we find ourselves, it's never well enough." 3. "By nature we desire incompatible things. We fear isolation. We are a social animal. Yet, at the same time, we fear...
17:00:44 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: proverb
Everything's Perfectly Clear. As Mud.
We are going to be dead for a very long time. So, the best we can do is to try to live as well as possible. Blah, blah, blah... And I wish it was as easy to do, as it...
16:57:43 October 27, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: proverb
One of these days, I don't know why, I asked myself how would a relationship have been between Socrates and Kant. Imagine if they had lived at the same time, imagine if they had been close, imagine if they had...
18:04:48 October 18, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: proverb
Lotus Flower
I have not written very often because I have had my problems and because I had nothing healthy to say, so I didn't want to dump my headaches on this space because, anyway, everybody has troubles and this is a...
17:48:32 October 13, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: proverb
My Friend, Epicurius
Wasn't it Epicurius who said that to be happy we need to feel no active pain (physical pain)? Do I agree? More or less. What he said seems to me true, but also seems to me that it is not...
14:41:10 October 5, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: proverb
Until the Right Guy Comes Along
Generally speaking I agree with my Adverb. We don't need romantic love to be happy, because "happiness" is a way of being. Abruptly speaking, it is the way we naturally accept things. There are people that always smile no matter...
18:22:46 September 29, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: proverb
How Big Is the World?
One day I read a book that said we only have two things to learn. "First, the world is a very big place. Second, we should become every day bigger, so that the world can come in". It was Agostinho...
05:47:23 September 24, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: proverb
We Never Know
I guess there is not one single person in the world that does not have a love story to tell. I don't know any other concept more known and recognized than the concept of love. However, a fast look at...
18:27:43 September 17, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: proverb
Grape Harvest
Yes, today was a good day. But I am going to speak about last Saturday. Was the "picking grapes day". For my Adverb it was a very new experience. But it seems that from now on he will like more...
17:01:32 September 15, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: proverb
Empires Lost and Found
Why? Why are people in North America always so nice? Why do they all seem to have naughty eyes? And why, on the opposite side, even being very kind - generally speaking - Portuguese people always have that kind of...
20:07:12 September 10, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: proverb