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Be - When unlimited DSL isn't
New entrant in the UK ISP market Be, is attempting to make waves with its LLU-based 24 Mbps ADSL2+ service. However, despite their main home product's name, Be Unlimited Home, it isn't, or at least not entirely. My interest was piqued by the new BT-based line max services which will...
22:23:01 February 23, 2006, Thursday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
FT.com : Ebay's Wishful VoIP Thinking
The FT reports that Ebay sees Google, Yahoo, Amazon becoming less competitive with them : The four dominant internet groups - Google, Yahoo, eBay and Amazon - will increasingly focus on their core activities rather than compete with each other head-on, according to Meg Whitman, eBay's chief executive. "I think...
22:27:32 February 7, 2006, Tuesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Attack-Defend-Exploit - KPN's Success
Over the last few years, KPN has done the unthinkable in broadband access, at least from the perspective of US cable companies: KPN has overtaken the strong entrenched cable players. KPN's results announcement today highlights the broadband, VoIP, video, mobile and brand challenges ahead. While KPN's initial strikes against cable...
06:56:43 February 7, 2006, Tuesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
They Pay with Fixed VoIP
Thomas highlighted the new initiative from mobile operator 3, whereby users receive monetary rewards for every call or sms that they receive. In the fixed VoIP world, a similar model has even more radical implications. Clients should read this case study in the just published European Independent Internet Telephony VoIP...
17:17:04 February 2, 2006, Thursday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Om on France Telecom Fibre Broadband, Not Quite.
Om Malik's take on France Telecom's fibre plans would be appropriate for some of FT's European peers, but falls a little way off the mark for FT itself. Their intention is not as aggressive as Om speculates. What France Telecom announced earlier this week was the intention to trial fibre...
21:28:25 January 18, 2006, Wednesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
The PAYG VoIP model: Tesco launches
The UK's largest retailer, Tesco, today launches VoIP. Tesco already operates an MVNO and sells DSL broadband (based like most UK DSL on wholesale packages from the incumbent, BT). For US readers, Tesco is the nearest equivalent here to Walmart. They are the retailer everyone else watches and operate an...
21:09:36 January 18, 2006, Wednesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Google Pack - What's in it for Google
Ignoring the obvious but shallow: "because they can" / it seemed a "really good idea" / to annoy Microsoft / and Larry Page aspired to command the stage at CES '06 in the way Steve Jobs has done many times over the years at Macworld.... Potential benefits to Google of...
21:25:09 January 15, 2006, Sunday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Film Has Gone Digital
Or, at the every least, it's the beginning of the end for film: Nikon is to stop film camera production and focus on digital. How soon before the newly re-branded Kodak withdraws? Much longer, I suspect. Update - Despite a number of sites claiming this is the end of all...
21:24:30 January 12, 2006, Thursday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Openreach: Novel DSL Competition Structure
On Wednesday, Openreach held its launch event. Openreach is a new company within BT Group -- the UK incumbent telco -- and is charged with providing "equivalent" access for both BT Retail and other ISPs. Much of Openreach's focus is around delivering a competitive local loop unbundling market (LLU). Openreach...
15:16:40 January 12, 2006, Thursday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Hidden away - the really exciting Apple news
Among the Apple news is this gem: iTunes and Airport Express can now stream music to multiple sets of speakers in the home all at once. See the bottom of this page. For Apple, this is another major step towards creating a fully digital home. Apple appear to be going...
15:14:43 January 11, 2006, Wednesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
ntl/Virgin: More Multi-Play, not Quadruple Play
So, UK cable operator ntl plans to buy Virgin Mobile, a UK MVNO. Good analysis piece on BBC News. For ntl this could prove to be a major distraction. Post mergers, they will be operating a cable network, an ADSL ISP and now a mobile network that is based on...
21:03:54 December 4, 2005, Sunday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Sony DRM - The Conceptual Problems
Much has been written about the Sony CD DRM / rootkit issue. However, almost all coverage has attacked the inept execution (or recall, or sticky tape workarounds) rather than the core concept. My problem is more fundamental. The useful life of a CD is much longer than the Windows XP...
19:55:00 November 30, 2005, Wednesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Subsidising Broadband Availability
This piece has a good summary of funding that the UK's BT has received to increase broadband availability in rural areas. This is one of the (many) areas where Europe has quite different broadband dynamics to other parts of the world....
19:23:40 November 30, 2005, Wednesday (PST) Source: Ian Fogg
Sky-Easynet: Much More Than TV
BSkyB upped the ante today by purchasing LLU-owning broadband provider Easynet. This is much more than a TV play. Sky will use Easynet's LLU network to market Internet access offers and, in time, VoIP telephony services. With Easynet, Sky is able to hedge its bets on IPTV prospects and ensure...
20:27:05 October 20, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Lost in the Apple Flood #3: UK Broadband Speeds
PlusNet and Easynet announced that PlusNet will offer ADSL2+ services based on Easynet's DSL LLU infrastructure (in addition to their existing BT-Wholesale based products). ADSL2+ will deliver speeds of up to 20Mbps (perhaps even 24Mbps), provided that the copper line is good enough quality. BT Wholesale announced the next step...
11:15:00 October 14, 2005, Friday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Lost in the Apple Flood #2: Nokia
Nokia launches three new Symbian-powered smartphones with push email, WiFi plus VoIP aspirations. The acronym-laden feature list looks great on paper, but reliable operation and and marketing that is tuned to enterprise channels will be key for success....
22:32:23 October 13, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Lost in the Apple Flood #1: Liberty
Multi-country cable owner, Liberty Global increased its stake in Belgium's Telenet (pdf). Following Liberty's recent acquisitions of Switzerland's Cablecom, Ireland's Chorus and ntl (subject to competition authority approval), and of France's Noos last year. Who's next? ComHem? ntl/Telewest? AOL? (joking) European cable is consolidating and its no surprise that the...
22:13:09 October 13, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
As I wrote last time and Steve Jobs said at the launch event on Wednesday as he introduced the live jazz encore, "...remind ourselves that it is all about the music."...
22:04:13 October 13, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
'Disposable' DVD: Print Media's Shaky Foundations
Some rethinking needs to happen at the UK's sunday paper, The Business. Last week they published a story, an "exclusive", that Microsoft had developed a cheap play once 'disposable' DVD disk. A week later, and their front page follow-up story criticises bloggers for rubbishing the original. Both pieces ignore the...
16:07:30 October 9, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Telecom Italia's VoIP Cynicism on Economist Articles
So, it wasn't just me that thought the Economist's recent issue on VoIP was weak: they've just printed a letter from Telecom Italia's CEO expressing his concerns. He's right on two counts: mobile is both key and a key difference with the US, as Vonage has had to learn with...
15:43:47 October 6, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
gr8 news 4 believers
In the latest twist on the scripture, the Bible Society in Australia is offering all 31,171 verses in the abbreviated text style. VC's - large mobile youth audience, innovative product, go for it. Just don't think 'the new bubble'. Read the article in The Guardian...
15:18:24 October 6, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
A Dead Phone Business - The Economist
Hype. For now. The leader article inside the magazine is a little more circumspect. It debates the 'how' and the 'when' but places any 'death' as a (certain) future event rather than something that has already happened. Either way, both cover and leader are misleading. What VoIP will do...
19:08:10 September 20, 2005, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
"all calls will go to zero" - VoIP from Skype & others
"...we believe that all calls are going to zero. Meaning that, if I had a service where you’d have to pay for every email that you sent, and I was going to charge you more if the person you were sending an email to lived farther away, you’d think I...
22:14:15 September 13, 2005, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Voices not Eyeballs: Ebay Buys Skype
Confirmed: Ebay is buying Skype for between $2.6 and $4.1bn (the range depends on Skype performance). The purchase price to earnings multiplier is astonishing: either 371 on 2004 revenues, or 43 on 2005 forecast revenues, in both cases this assumes the lower purchase price. Ebay is not buying Skype for...
17:19:23 September 11, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
The Broadband Speed Surge in Spain
Proponents of wireless technology should be very careful when comparing their future solutions with current cable and DSL broadband services as fixed broadband speeds will rise. They are already surging forward with DSL2+ and cable, and soon with VDSL2, fibre and cable's DOCSIS3 too: "President of Telefonica, Julio Linares, forecast...
15:31:37 September 8, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Fastweb's Single Play Irony
Fastweb is one of the world's pioneers of IP TV and fibre to the home. Having moved to a DSL-based strategy in 2003, it's now tackling another sacred cow: the triple play. Fastweb is now launching a conventional single play broadband service (customer keeps their existing Telecom Italia phone): "Milan,...
20:40:17 September 7, 2005, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
PSP Sales
The BBC reports there were 185,000 UK sales of the PSP in the first four days. This is extremely good for a console that has had little advance advertising and that's launching six months after the US (suffering grey import sales in the interim). However, this is very early...
19:20:29 September 5, 2005, Monday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
PSP Love, But Is it Portable?
I'm in love with the PSP. The design is beautiful and the games are amazing. WipEout Pure on its own justifies buying a PSP, even if you never take the PSP out of the house. Several other launch titles are excellent as well (for example Lumines and Ridge Racer). Yet...
20:14:20 September 4, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Wanadoo Orange
Should consumers want both Orange and Wanadoo? Ignoring for a moment, the imminent re-brand of Wanadoo to Orange... Orange UK's launch of bundled 2Mbps Wanadoo broadband for ukp9.99 is attractively priced, if contract conditions are ignored. The offer is more of a mobile play than one for broadband. Orange UK...
16:29:17 September 1, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg
Germany Drops LLU Prices to Foster DSL ISP competition
Germany is dropping the prices that a competitive DSL ISP must pay to unbundle a telephone line and offer service across an alternative infrastructure. This is the complete opposite of the FCC's approach in the US (see Kiss Wholesale DSL Goodbye), but is an increasingly common approach in Europe's competitive...
16:29:33 August 7, 2005, Sunday (PDT) Source: Ian Fogg