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comments please
I made a comment on Pavi's post entitled "Unreal" on Jan 19 regarding the treatment of women in Islam. I'd really appreciate any interaction. Thanks...
11:18:05 January 25, 2004, Sunday (PST) Source: Jeanne
My Inheritance
My Father-in-law, Mr. MP Thomas, called by me as Mama, has left me a grand inheritance most people know nothing about. Although I was his daughter-in-law, not of his flesh and blood, he took me in as his own, made...
21:44:37 October 18, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: Jeanne
baby talk
I entered my five-week-old daughter's nursery yesterday and to my great joy I caught her "talking" for the very first time. You know, that cute little cooing they do when they are fixed on some person or object. Before I...
17:57:29 September 16, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Jeanne
He took the words right out of my heart!
Probably the most stunning thing that has ever happened to me has been losing a child. Without going into details of the actual loss, it was also the spring board to the most profound encounter with God I have had...
14:18:24 May 15, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: Jeanne