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Description: Boring, useless and unfunny. Five men with one mission: to waste the time of the random surfer with our writers' musings.
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Where Are You?
Where are you?
07:30:33 November 18, 2005, Friday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
What If?
No questions, no regrets.
13:01:53 August 2, 2005, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Wonder what kind of gifts they sell?
hole of glory
11:19:46 August 2, 2005, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
You can't decide whether you're running to something...or just running away.
10:36:30 August 1, 2005, Monday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Hi + joke = My first post
My first post, and with a joke to boot! And just when you thought Christmas was coming to an end...
19:08:06 December 27, 2004, Monday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from Fat-Kid.com and an introduction to our newest writer James Granby.
02:37:51 December 25, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Never the same...Changes.
07:29:27 November 6, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
I have had a hard time keeping my shit together with relationships and I know what it is...what do I do to fix it?
12:47:23 June 15, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Two Months Two Wrecks
Well what's there to say, but what the hell? Two car accidents in two months, I think I may just give up driving.
13:01:54 May 16, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
A Kick Square in the Ass
Alright now, it's been since February 11th that a new post has been added to Fat-Kid, that's just a shame.
19:21:18 May 5, 2004, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
152" of snow since last July, and still counting. Welcome to winter in Central New York.
19:12:09 February 11, 2004, Wednesday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
That Button
An instant classic.
23:09:58 February 9, 2004, Monday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Abscence from Fat-Kid
As we move into this new year I look forward to it with great hope.
15:01:04 January 25, 2004, Sunday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Sad News
I've been suffering from migraines and isolating myself from friends and family. Also, rest in peace fruit_loops. (June 8, 1990 - January 5, 2004)
02:14:25 January 16, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Christmas Miracle
Just when I thought all my Christmas Spirit was gone, a random link saves it.
22:27:05 December 30, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Holiday Wishes
Seasons greetings to all my friends and family.
04:52:30 December 25, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
My Newest Website
Three months of labor bring a new website to life.
21:22:16 December 13, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
I'm feeling particularly sullen today.
18:06:08 November 17, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Happy Halloween
What a blast. I don't think I've had as much fun on halloween since I was a kid.
19:27:46 November 1, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Johnny Cash, 1932-2003
Johnny cash died today at age 71, but he'll never be forgotten.
14:46:15 September 12, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Fat-Kid's front page has been restored and the list of people who lost their lives on 9/11/01 has been moved to <a href="http://www.fat-kid.com/911.html" target="_blank" title="Click here to view the list of names of those that lost their lives on 9/11/01.">here</a>.
22:41:09 September 11, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Great to see you
I have been lucky enough to get to spend the last few weeks with my closest friend. It is the little things in life which make it worth living. Just a short piece about our visit.
22:05:54 August 23, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Home Again
Just back from a vacation in the Adirondack Mountains, I wanted to share a few of my memories.
21:26:22 July 13, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
K-ROCK/Bleachers Band Competition
The Central New York music scene always presents its best as part of the annual K-Rock Band Competition, and this year was no exception. This article can also be found at <a href="http://www.jamminjj.com" target="_blank" title="">www.jamminjj.com</a>.
14:10:15 June 30, 2003, Monday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
A Friend's Prayer
Since I haven't posted lately I thought I would share with all of you the contents of an email which I recieved today. It certainly made my day, and actually maybe my whole week. Hope it makes yours too.
22:07:37 June 25, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Jobs Strikes Again?
Does a recent job listing at Apple prove that the leaked G5 specs are true? In around 14 hours, we'll know for sure.
20:04:37 June 22, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com
Drip, Drip, Drip
If you don't like surprises, or if you can't wait until Monday, I've put up a gallery of recent Macintosh product leaks. Included are "Panther" screenshots and PowerMac G5 specs.
02:37:49 June 21, 2003, Saturday (PDT) Source: Fat-Kid.com