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There is a lot of Linux about.
In considering a Linux distribution to use on my home network I came across a useful utility at Linux.org. A search able list of Linux distributions. A new there were a few to choose from but this really brought home...
13:11:11 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Diary of a searcher.
lip up fatty
it would seem that fhm magazine is looking for people to participate in their weight loss challenge. i'm actually considering applying, mostly because i'd get a one year free gym membership out of the deal but also because i may be able to actually drop some weight. from the forwarded email:Once again FHM is looking for overweight men who want help shedding the lbs. As part of our annual weight-loss competition cosponsored by Bally Total Fitness, we'll be giving a group of guys a one-year free gym membership, personalized dieting tips and unlimited time with a personal trainer. Participants will have their lard-shedding efforts chronicled in FHM. Several of the gentlemen who participated in last year's contest were able to shed 30 pounds over the course of six weeks. And last years winner took home $5,000 for his efforts (this year's prize has yet to be determined). We're looking fora wide range of body types, from the massively overweight to the merely love-handled, so please ...
13:07:36 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: http://gominosensei.org/
Wow, two wankers in one week: Pete Rose and Elecia Battle. Rose hopes his admission, after 14 years of public denials, will help end his lifetime ban from baseball and land him in the Hall of Fame. Mrs. Battle admits...
13:05:48 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Eight Degree
Just got back from The Last Samurai as a sort of geek babe thesis writing motivation thingie and see where I'm stuck right now: blogging ... The Last Samurai has a several times seen before story line, but a touching...
13:04:23 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: PurpleGreen ~ Never Easy To Please
Walking Deads...
<A href="http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/biztech/01/07/doctor.dismantle.ap/index.html">Morti che camminano ancora</A>...nella silicon valley
13:03:43 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Giuseppe Caravita: Ricerche
Search Terms vom Januar
unter welchen Stichworten diese Seite gefunden wird. Unglaublich, wonach die Leute suchen. bekackte fruechte wolfgang hanswurst (das ist diesmal mein Favorit) ficken nutella und kaffee dann schwindlig Ob die wohl zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen waren?...
13:03:10 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: WBlog
Not for drugs!
ajc.com | Braves | Ex-Brave Otis Nixon arrested on aggravated assault charge He's accused of pulling a knife on his...
13:02:16 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Braves Journal
Rap Gets a New Kind of Wrap
A new line of condoms are using hip hop lingo and images to attract teens. Common Ground USA is launching a marketing campaign to promote Jimmie Hatz -- the name's based on a hip hop slang word for condoms -- that includes targeting what they calls the "hip-hop kulture," which is defined as "any group of people -- regardless of race -- that enjoys emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing or 'just loves music.' " In addition, the rubbers (slogan: "For Players Puttin'...
13:02:08 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: The Porning Report
Friday 5
As usual, I have stuffed up the Friday 5 sequence again. I thought there was a break last week but just found that there was a post. Probably the break is this week. Anyway, here it is, still before the use-by date. What one thing are you most looking...
13:00:00 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: G'day Mate!
Summing It Up Continuing Education for 2003
If "an unexamined life is not worth living," then a summing up of training opportunities is imperative to the life of an education coordinator. To sum up, this was a watermark year for Continuing Education at the Utah State Library Division. Five hundred twenty five librarians and library trustees participated in thirty-three training events during 2003. These training sessions motivated and gave direction to librarians. After Norma Procarione, Director, Price City Library, attended Using Libris Design to Create Your Library Building Program, she wrote a first draft of a building plan for the combined Price Library (Price City partnering with Carbon County and the College of Eastern Utah). more
12:58:53 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: News and Features
Trying to get Jay's MT-Blacklist to run. Don't know wtf I'm doing wrong. Will figure it out. I am getting bombed with comment spam especially in the older entries. Content seems to have changed from the penis enhancers to...
12:57:00 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: funny
GeoServer 1.1.0 Released
GeoServer 1.1.0 has just been released.The GeoServer project is a full transactional Java (J2EE) implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature Server specification. It is free software, available under the GPL 2.0 license.
12:51:51 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Weblog of Andreas Hochsteger
TiVo Survey Says...
From the latest TiVo 'News You Can Use' newsletter: 30% of all programming recorded by TiVo subscribers during the week is viewed on the weekend. In related news, a new study has found that weekends make up 28.5% of the...
12:51:28 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: JHill
Managing Worms and Internal Security Threats
This weblog discusses the security measures that more companies will take into the future to prevent worm and zero-day attacks, primarily thin client models using strict firewalling to minimize network access.
12:50:00 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: O'Reilly Network Weblogs
Data doesn't need self-awareness
In an article from 2002, David Weinberger worries that incompatible metadata formats might stop the semantic web in its tracks: So, even if we agree that we want to tag pages with, say, the last name of the people who created them, is the attribute labeled "lastname", "last_name", "name_last", "surname" or "nom_dernier"? (...) How much effort would it take to rewire your application so it understands multiple namespaces built for a similiar task? It's a triviality to implement. If we ever got a considerable number of people to annotate their content with metadata, compatibility would be the least of our problems. We are, in effect, back in the AI game of attempting to classify all knowledge. See Cyc. See Cyc not run. That's because the purpose of the Cyc project is to not only map, but understand all knowledge. The ambition of the (lowercase "s") semantic web is much more humble than that. It's basically about remixing slices of the data that are out there in interesting and useful ...
12:47:25 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Real World Semantics
Tatu Revolutions
So, I'm pulling in about 750 hits a day just to that stupid post I made about how much I hate Tatu. The debate is getting pretty heated, but it seems like the majority of the people posting are just...
12:47:23 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Jesse.crack
After the War
There is a small window of time after a major global conflict in which a framework for a new and more stable international order can be proposed. On this, the anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points initiative (proposed during...
12:47:18 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Event Horizon
Heb vanavond nog even zitten kijken bij D-reizen en daar kun je dus al boeken voor een ...
(Heb vanavond nog even zitten kijken bij D-reizen en daar kun je dus al boeken voor een kleine 350 euro, zie jij een goedkopere aanbieding, laat het me dan maar even weten!)
Heb vanavond nog even zitten kijken bij D-reizen en daar kun je dus al boeken voor een kleine 350 euro, zie jij een goedkopere aanbieding, laat het me dan maar even weten!
12:44:09 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Niels Dekker's Weblog
I want to scream, but I have no mouth
Perhaps I should just hibernate.I've been straining to think of something to write here for three days, but nada. There just hasn't been anything of note going on.If you ever want a taste of what post-nuclear, apocalyptic despair will look like--try early January in Ohio. It's 8 degrees outside (wind chill is -15) and you rarely see other people out and about. In other words, nothing is happening. Its a weird time of year for culture, too--no new books come out, no new music, no live performances. Normal life just kind of stops for a few weeks. Everyone is in an after-the-holidays funk. Including me.Go find your hilarities and mindless entertainment elsewhere.
12:42:24 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: eric nuzum dot com
Software Construction - Goals for '04
I've seen many a New Years resolution blogged over the past week: promises, hopes, dreams and even pure speculation; so, I thought that I might lay down my own vision for the year. I'm hoping that this year I will take a giant step forward to mastering 2 important areas of Software Construction: estimating and delivery. To that end, this year I'll be focussing nearly all of my blogging efforts (from this blog at least) on the following items. I'll be re-arranging my categories to reflect these items and, I'll also be creating a new category called "Golden Rules"; my hope is that, by years end, I'll have 7 items in the Golden Rules category derived from all of the entries that focus on the topics listed below: GOALS THIS YEAR: improve estimations improve delivery on time on budget on spec (features) reduce lines of code increase re-use reduce re-work introduce new techniques, practices improve developer satisfaction Re-read Code Complete Decide (finally) for myself whether automated ...
12:42:00 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: ShowUsYour
A Missing Part of the Jigsaw
I've seen people say that with the addition of GarageBand, iLife does '99% of what people do on their computers at home'. Well, it might be 99% of what some people do, but it's not 99% of what I do. I think we need an iApp for desktop publishing. Most...
12:38:56 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Macadamia
Historians in the Blogosphere
I had to laugh when I read Kieran Healy's Historians of the World, Unite: A group of well-known history bloggers — including Timothy Burke, Robert ‘KC’ Johnson, and Ralph Luker — have banded together to form Cliopatria. Proof if proof...
12:35:31 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Invisible Adjunct
Need Some TLC? Or just Bill Gates Motivation?
Reading and surfing the web, we found this motivating article on Bill Gates: http://www.templetons.com/brad/billg.html It would be worth our time to be one step behind Gates to pick up the mulas!...
12:31:31 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: rjsNetworks.com
Azureus And Sun's Big Mistake.
...It's a common theory that the reason that Apple isn't where Microsoft is today is because of their refusal to license the MacOS during the mid 80s....Sun's refusal to embrace native client side widgets is what allowed Microsoft to catch up to where Java is now with .Net....via [Russell Beattie Notebook] I think Russell's right. The most striking thing to me when I jumped from Java to .NET was how absolutely foolish I felt for having abandoned native OS widgets and integration. One of my most memorable dot-com experiences was bringing on a contract programmer at $150 / hour to implement a single custom widget in Swing and having him fail to do it in four weeks. Even though it was complex, I'd estimate I could duplicate it in 3-5 days with .NET.
12:29:34 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Knowing .NET
Can you say addiction?? Or how about obsession?? Recently a couple friends of ours invited us into their home for...
12:28:47 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: bmg://its.bloggingly.delicious
Deciphering Misleading Food Labels
The Food and Drug Administration recently announced a major change in its 10 year old nutrition label. Starting in 2006, food manufacturers will be required to reveal how much trans fat is contained in their products. But as Dr. Dean Edell reports, food labels can contain other dietary pitfalls.
12:28:05 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: KGO Dr. Dean Edell's Medical Journal Reports ...
With Parties, Three's A Crowd
The loneliness of the long-shot runner.
12:26:36 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Banterist
Giving HP Its Praise
I find today’s music partnership between Apple and HP somewhat surprising, but not because a Windows PC manufacturer is cozying...
12:24:24 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Joe Wilcox
Content targeted web marketing
It is less than six months since Google has launched the Adsense program for including Google Adwords in independent content websites. For the past couple of months advertisers have noticed a remarkable increase in the impressions and clicks from those...
12:20:02 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Search Engine Marketing News
Brains for Lunch and Dinner
Lunch: Casey and I had a wonderful lunch with Howard Fields at Zazie in Cole Valley. Howard leads the Wheeler Center for the Neurobiology of Addiction at UCSF. (a subject that fascinates many) Casey got to know Howard during graduate...
12:19:53 January 8, 2004, Thursday (PST) Source: Brain Waves