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The 3 character hexadecimal value 0x33 cannot begin a name
When running a report, I get this message. I don't have a 3 character in the data. Ideas?
05:49:15 April 6, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Left margin increased by Viewer control
If I click on the Print... button while viewing a report in the winform Viewer, the left margin of the printed report ends up being about .25" or so larger than when the report is sent directly to the printer without using the Viewer.Is there anyway to control the amount of extra left margin that the Viewer control adds to the report? I would like the report to look the same whether it is printed from the Viewer, or directly to the printer.Many thanks.
05:45:27 April 6, 2004, Tuesday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Fixed size subreport, overflows page
Hi,I am trying to implement this seemingly simple concept and would appreciate help. I have a report displaying a subreport whose details are data-bound so the subreport varies in size. Rather than having the subreport physically grow larger on the page, I want it to occupy a fixed size portion on the page. If the subreport grows too big for this portion, I want the subreport to continue on another page in the same size portion. This seems like it should be easy to implement, but I have spent hours trying combinations of properties, and either the subreport keeps growing down the page, or it is truncated in the fixed size portion and the rest does not continue on another page. I have tried putting the subreport in a group header, a group footer, and details sections to no avail. Once again, I would appreciate any help. Thanks,Matt
20:15:06 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Adding to the designer context menu
How would I go about adding a new option the the current designer context menu?
19:46:21 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
subreports in rpx
i have some reports in AR2 all of them are in rpx and some has subreports. I conected the main report to the subreports trought vbscript now i want to upgrate to AR2.NET but i don't know how can i join my subreports with the main repot with script
19:36:31 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Change print destination dynamically
I am at the evaluation stage of using your product and I would like to know if it is possible to get the following done in ActiveReports.Problem:I have to print checks with supporting statements. The top portion of the page (one third) is the check itself the rest is the list of items paid on that check. The problem is sometimes the number of items is so great they overflow to the second page ( which messes up the checks that follow - the checks are printed on a preprinted check forms). The report is grouped by check.Questions:1. Can the report reset the page number after each check and know how many pages each check has (1 of 1 or 1of 3)?2. Is there a way to print page 2 (or even 3) to a different paper tray ( or printer ) then page 1.3. Or (not as good solution) split the report into 2 separate ones based on the page number ( all pages 1 go to one report, all pages 2 and higher go to second report) so I can print to 2 separate printers (or paper trays).If any of this is possible ...
18:49:49 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Using session state
HiI am developing a .net web application where login information is preserved in session state. this login information is used to both authenticate the user for each page and to feed ActiveReports report variables.ActiveReports does not seem to know about objects contained in the session object. Is this by design? Is there a setting I need to make in order to access Session objects in my ActiveReports?so far I have worked around this by adding properties to the ActiveReport class for each report, and setting these properties at run time. But it would be nice to be able to access the Session objects from the ActiveReports classes.
13:00:21 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Minimum fontsize 8?
It looks like the minimum fontsize supported is the minimum in the font file loaded -- 8 for Arial and NY Times. Word let's us scale down below 8 -- any way to do that in AR?By the way, we have a complicated series of sub-reports running nicely in 40 hours or so from picking up the tool. VERY nice. Took about 20 hours to figure out HTTPHandlers, when code-behind runs, what a script is, where the border properties are hidden and a few other special AR features... who knew? And we are very grateful for this forum. BillJ
10:49:11 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Full Justify Bug with paragraphs
Bit frustrated. I am using ActiveReports to product fact sheets in PDF (see attached). One of the *huge* problems that I'm having at the moment is that the text coming into the report has several paragraphs and ActiveReports can full justify it properly. It seems to get a little confused with paragraphs. It deals with the last paragraph properly (i.e. the last line of the paragraph is not justified), but the rest goes all wonky.Can anyone advise on how to deal with this?
08:22:52 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Error displaying report using WebViewer control
Hi, I am trying to show a report in web viewer control and been receiving an error : "Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection"Here is the connection string I am using in my report :DataDynamics.ActiveReports.DataSources.SqlDBDataSource myDs = new DataDynamics.ActiveReports.DataSources.SqlDBDataSource(); myDs.ConnectionString = "Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=ATHENA_ASPNET;Initial Catalog=LMSDEV;Data Source=Zeus;TRUSTED_CONNECTION=yes"; myDs.SQL = "select * from manifest where loadno=" + Convert.ToString(loadNumber); this.DataSource = myDs;Please let me know what I am doing wrong.
08:08:15 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
GroupHeader Summary fields
Hello,1)I have a Groupheader Footer in the report.Also GroupHeder contains a Summary(Avg) Field on the header section.In HeaderFormat event the value displayed is of First Record in Detail.and not the avarage.But in BeforePrint it shows correct value and prints correctly too.Why in Format event it does not show me correct value?2) The Avg function gives value with x.xxxxxxxxx decimal value.Is there any function to format it to say x.xx ?Presently I have done it in BeforePrint eventRegards,Anupama
06:38:15 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Remove underline from hyperlink.
Is it possible to not have an underline, on the text of a textbox, when the hyperlink property is set.I tried setting the style property to contain text-decoration:none; but this did not work.any ideas?
06:37:48 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
PDF417 Barcode Problems
I have been trying to get the PDF417 barcode to work in my asp.net application. I am trying to encode about 250 characters into the barcode. Initially I tried the default settings (error correction -1, row -1, column -1) and then moved it to a more standard (error correction 5, row -1, columns 10). Neither were readable by my HHP 4410 or HHP 4600 scanners. I then tried changing it to a simple pdf417, top to bottom, checksum on/off and about every other option. None of these worked either.I then went and created a new barcode (default settings) and prepopulated the barcode text with 50 characters (0-9 five times) and it was readable. I then moved up to 100 characters (0-9 ten times) and it was not readable. So, it appears that somewhere between 50 and 100 characters I am having trouble. Unfortunately sometimes I need up to 500-700 characters for my application.Previously, I was using IDAutomation's PDF417 .Net Server control and had no problems, but I wanted to have all the ...
06:29:40 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Sequence of setting the properties matters
Hello,I set the textbox alignment property first and then set the style property.this time alignment property does not work(bydefault it shows left alignment )but if I set style property before alignment property , it works.It look strange. Is it matter the sequence in this case?eg.DataDynamics.ActiveReports.TextBox txt1 = new DataDynamics.ActiveReports.TextBox(); //txt1.Style = "font-weight: bold; font-size: 9pt;font-family: Arial Unicode MS; "; txt1.Alignment = TextAlignment.Center ; txt1.Style = "font-weight: bold; font-size: 9pt;font-family: Arial Unicode MS; ";
06:19:29 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Concurrency question
How does AR.NET handle concurrency? With Crystal Enterprise, things actually seemed to run concurrently. With AR.NET, it seems like if multiple users need to run the same report (say in a training scenario), only one person at a time can access that report. Can AR.NET reports be run asynchronously to get around that? This kind of defeats the ideal goal of trying to use report templates and consolidating 100 different Crystal reports into a handful of AR.NET reports. Thanks!
05:54:39 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Performance Issues - My Report Design or AR?
Loading a simple invoice report into a Viewer control loads over 11 megs into memory for only one page of output. Is this normal? The report cosists of one master rpx and five subreport rpx's. There are no images on any of the report components. I several tables in a dataset as my datasource, but in this instance there are no more than 30 records total.This really becomes a problem during stress testing, when I run the same process as described above, but in a loop with 100 iterations. Eventually, my server runs out of memory and I am forced to kill the C# Window's form that is executing the loop. One other note, I am using an evaluation copy of the AR version .1966.Any comments, suggestions or the like will be greatly appreciated.
05:38:56 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Event ordering
I have an issue with setting a group header's visible attribute after getting the data for the details section. I base GroupHeader.Visible off of the data that is returned from the details section. Is there any way that I can actually do this? Format event seems to be too early, but data isn't available, BeforePrint seems to be too late, setting visible has no effect on the end result.Here is what I have for a report:Parent report, with a group header, details and group footer section. Inside the details section, is a subreport.Subreport will display the data for a single company. A single company will have it's average times computed as a summary, found in the group header.Parent report will display the average times for all the companies. This will be displayed in the group header for the parent report.If there are less than 2 subreports visible(none or one), then we do not want to display this summary information for all the companies, only the averages for the single company ...
01:15:11 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
how can i do this?
Now I have a trouble.When I show a report,if data is very much,then some textbox's height is very high,some is low,so it's very ugly.what can i do to make all of the textbox have same height?How can i do this?Thanks , let me a hand!
00:48:30 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
group header bug
I am using You have a bug in group header/footer processing.If the repeat style of a group header is set to "OnPage", this group header is not printed on the new page when any group footer is either the last section of the old pageor the first section of the new.In a 100 page report, this might happen 1 or 2 times. Very hard to find and annoying.
00:43:24 April 5, 2004, Monday (PDT) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
footers conditional on page number
Hi allUsing .1966, having some troubles.I'm trying out conditional footers, that is making a different footer appear for page 1 versus page 2.I have an invoice form, that I need to see a "continued" minimal block on page 1, and the full totals on page 2. Right now, I have created two text boxes in the page footer that calculate the current page number and the total number of pages. Both display properly on the output, which is a PDF.What I think I need to do is in the format event for the page header, determine whether the report is at the last page of it's output, and if so, show the totals footer. If it is not at the last page, display the "continued" footer.In the pageheader_afterprint, XXX_format, etc. events, txtPageNo.value is always evaluating properly to the proper page. However, txtTotalPages.value is "nothing" no matter where I place this block. It does show properly on the output.My questions: 1) Is this the correct way to show different footers?2) Is there another way ...
13:10:53 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
SP2 fot .Net and activeX viewer
We just downloaded and installed sp2. We are having 2 problems. 1) after we updated all of the references in visual studio, we removed and re-added our webviewer control, the cab version that is coming up by default is .1214 instead of .1225 which is downloaded with sp2. Which version should we be using? If it is .1225, why does the control say .1214?2) When we run the page, with the viewer type set to ActiveXViewer, nothing happens. (We have cab version .1225 installed). If we switch to htmlViewer as the viewerType, the report renders fine.
12:54:56 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Diamond Conversion from Crystal
I got the report, http://www.datadynamics.com/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=102460, HOWTO: Using the Diamond Reports Sample and Crystal Import Wizard with the attached files. I did the steps in "Installing the Diamond Report Sample" (except in 10. I didn't see any sample report other than the blank report), and "Adding the Crystal Import Addin ". When I tried the last section, "Using the Crystal Report Wizard", I could not find any place to "3. Click Load New Add-in. Browse to CrystalImport Folder". (Screen snapshot attached.) There is no place to add new.What am I missing?Thanks,Andy
11:58:19 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
How do I remove the red line?
I have been working with AR for a while now using different paper sizes and everything. I am currently faced with generating a report that will not be printed. The report is extremely wide (32 inches) and just needs to be displayed.I have the report all layed out and it generates fine but the red cut off line appears around 10 inches all the time. I have tried setting page size in code and in the designer and I cannot get rid of the red line. Is there a way to just turn that darn thing off? I have tried setting the paper width and height to 35 and nothing seems to get it to go away. What am I doing worng?
11:12:18 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Problem cancelling a web report
I am trying to add a cancel button on the client's browser to instruct a web server to cancel a report.Here is the way I am doing it:When a report starts running on the server, I keep track of it in the session.The cancel button on the browser is calling a web service on the server (IIS) to change the value kept in the session.In the PageStart event of the report on the server, I check the value kept in the session and detect if it was cancelled. If it was indeed cancelled, I simply call the Cancel() method of the report.In theory, this works fine but I have a problem with threading. The report runs on a different thread than the cancel web service but still, the cancel web service code does not get executed until the report is finished executing. I tried to add this line just before polling the session:System.Threading.Thread.Sleep (10);Knowing that it would slow the execution of reports but still, the other thread does not kick in. It looks like the report blocks all calls to the ...
11:12:01 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
AcrobatReader (Viewing a PDF report)
Hello,How do I view a pdf report through the webviewer in active reports for .net?
10:54:22 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Editing Report in XML mode?
Manually editing individual label names and values on complex reports in the designer can be a real pain. If I open a report in the XML viewer that comes with .NET, can I make my changes, then go back to the Designer and still have everything work properly (in terms of auto-generated code, etc.)? What are the suggested steps for doing that?Thanks!
10:48:57 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Error in Web.config?
I get the following error when my web app processes my web.config. What should I be looking for? All the activereports*.dll's are loaded in my bin folder. Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Parser Error Message: ? Source Error: Line 84: ********** ActiveReports HttpHandler Configuration ********** Line 85: --> Line 86: Line 87: Line 88: Source File: c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\xxx\dnn203\web.config Line: 86 Assembly Load Trace: The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly 'ActiveReports.Web' could not be loaded. === Pre-bind state information === LOG: DisplayName = ActiveReports.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc4967777c49a3ff (Fully-specified) LOG: Appbase = file:///c:/hosting/webhost4life/member/xxx/dnn203 LOG: Initial PrivatePath = bin ...
10:44:55 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Suppress duplicate values in a column
How do I suppress duplicates? If my data looks like: 1 some info 1 more info 2 some more infoI want my report to look like: 1 some info more info 2 some more info Any suggestions? TIA BillJ
10:41:51 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Drawing Vertical Line between GroupHeader and Detail
I saw some postings on drawing vertical lines between detail section and groupfooter. I tried that and it works fine..but it draws seperate line with each record in detail section. Means it comes as broken line between each record. ! record1! record 2! record 3like this...but I want continuous line as one. Pl. look at attached jpeg image. Any suggestion?
10:31:27 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support
Deploying Active Report (Eval) does not work.
Hi!We have dowmloaded avaluation copy of the Active Reports for .NET. I have written a test application in C# to demo the Report designer tool. It works fine on the development machine, but when I copy the application on another machine for Demo, the Designer control is not shown. I have set the "Copy Local" to "True" for all the active reports references. I have also copied the required active reports dll in the folder on the Demo machine. Am I missing something else? Is it not working because it is evalution copy? Thanks for your help.
09:38:49 April 2, 2004, Friday (PST) Source: ActiveReports for .NET Support