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Description: a torontonian (ray) moves to san francisco to work in high-tech
Last Update: 21:27:45 05/26/2006

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let me be the first to say, bowling is good wholesome fun. i'd just like to add that, as with pool, bowling is much better after drinks.
20:58:42 November 18, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: nobody loves raymond
sports pool theory no. 1
on any given day, when given the choice between x players for n starting positions, where x > n, invariably, selected starters s_1...s_n will be outperformed by bench players b_1...b_(x-n).
23:12:17 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: nobody loves raymond
perhaps i've been spoiled, but it suddenly got frickin' cold here. last week it was high 34C/low 17C, and now it's high 15C/low 9C. i don't want to hear anything from my toronto readers.
23:09:03 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: nobody loves raymond
we also both dated j-lo
i now have one thing in common with p. diddy. he ran a marathon with a bad knee.
20:45:36 November 2, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: nobody loves raymond
went people-watching for halloween. i ended up going to the castro with a few friends. the gay mecca hosts a mass of humanity every october 31, although this year they tightened things up. it wasn't as packed as i thought it would be, but there were still tons of people milling about. good times. i think i'll be dreaming of nurses over the next few days, though.
19:35:05 November 1, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: nobody loves raymond