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GhostWire Components Set 7 released
[Announcements] GhostWire Studios has released GhostWire Components Set 7, featuring the ColorPicker, Loader and ProgressBar components.The GhostWire ColorPicker component allows developers to create color selection UI controls that closely resembles those commonly used in applications. The range of colors that appear in the popup color palette is customizable.The GhostWire Loader component allows developers to load an external JPEG or SWF file into an area specified by the boundaries of the component instance. This Flash component provides an easy way to load external content and resizing it automatically to fit an area. The component can be set to maintain the aspect ratio of the content when resizing.The GhostWire ProgressBar allows developers to create progress indicators that can be used to inform users about the status of lengthy operations. The default skin allows you to create progressbars that closely resembles those seen in the Windows OS, including the ability to have ...
22:12:42 February 23, 2005, Wednesday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Using MySQL with PHPObject
[Journal] Many people seem to struggle when it comes to using MySQL databases with PHPObject. The following examples may be useful for those who are scratching their heads:http://ghostwire.com/go/518
01:24:47 January 22, 2005, Saturday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHPObject v1.51 released
[Announcements] PHPObject has been updated to v1.51.* fixed security issues in Gateway.php (thanks to Jamie P )* fixed bug that prevented '%' and '+' characters to be transmittedWe strongly recommend that users update to this version immediately.For more information, please refer tohttp://ghostwire.com/go/28
19:13:01 January 11, 2005, Tuesday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Post-Holiday Laughter
[Journal] It is pretty fun, and funny, just reading about this."Chief Technologist" Alek Komarnitsky who shot to fame claiming his website allowed web surfers to switch his outdoor Christmas lights off and on has admitted it was a hoax to spread holiday cheer.Well, pretty good Perl/CGI programming there... but I imagine it would have been a lot more convincing/entertaining if Flash was used!
21:26:41 December 28, 2004, Tuesday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
MDM delivers Mac OS X plugin for FSP v2
[Journal] Multidmedia has released the Flash Studio PRO v2 Mac OSX Plug-In. With this plug-in, you may now create desktop applications from your Flash (swf) files that run on both the PC and Mac OS X. This makes Flash Studio PRO v2 the world's first swf2exe tool that delivers this cross-platform capability.The Mac OSX projectors are 100% standalone and include over 100 FSP commands which allow your applications to read, write and delete files, connect to MySQL Databases and even execute AppleScript.For more details, please visit MDM's website.
22:09:03 July 20, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
Duplicating folders in the library
[Journal] In the Flash library, you can only duplicate the items one at a time. If you select a folder or more than one item, the duplicate command in the right-click context menu becomes disabled. When you have a bunch of symbols you wish to duplicate, it can quickly become a boring, repetitive clicking job (plus creating folders and drag and drop).If you wish to duplicate folders in the library, here is a Flash MX 2004 jsfl extension you can install:http://ghostwire.com/files/DuplicateFolder.mxpThis extension was initially created to help in the task of duplicating skin symbols when using GhostWire Components. But the command can be used in any situation where you wish to duplicate folders in the Library. With this command, you can now duplicate all the symbols (and nested folders) within the currently selected folder in the library at once.After installing the .mxp file, you may access the command via the pulldown menu of the Flash IDE:Commands > Duplicate FolderIf you use this ...
22:32:18 July 4, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHPObject v1.46 released
[Announcements] PHPObject has been updated to v1.46.* fixed issues that occurred when published to Flash Player 7
02:58:34 June 29, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
Wildform Flix Pro 4 Launch - Get 10% Discount
[Journal] Wildform celebrates the launch of Flix Pro 4 with a 10% discount off all Wildform software for GhostWire Studios' members! To get your 10% discount use the promotion code: GHOSTWIREhttp://www.wildform.com/cart/promotion_code.phpThis offer is valid only until the end of June 2004, so act now! (And tell your friends about it!)==========FLIX PRO 4 IS THE BEST WAY TO CREATE FLASH VIDEOLooking for an easy way to put your video on the web or in a presentation?The all-new Wildform Flix Pro 4 Flash video encoder is the easiest way to create video for the Web, CDs and presentations. It enables you to edit, crop, filter, encode and publish your video in a custom branded player in minutes. Flix comes loaded with features, and it's easy to use. It's also the only software that can automatically convert standard video into a vectorized animation. Flix Pro 4 is $149.To purchase, or for more information, go tohttp://www.wildform.com.
05:48:32 June 8, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
GhostWire Components Set 6 released
[Announcements] GhostWire Studios is pleased to announce the arrival of GhostWire Components Set 6.The GhostWire ContextMenu component allows you to create "simulated" context menus in your applications. It provides an alternative solution to the traditional "right-click" context menu - using this component, you can allow users of your application to trigger a customized context menu by "long-pressing" (clicking on a spot and holding for a predefined time), or clicking on a spot with the ALT key held down at the same time.The GhostWire Menu component allows you to create pulldown and vertical menus of various styles. The default skin closely resembles that of the menus in Windows operating systems, and allows a variety of color settings. A "XP" style skin is also included to demonstrate the component's ability to use an alternative background for the menus.For more information, please refer to the following links:GhostWire Components Set 6http://ghostwire.com/go/528GhostWire ...
03:05:14 June 7, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHPObject tutorial - simple game level editor
[Journal] Tor de Vries, a graduate student in the Design & Technology department at Parsons School of Design, has published a tutorial entitled "Using PHPObject to Save and Retrieve Simple Game Levels", on his website.Go check it out!http://www.tordevries.com/leditor/tutorial/
01:52:14 May 23, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
Portfolio Websites of Flash Cartoonists
[Journal] Or "Flash Animators", but that kind of mixes them up with "Flash Designers". Well, it's just titles. What's more important is that these folks are talented! Let's not, even for a second, forget these wonderful Flash animation work, as Flash advances to take on the RIA space... ** listed in no particular order ** Todd Gallinahttp://www.toddgallina.com Brian Munghttp://www.brianmung.com Mark Fiorehttp://www.markfiore.com Mark Clarksonhttp://www.markclarkson.com Sandro Corsarohttp://www.sandrocorsaro.com Glenn KirkpatrickKevin Peatyhttp://www.funnyazhell.com
19:24:56 May 16, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
FlashBelt's Virgin Debut
[Journal] Flashers in the midwest gather! FlashBelt is putting together a Flash conference in Minnesota on Thursday 24th June 2004. It is FlashBelt's first year, and promises to be an exciting daylong event, with local and international speakers presenting on a wide range of Flash topics including the latest technical capabilities and applications of Flash MX 2004, rich content creation, the finer points of communication design, and what the future holds for Flash.The Earlybird registration rate of US$95 is applicable until 21/5 midnight. Hurry! Go on now and check out FlashBelt:http://www.flashbelt.com
18:06:30 May 3, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
Generate PDF files on the fly with PHP
[Journal] Do you want to generate PDF files on the fly using PHP, but don't wish to pay for PHPLib? Consider using FPDF. It is easy to install (just upload the files, no extension required unless you wish to enable compression, in which case you need Zlib installed on your server). This means that you can use FPDF even when your host doesn't have PDFLib installed, as long as you have PHP4 (yes, you can even use it on shared hosting accounts).FPDF is feature rich and supports images, links, truetype fonts, page compression and more. You can also produce documents in many languages other than the Western European ones.Take a peek at the tutorial for creating a multicolumn pdf file:http://www.fpdf.org/en/tutorial/tuto4.htmOr a pdf with tables:http://www.fpdf.org/en/tutorial/tuto5.htmAnd, how about some hyperlinks too:http://www.fpdf.org/en/tutorial/tuto6.htmAs a freeware, FPDF is simply amazing."There is no usage restriction. You may embed it freely in your application (commercial or ...
19:10:32 May 2, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
What Happened?
[Announcements] I must apologize for the loss of data in these forums. I managed to pull up a backup from my harddisk, but it is dated to February 2004.So, what exactly happened?Sunday, 18 April 2004.That was the day disaster struck. Our web hosting provider Eryxma defaulted - their CEO "Joe Shiekron" (whose real name, we found out later, is Josuee Ortiz) ran away with the customers' money and pulled the plug, leaving thousands of domains stranded.Glexicon Communications, a company formed by ex-employees of Eryxma, now handles the "legacy clients" left behind by the crook.There is still a chance that the lastest database might be salvaged and returned to us, but I am not holding on to much hope any more (I have waited for over ten days!).Therefore, I have installed a new forum and put in whatever data I could find from the old backup.Once again, I apologize for all the inconvenience caused from this mishap.
21:00:09 April 29, 2004, Thursday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHPObjectv1.45 released
[Announcements] PHPObject has been updated to v1.45.* implemented 'config.php' for keep configurations separate from Gateway.php (as suggested by Guido Govers guido_govers at hotmail.com)* added ability to specify, in 'config.php', the directories on the server to search for php classes (as requested by Weedo)* added support for multibyte characters (thanks to Aoki Keigo hoyo at sohgoh.net)* deprecated PHPMovieClip.as (no longer supported)
21:45:31 April 4, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
GhostWire Components Set 5 released
GhostWire Studios has released GhostWire Components Set 5, consisting of the SlidePane component and the TreeView component.The SlidePane component allows you to create panes which will slide in/out of view when the mouse cursor is over/out of the pane. You may embed any content in the pane. Based on the GhostWire Component Architecture, the component allows you to easily modify the skin (visuals) of the pane.The TreeView component allows you to create cascading tree menus. The TreeView component can be populated using an external XML file or an array (via the setDataProvider method). Based on the GhostWire Component Architecture, the component allows you to easily modify the skin (collapse/expand icons).For more information, please refer to the following links:GhostWire Components Set 5http://ghostwire.com/go/472 GhostWire Componentshttp://ghostwire.com/go/48
01:27:55 February 24, 2004, Tuesday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Get 10% discount off all Wildform software
Wildform is currently offering a 10% discount off their software for all customers of GhostWire Studios. Wildform's family of software includes the Flix Flash Video Encoders, the Wild FX Flash Text Animators, and the Linx Flash Editor. With Wildform products you can create stunning Flash projects without knowing Flash, including Flash buttons, banners, navigation elements, tutorials, demos, slide shows and multimedia presentations.Find out more at http://www.wildform.comYou qualify for the 10% discount if you have purchased any GhostWire components (or make a purchase before 15 March 2004) - please send an email to support@ghostwire.com indicating your account username to obtain the promotion code.Promotion expires 15 March 2004 (all purchases must conclude by 15 March 2004).
04:35:40 February 18, 2004, Wednesday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Nice Flash Game : Railroad Tycoon
Jee... I find myself going back to this site again and again, just to play this mini flash game http://www.railroadtycoon3.com/rt3/us/down...loads/game.htmlFinally completed all levels and hit score of 24250!
18:22:27 November 23, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Macromedia Flash Player 6 Update for Flash MX
It must be funny to see this post when FMX04, despite all its misadventures, is all most people care (to talk) about these days. I suppose it must be for the same reason that the link to the updater for Flash Player 6 on the pagehttp://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/downloads.htmlhas been moved tohttp://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/pr..._downloads.htmlIf memory serves me well, the URLhttp://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/downloads.htmloriginally hosted an updater that updates ALL Flash players on the machine to the latest version, including debug (authoring time preview) version. It also hosted a documentation updater for Flash MX. For these, I deemed that page all important. Why? Because the default debug player in Flash MX is 6,0,21,0 which is extremely outdated! That has been the key reason why many people (who are still using Flash MX) are confused about why some things (such as Flash Remoting and device fonts masking) work on the browser (which has the updated player) ...
17:55:13 November 16, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
GhostWire Components Set 4
GhostWire Studios has released GhostWire Components Set 4, consisting of the DialogBox component and the Window component.The DialogBox component is a three-in-one component allowing you to create three types of dialog boxes - alertBox, ConfirmBox, and PromptBox. These dialog boxes are invoked using the methods alert(), confirm() and prompt() respectively, similar to javascript syntax.The Window component allows you to create windows similar to those in Windows OS. The content to be embedded in the windows can be set via the component's properties panel or set dynamically using the methods loadContent() or setContent(). If using loadContent, you will be loading an external file. The load progress will be reflected in the statusbar of the window. The setContent method allows you to embed content using an exported movieclip in your library. You can reference the embedded content using the method getContent(). The windows have built-in titlebars, caption buttons (minimize, maximize, ...
22:48:07 November 4, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHP Accelerator/Encoder/Optimizer
I have been watching this opensource project for a while, and have now finally commissioned its use on our website.Turck MMCache is a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache for PHP. It increases performance of PHP scripts by caching them in compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated. Also it uses some optimizations to speed up execution of PHP scripts. Turck MMCache typically reduces server load and increases the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times.The benchmarks are pretty impressive. Check it out here.
22:24:13 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Fighting Spam
To reduce spam, I have configured our mail server to use the blacklist from relays.ordb.org and bl.spamcop.net. I have also edited /etc/mail/access to use a portion of the list from spamlist.org and to block these addresses. The spamlist.org list is a bit excessive (use with caution!).Meanwhile, if you are interested, you can also shoot Sid the Spammer here.
02:12:25 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
Partnership with Multidmedia Limited (MDM)
GhostWire Studios and Multidmedia Limited (MDM) have announced a strategic alliance. Under the partnership, GhostWire Studios will be developing specialized Flash components for use with Flash Studio PRO, the premier SWF2EXE software from MDM. Flash Studio PRO converts SWF files into standalone applications (exe or scr) for royalty free distribution. It also extends Flash with new features such as database connection, real time socket communication and true video and HTML support for real multimedia capabilities.GhostWire Studios' own line of Flash components products have proven to be invaluable tools in the development of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) and we are confident that customers will find the same value in using these products when developing desktop solutions with Flash Studio PRO.Being a Macromedia Flash-centric development house, GhostWire Studios is excited about the many possibilities that MDM's software has brought and will be working closely with the partner to ...
02:59:43 October 31, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
GhostWire Button (new version)
GhostWire Studios has released a new version for its Button component. The new version provides several additional features:- inherits from new GWButtonClass- allows an icon to be embedded in button- allows toggleMode buttons- allows toggleMode buttons to be assigned to groupsThe new component makes it even easier than before to create skinnable buttons with labels/icon built-in (three skins are included in the package).This component replaces the existing Button component in GhostWire Components Set 1.For more information, please refer to the following links:GhostWire Buttonhttp://ghostwire.com/go/58GhostWire Components Set 1http://ghostwire.com/go/150GhostWire Components Overviewhttp://ghostwire.com/go/48
19:39:51 October 23, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHPObjectv1.44 released
PHPObject has been updated to v1.44.* fixed exception errors in Gateway.php that are thrown sometimes depending on the error reporting settings (thanks to Guido Govers guido_govers at hotmail.com)* fixed utf-8 chars encoding* reduced size of message from server by removing unnecessary urlencoding (thanks to Robert Edgar robert.edgar at ecastasia.com)* repacked WebServicesConnectivityAddon.zip into the package for convenienceDownload now from Macromedia Exchange(The .mxp requires the latest Macromedia Extension Manager v1.6) Minor Note (to avoid confusion):- the release date for this update should be Wednesday 15 Oct- the release date stated in the ReadMe.html file (13 Oct) is wrong- the release date stated in MM Exchange is the date the file went live for download
03:49:14 October 20, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
Protect your PHP scripts
If you develop commercial web applications using PHP, you may want to consider encoding your scripts. We know that the Zend Encoder is the pioneer in this area, afterall the Zend engine is what powers PHP. However, the price of the Zend Encoder is way too expensive for most developers.ionCube offers a PHP Encoder which I understand is really reliable and stable. Most importantly, the pricing on ionCube's products are affordable.The time-expiry feature is really useful if you need to show a client a software you have developed, or evaluation versions, etc. It is also possible to limit script execution to a IP address, server names, or MAC addresses.The standalone encode starts at US$199, but there is also an online encoder which can encode your PHP scripts for less than a dollar, depending on the complexity of the scripts.
21:25:38 October 14, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
GhostWire MenuBar released
GhostWire Studios has released the MenuBar component, for creating horizontal menus. The MenuBar can be used as a single level menu, or with submenu.This component has been added to GhostWire Components Set 3.For more information, please refer to the following links:GhostWire MenuBarhttp://ghostwire.com/go/244GhostWire Components Set 3http://ghostwire.com/go/210GhostWire Components Overviewhttp://ghostwire.com/go/48
04:03:32 October 12, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
GhostWire NumericBox released
GhostWire Studios has released the NumericBox component, a Flash component that allows you to create input fields for numeric values. The input field will have a button that pops up a slider for choosing values within a specified range. Effectively, this component allows you to create UI controls like the ones you see in the Color Mixer panel in the Flash MX application.This component has been added to GhostWire Components Set 2.For more information, please refer to the following links:GhostWire NumericBoxhttp://ghostwire.com/go/230GhostWire Components Set 2http://ghostwire.com/go/180GhostWire Components Overviewhttp://ghostwire.com/go/48
00:45:34 October 5, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
PHPObjectv1.43 released
PHPObject has been updated to v1.43.* fixed miscellaneous parsing problems in Gateway.php(thanks to Guido Govers guido_govers@hotmail.com)* [new feature] parameters can now be passed to remote object's constructor when declaring a new PHPObjectDownload now from Macromedia Exchange(The .mxp requires the latest Macromedia Extension Manager v1.6)
21:32:44 October 1, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios
Time to reflect... on Flash MX 2004
Flash MX 2004 took the community by storm (and many by surprise). It is easy to fall in love with this new software, simply by looking at the new features.With the new version comes new tools, new possibilities, more power... as well as... new bugs, lost features, lost power, more frustrations, more puzzlement...Macromedia has been soliciting for constructive feedback regarding Flash MX 2004 on Mike Chambers' blog. There are lots of entries now, and I would encourage everyone to give their honest feedback (rants and raves please).The page is also a 'must see' for those who haven't upgraded; I think it has become the best Flash MX 2004 Review ever written.Here's the link:http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/003360.cfmAnd this is how serious and sincere Macromedia ishttp://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/003385.cfm
01:54:08 October 1, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: GhostWire Studios