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..Wendy Ide, reviewing Oliver Stone's Alexander.. "Ultimately, one of the main things you can say in defense of this film is that you sympathise with the Macedonian troops who accompanied Alexander on his odyssey into Asia. Dragged on a seemingly endless and increasingly directionless journey powered by one man's hubris, all you can think about is going home and forgetting all about it" The Times (UK) 6.1.05
07:30:01 January 6, 2005, Thursday (PST) Source: headmap
..naval space trasformation
excellent UK guardian article by James Meeks on the transformation of naval space: All at sea
01:52:38 January 21, 2004, Wednesday (PST) Source: headmap
no device ..all you need is a shiny caravan
shiny caravan
18:27:13 October 16, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: headmap
actors and aggregators
actors ..lucky consumers of a range of useful capabilities and personal services aggregators ..trawling the happy actors
09:04:45 September 27, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: headmap
[Begin extracts from Electronic Cruelty by Gordana Novakovic] Is it the form of interactive work that separates it from and opposes it to the tech-spectacle of massive pop-concerts, VJ clubbing and 'shoot 'em up' online games despite the similarity in terms of the technology employed? Is interactive work another immersive narcotic or is it potentially a form through which ritual can re-incarnate? [...] The world is divided into a complex caste system defined in direct proportion with the level of technological development. The flux of financial and information data exchange within a network of interconnected cities forms the Global City: the a-locus of superpower. The transparent hyper-real world of the obsolete horizon shaped by new technologies defines the contemporary aesthetics of abstraction and obsolete bodies. The citizen of the Global City is bombarded with the obscene pornographic banality of the mass-media spectacle. Perception fractures and disperses suffocating in ...
08:49:29 September 27, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: headmap
delicious distance
..a mastery of abstraction is the talisman that keeps one ahead of the others struggling so hard bankers, engineers, programmers, accountants study hard and climb effortlessly above and see the absurdity of those trapped below even for those lower down art, tv, are forms of worshipped abstraction and they equate to the delicious distance from life that is possible and consumable modern art hanging in banks and corporate corridors imply this delicious distance but a fusion of abstraction and matter is power in our world beauty and the body banking money and the things it can buy. the physical tv and the episode of buffy .. some american soldiers probably entered iraq and afghanistan with the most delicious of abstraction tech, retinal displays, dancing lasers in their eyes. The distance from reality maintained with guns and information and the ease of localised accurate air strikes. Not easy, but no need any longer for walls to celebrate those abstractions behind. No need for those ...
20:49:19 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: headmap
"Bateson goes on to argue that cognition - at least, if cognition is understood as information processing - is something that takes place both inside and outside of our bodies. Tools, like the blind man's stick, are as much a part of the human information processing system as a chunk of our brains. But if the stick is part of the blind man's mental processes, isn't the curb he taps it against just as much a part? How about the man who made the curb, or the city planner who put it there in the first place?" from this scott martens essay [via cosma]
16:42:36 September 19, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: headmap
the constellation
"What Trimble and others are quickly discovering is that GPS is what might be called a doorway technology. Once concrete companies know where their cement mixers are, 'they want to know everything,' says Lesyna. 'When the truck left the [cement] plant, when it arrived at the job site, how fast it went, when it started to pour concrete, when it finished pouring, when it left the job site, when it arrived back at the plant.' [...] Trimble's technology also sets up a 'geo-fence' -- virtual fencing around cement plants or job sites that lets the concrete truck report when it enters or leaves a particular site. Because geo-fences are just coordinates in a computer program, they don't require any additional work; Trimble can automatically geo-fence a customer's site using the site's address." From an interesting Charles Fishman article in Fast Company 'The Sky's the Limit' on GPS adoption by business Slashdot discussion of the article
10:20:49 July 13, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: headmap
..work continues on the headmap open geosemantic search engine, Anselm's working all hours (the ones where he isn't building 'A list' computer games) to get it finished. ..he presents a first crack at an open semantic search algorithm at planetworkers the other night. Codes it up. Keeps working.. Dav, just back from moblogging shennanigans [trip report] in Tokyo with Mie, finds housemate Sean is famous as Flash Mob spokesman and commentator, then has a look at the geosemantics code, decides it might be really useful, and ports it over from C# to java [see contextual network graphing moveable type over at danger island]. ..another quiet weekend crazy times [..off for a walk]
05:11:09 July 13, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: headmap
time and attention studies
..quantifying attention, in a non-linear way, and restricting the question to human computer interaction (rather than including attention focused on the cat, the familly, football etc) leads off all over the place dials for optimising the relative attention grabbingness (apologies for the language breakdown) of different applications ..setting the peripheralness instead of 'skins', you have 'forms' so you have a bunch of physical interface objects that can be plugged into any application that can take that physcial form ..so the purple thing in the corner can be dull and unassuming, or scintilliting, depending on its current attention status on the darker side quantifying attention leads to being paid in attention units rather than hours, and more pay for longer periods of continuous attention ..and variable rates depending on where your attention is focused at any given moment [call centres pretty much there already] ..and realising that computers are sucking in attention as we ...
01:16:27 July 11, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: headmap
mobloggers threaten life as we know it
..they're about to connect all the cameras together and get them talking to each other "This isn't some science fiction nightmare. Far from it. CTS depends on parts you could get, in a pinch, at Kmart." "'This is coming whether we like it or not,' said Jim Lewis, with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 'It's not how do we stop the tidal wave. It's how do we manage it.'" Big Brother Gets a Brain by Noah Shachtman [no. 1 on blogdex] when they first put up cctv in france the people just went round and took them all down
21:23:59 July 10, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: headmap
coded communities
the police were the original smart mob, and they're locked into a self-referential, insular community. Jargon obsessed, weighed down with gadgets, stressed and with an over focused and limited range of action. Always responding, never given time to reflect, just moving. Maybe they'd prefer a more reflective mode of action. Tools and systems that keep them from constant bursts of action, locked into an insular community, seperated by technology, and constant over directed motion, from the people that might make there jobs a little less stressful. Like some of the intensive bloggers they feel like they're moving, but they're always in the same set of situations (rushing from one to the next) with the same people whispering in their ears. They never get to relax. Mobile impermeable cell boundaries, more of a prison than being stuck in one place. This is not the only way to live. ..permeable cells and hard cells. Hard cells are what you get when you don't code in flow and difference ...
03:07:01 July 10, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: headmap
computational economics
interesting microsoft analysis of distributed computing economics slashdot discussion of the paper
00:04:04 July 8, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: headmap
"Take a holiday from reality whenever you like and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology" Aldous Huxley, Brave New World "mysticisim, in spite of popular notions to the contrary, concerns large numbers of practical, hard headed and socially effective people." Dr Humphry Osmond "Neither John nor I were sufficiently acclimatized to North America to feel that 2000-3000 miles was not a particular barrier to our meeting; that was before the jet plane had eroded our spatial sense entirely Dr Humphry Osmond [quotes from Moksha, Huxley centenary anthology]
22:13:58 July 7, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: headmap
I was thinking of music. I never thought about this for retail at all
..finished reading Rob van Kranenburg [bio] nettime piece mapping territory some really interesting observations and worth reading [begin quotes from Rob Kranenburg's mapping territory] In this we resemble the primitive man of Ortega y Gasset: the type of man dominant to-day is a primitive one, a Naturmensch rising up in the midst of a civilised world. The world is a civilised one, its inhabitant is not: he does not see the civilisation of the world around him, but he uses it as if it were a natural force. The new man wants his motor-car, and enjoys it, but he believes that it is the spontaneous fruit of an Edenic tree. In the depths of his soul he is unaware of the artificial, almost incredible, character of civilisation, and does not extend his enthusiasm for the instruments to the principles which make them possible. This unawareness of the artificial, almost incredible, character of Techne - the Aristotelian term for technique, skill - is only then broken when it fails us.. ...
22:11:44 July 7, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: headmap