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ah~ geekery.
watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children. (don't ask how, there are rules about self-incrimination in this country) it's wrong to find cg characters sexy... but well, there you have it. *siiiiiiiiiiigh* okay, so the plot was a little convoluted. so i never played the game. so tifa's boobs were rather large and somewhat solid. but hey, cloud was hot. reno was hotter. kadaj and his boys were hottest. aaaah~~~ *H_H* and funnily enough, i think that's all i have to say for now. ^_~
21:44:41 September 14, 2005, Wednesday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
it's like swimming with your clothes on...
so i'm officially done with law school! (barring failure in any of my courses this term, of course. ^^;;;;) so then, things to say upon handing in the last essay... 1) a/c goooooood~~ (haha~~ when the roomie's away, the sami cranks the a/c!) 2) finished last essay this morning at 7am (no sleeping) in some weird fit of productivity and determination. 3) ... okay... "productivity"... i was marathon watching the last season of america's next top model (d/led on my laptop) while i was working on the essay. 4) napped for 2 hours then prepared for the 2:30pm IP exam. 5) ran short on time for the exam. damn hypotheticals and their many many tiny details. 6) was caught in torrential downpour without an umbrella. quite fun to be completely wet while also completely dressed. it looked like i'd gone swimming in my clothes. let me tell you something about jeans... capillary(sp?) action works. *nod* 7) engaged in some retail celebration! bought "best of groove armada" and "dub pistols: six ...
11:32:19 May 27, 2005, Friday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
sometimes i roll over and play dead
as we approach the end of my last semester in school...possibly forever, you can find me quietly panicking in a corner. and in other news, i got a flickr account, so check out my HK pics at http://www.flickr.com/people/samishimi ^_^ i haven't uploaded them all yet, but i think there's a fair sampling of the weirdness that has been my life so far. it's weird going on exchange because you spend money like water, going to fab restaurants and buying $55 handbags just whenever. ^O^ it's particularly difficult because the exchange rate makes you forget the real value of your money. and the fact that all my courses are pass/fail means i'm not spending my time on my studies... which means more time for shoppies... ^O^ birthday on sunday. am going to see Kingdom of Heaven. hopefully it will not be too dorky. but Orli will always be teh pretteh~ so i feel it can't possibly be bad from that angle. ^_^v *eagerly awaiting last Star Wars* PS - if anyone wants a Star Wars t-shirt for $8 CAD ...
19:55:33 May 5, 2005, Thursday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
you can always tell it's exam time...
when you actually start plotting ways to maim/kill yourself/others just so you can defer a couple to february. you know you're in law school becuase you're not trying to get *out* of your exams, per se, just trying to spread them out a little more. now to write a 20 page paper in two days. go me!
19:03:11 December 17, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
weather checker function!
of all the usefulness that bizwarcho provides, i feel that it is the weather checker that gives me an extra special Tingly Feeling. every morning i wake up, look out my window, am horribly deceived if there is sun anywhere, and so must roll over to check bizwarcho. usually it is, temperature-wise, Much Colder than the outside world (and my snuggly blankie) would suggest. However! tonight i realize i have no right to complain as everywhere it is 0 degrees, but for where i am, which is at a balmy 8. we should note that i'm wearing sweatshirts to bed. ah~ the freaky weakness of having lived in Lotus Land for too long~~ tragedy. (._.) emoticon guide? what emoticon guide? ^________^ <-cheeky grin
00:02:06 November 25, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
blog me once, blog me twice
there is absolutely no point to this post other than the fact that i'm in Evidence class and i'm very very sleepy. T_T *does the mad wiggle dance*
09:57:46 October 19, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
i'll tell you Shark tale~
so, *points at title* saw the movie tonight. overall, it wasn't bad. it was kinda comical, there were some allusions that had me laughing so hard, but in general, i can't say i want to buy it when it comes out on dvd. what had me laughing harder than the movie did, however, was the giant pod of chinese kids and parents that came in 20 minutes into the movie. after they seated themselves behind us, the kid directly behind me proceed to cough/sniffle/sneeze/snort for the remaining hour and a half. two of those kids who were sitting in the middle of row randomly decide to come back out and sit in the row in front of us, on their own. everything settles down. then sick kid suddenly announces (loudly, in cantonese): "i'm going to go get pop! do you want pop?" the mom: "oh... let me think... what are you getting?" kid: "pop! i'm going to get pop!" mom: "well ask and see if anyone else wants anything." kid: "i'm getting pop! do you want pop?" other kids: *mumblemumble* kid: "okay! that's ...
23:44:56 October 16, 2004, Saturday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
movie madness~
have begun my annual massive movie review marathon! only made it half way through the list so far~ will continue maybe tomorrow night... must add the crazy movies i've watched recently (harold and kumar, touch of pink, spidey 2) whee~~~~ *falls over*
00:29:57 August 13, 2004, Friday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
re: rollitos, the rolled up doritos
omg! i'm not the only one who thinks that about the new rollitos adverts!!! (see tenz' post) i was completely puzzled by the steamroller one as i was expecting a super thin dorito to be the result. i almost could not comprehend the tube-y rollito that the tv showed me. as for the one with the printing press, well that just left me feeling very sorry for the newspaper office because they'd have to clean dorito dust off their paper and their machinery. and anyone who's eaten a bag of doritos knows that dorito dust dyes everything orange for days. i am weird. this has already been established. but tenz has proven that i am not the only one. *nod*
23:35:59 August 8, 2004, Sunday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
lucy in the sky with diamonds
went to see the last of the fireworks competition today. spain put on a pretty spectacular show. they were good with some rhythms, but they seemed a little too obsessed with these... strobe-like fireworks. just... too much. my friends and i (three girls altogether) went down to the main beach at 6pm to get a spot. ^O^ we ended up camped right in front of the radio announcers, so pretty much dead center. niiiice~ the couple next to us were making out nonstop for the next 5 hours. they were well in their 50s. the group behind us were cocky-ass, know-it-all, chinese geek-boys...the type you usually find in your university anime club. 9_9 the two girls next to us were quite nice, but chain smokers. the funniest groups were the two in front of us. they were local-born chinese kids... and they dug "trenches" to delineate their "property." one group even put stuck sticks and rocks around the trench. they were actually quite selfish as both groups took up huge tracts of land for very few ...
00:19:44 August 5, 2004, Thursday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
more meme-ness to break the silence of which tenz is always complaining~
1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: um... i'm equidistant from two books, so book one: "dignity. Suitable bodies could include treaty bodies such as the Human Rights" and book two says (if i skip all the pages of table of contents): "(ii) leased without crew and operated by a person who is qualified" 2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? the side of the carrel i'm sitting in... damn law library... it's a dungeon i tell ya! 3: What is the last thing you watched on TV? um... um... Queer as Folk? was last night monday? then yah. 4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is: too close to 4pm for my comfort. 5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? 3:59. DAMMIT! 6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? people typing? people eating forbidden foodies in the library!!! O_O *drools* :O~~ 7: When did you last step outside? umm... when i came to school for my morning exam? 8:30am. 8: ...
18:20:37 April 6, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
mp3 meme (part 2)
was bored and procrastinating (schoolwork, what else?). so here's the random mp3 list from my desktop. not really random now that i look at it. >_> all the songs are from the same 100 song range... oh well. can't win 'em all! 1. In Requiem - Lethanon (a song by one of my 'net friends!) 2. Final Battle - FFVIII soundtrack ( long-ass thing. 6 minutes and 44 seconds. 9_9 I feel like I'm in a video game. have urge to find gold coins or shoot things maybe sulk a bit a la Squall ) 3. Rebel Alliance vs. Imperial Forces - no idea? (a fun lil' techno thing with samples of dialogue and effects from the Star Wars movies) 4. The Sound of an Atom Splitting - supposedly from one FF game or another (techno mix) 5. Little Black Backpack - Stroke 9 (randomness?) 6. Back on the Rock - Initial D soundtrack (ah Eurobeat~ English words put together simply because they fit the rhythm) 7. Rhythm Emotion - TWO-MIX (Gundam Wing soundtrack) 8. All I Really Want - Kim Lucas (Eiffel 65 Mix) (I love this song! ...
02:29:19 March 27, 2004, Saturday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
a dr. nick moment!
so do we remember that weirdie random episode of the simpsons where lisa builds a grammar robot, marge cuts off homer's thumb, and bart has a little escapade with the fireworks-importing mafia? well, in that episode, homer goes to dr. nick's to get his thumb sewn back on, but arrives to see that the clinic has burned down. and you hear dr. nick say: "what? *in*flammable means *flammable*? who knew?" well... i just had a dr. nick moment where i read: "The Declaration of St. Petersburg, which prohibited the use of explosive or inflammable projectiles..." and i thought to myself: "really? you'd think they'd rather prohibit *flammable* projectiles." *dies of embarrassment*
19:03:32 March 25, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
it would appear that one of my neighbours has gotten wi-fi... >_> and guess how i know? <_<
00:10:50 March 25, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
driving out the welsh!
a radio station is giving away 50 Cent tickets. the skill testing question yesterday, in honour of st. patrick's day was: "what, according to legend, did st. patrick drive out of ireland?" and some guy calls in and very very confidently answers: "the WELSH!" ^O^ and in other news, i just got a pop-up ad that said "we're sorry, this service is not available in canada". LOL!
14:34:11 March 18, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
the MP3 meme (pt. 1)
i don't know if y'all see the meme-things that float around livejournals, but they're little brief questionaires that you post on your blog. This one here goes: open winamp and place ALL of your mp3s on your playlist. then set the thing to "random" and list the first 20 songs to come up, no matter how bizarre or embarrassing. Part 1 - from the laptop 1. “Lu:na” – Gackt (hmm why do I have this??? O_o it’s okay, I guess I kinda like it. ^_^;;) 2. “Snow Drop” (instrumental) – L’Arc en Ciel (also do not know why I have this as I’ve never listened to L’Arc before ^O^;;;) 3. Track 4 from the Para Para Sakura sdtrk (I don’t think it has a name? I ripped this myself and couldn’t find a name on the CD but it’s pretty an’ happy sounding) 4. “The Rain Leaves a Scar” – L’Arc en Ciel (again??? O_o) 5. “Jem!” - ??? (LOL!!! I LOVE JEM!!!) 6. “Gen Y Cops” (English) – Edison Chen 7. “Lucifer” – Sugizo (so query: why do I have so many j-rock stuff0rs on my laptoppie??? *peers at it* what have you ...
11:39:35 February 24, 2004, Tuesday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
promises promises~
so we all know i've broken my promise to write "A Guide to Fangirl Emoticons" for this site a million times; always with the "i'll post it this weekend, tenz! for sure!" for the past 2 years. but really, that's not my fault as i still maintain that i am a figment of tenz' imagination. (either that or a little person who lives inside his computer). so either way, i think the blame for my inadequacies lies with him. on the other hand, as our great and almighty leader(?) i feel that tenz should follow through with his promises of "something new." now i'm all sad sitting here waiting for batman. ;_;
12:36:47 February 10, 2004, Tuesday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
is one of the weird weird things that i suffer from... i think it's actually a disease! when i'm bored i can't do anything! even when i know there's something productive i could be doing, i can't focus At All. thus! i do really bizarre things like go online during my Charter class and attempt to start a violent game of tag in the forum. ^_~ thank you! good night!
11:17:55 February 4, 2004, Wednesday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
"hungry for the quest"
because i'm all set to perv over orli an' billy boyd on december 17, i'm latching on to any Lord of the Rings reference in the media. now for some reason, LoTR: RotK has decided to go with commercial endorsements... and i mean things like Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken. at first i was really confused because the TV commercials just say: "hungry for the quest?" or "hungry for the ring?" then "go to _______ for the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King meal deal!" and i'm like: "O_o what does that have to do with LoTR??? it's not like the hobbits were eating fried chicken or pizza..." then i heard the Pizza Hut commercial gloss over a word like "cinnamon ring" or something that will come with this "LoTR Meal Deal" and i'm like: _o_ but! nothing compares to the _O_ i felt when i got to KFC today and saw the big banner that advertises "Hungry for the Quest Meal Deal: add 3 chicken rings to any combo!" WHAT THE HELL IS A CHICKEN RING?????
13:15:13 November 28, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
o/~ we are, we are, we are the engineers... o/~
the interaction area of the law building is infested with engineers.
09:52:58 November 28, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
U2, Brute?
so... bono... is giving a speech at the Liberal Party Leadership Convention. (on the subject of cancelling third world debts and giving aid to africa) he just keeps telling everyone how *nice* canada is, now *nice* canadians are, and in fact, he was nearly "niced" to death at the airport. 9_9 on a funnier note, he did say that if Canada were to take over the world they'd prolly go: "hi, could i please take that? thank you. so sorry for the inconvenience ^_^;;" which i though was terribly amusing as that's how *i* plan to take over the world... 'cept i'll also be brandishing a pointy stick. but BONO... at a CANADIAN POLITICAL CONVENTION. will wonders never cease... he's also going on about how the scariest people in the world are church-going, god-fearing folk, and soccer moms. and that the women are the one who should be organizing this relief work as people listen to mothers. *nod* weeeeeeeird.
15:46:49 November 14, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
oh no wait! i remember #5!!!
http://members.cox.net/impunity/endofworld.swf it's a flash cartoon about Mutually Assured Destruction. (i guess it's funnier for the poli sci majors, but i think anyone could be entertained by it. *shrugs* ^O^) you have to turn up the sound tho because it's dialogue heavy. ^_^v
01:15:34 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
*rolls up sleeves*
alrighty! let's just dive right in, shall we? 1) tenz! stop telling people i'm dead! 2) saw disney's new cartoony thing, "Brother Bear" on opening night. will review as soon as i finish this bloggy thing. 3) was in Washington this weekend, and on the drive back up to Canada, the 3 most aggressive drivers on the freeway (and i might even dare to say the *only* 3 aggressive drivers) were... chinese. from vancouver. and from UBC (i could see their parking passes). so yah, me in my 2000 new beetle, a hong-kong-type boy in a 2003 audi tt, and a local-born-type boy in a 1997 accord. (and yes, i was checking the boys out as we had tailgating moments followed by mild drag racing moments. ^O^;;;) i wonder if washington drivers think all us canadians are on crack? 4) just saw the "Troy" trailer on ET. (http://www.etonline.com will have links to places) am confused as the trailer seems to think that Achilles was the one who lead the Greek army against Troy... so... am mildly distressed that ...
01:13:47 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
my own personal soundtrack
so we all know i'm obsessed with movie soundtracks, do we? well, if you didn't know before, you know now. well, i ended up buying the Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl soundtrack and let me first say that i think it's a terrific soundtrack. you don't get the "yo ho, yo ho, it's a pirate's life for me" song, but the instrumentals you get are *great*. it's just like watching the movie again! and i guess that's what i like about soundtracks. i like the ones that take me through the movie again, or ones that evoke the feelings i had when watching the movie (ie. sad, nostalgic, wound up, etc). and i guess, to just bash a subject to death, don't like the Hogwart's theme because it doesn't give me any feeling. it's too... generic sounding? too much like elevator music? i dunno. ;_; anyway, so i'm driving in my lil' dark blue 2000 New Beetle (yes, i'm round an' bubbly and so must my car be), crossing Burrard St. bridge which kind of has a bit of an incline in the ...
19:53:25 September 26, 2003, Friday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
shh... don't tell anyone...
but sometimes i log in and do absolutely nothing.
02:47:20 September 23, 2003, Tuesday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
proactive. yes?
so... have tried my hand at a few movie reviews. have discovered am not a good reviewer. am too easily entertained. have also seen too many movies this summer. will add 2 cents to other reviews later. as legolas is very important to me. he is pretty. *nod* saw SWAT today. is it blasphemous if i think samuel l. jackson is a bad actor? he just keeps reprising the same roles over and over again. i'm sure i've seen him do this "leader of an elite team" thing before... with all the glorified posturing and motivational speaking. *sigh* but colin farrell is pretty and so all shall be forgotten. am now watching end of "helen of troy" on tv. agamemnon has returned home to be killed by his wife... while in the bath. cannot figure out how agamemnon's death figures into a movie about helen. she wasn't even there when it happened. oops. and now the ghost of paris has come to comfort helen in her grief. interesting... ... really... must do homework instead of watching made-for-tv movies. oo, but ...
23:55:52 September 11, 2003, Thursday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
so is now the stampede. i get to wear jeans to work. that's all i have to say about that. ^O^;; tenzwarth~~ you're going to think i'm silly but i forgot my @bizwarcho.com email password... ^^;;;;;;; prease to email it to... keipi-at-nightkids-dot-org? frankies! ^_^ also, tenzwarth~~ why is it that when i'm searching in the corporate directory, if i search a full name it doesn't work? like if i search "anna lee" no entries will be found, but if search "anna" then it works? i even tried searching in the same format as the results will pop up (ie. "lee, anna") and it *still* didn't work. bad, tenzwarth. bad. XP life suxx0rs at work now that catherine isn't there to keep me company either... one by one all my summer student friends have left to find real jobs while i'm still trapped in the pathetic life of... *drumroll* A/R GIRL. ;_; in other, perhaps more bizarre news, i was in the disney store yesterday and all the little plushies were 50% off. so of course i had to go for a little ...
12:40:53 July 6, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
ah the working day~~~
so... i'm working where i work every summer in the city wif the cows and the fears of west nile, but thank goodness not so much about sars. crazy temp in my department (i have no clue where she came from, she's listed in the directory as ITM, but all i've seen her do is make flowcharts) has been mooching my office/phone whenever i step out for more than 10 minutes. she shares an office with another temp (they're working on a documentation project together) and one day she asks me if she could use my phone as she had to make a private phone call to her bank. i said sure as i had a meeting and wouldn't be in my office for a couple of hours. ever since then, she's thinking she has free reign in there! last week i caught her in my office with the door closed! well, apparently, other people in my department saw and reported her to our supervisor. she stays pretty much in her own office these days, but just yesterday she kept walking by my office and looking longingly at my phone. i ...
21:21:43 June 4, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
of random quote generators~
to say something has "gone all pear shaped" means that it's gone all to hell. so then... what exactly is the right shape? orange? banana? star fruit? durian? i really hope it's not durian. as may mean that the accompanying smell would also be durian-esque.
03:16:50 April 23, 2003, Wednesday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::
spring forward!
i've lost an hour of my life and i want it back! ("my life" relatively speaking... such as it is... living as i do either in tenzwarth's brain or his office compie) i guess i'll have to wait until fall. daylight savings is so odd. it was invented for farmers, was it? saskatchewan, the "bread basket" of canada does not use daylight savings. is that irony? (damn, but that alanis morrisette song screwed me up. tenzwarth, i think my internal dictionary/thesaurus is bug-y. and no, it's not a feature. ^_~)
04:05:20 April 6, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: :: contributory negligence ::