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Ok, I can't resist any longer. I'm completely confident at this point that Dean will get the Dem nomination, and that Clark will be his running mate. Here's why: (348 words)
08:05:24 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Quixotic
Building the Internet Political Party
Britt Blaser's reflections on a Christopher Lydon interview with Clinton spinmeister Dick Morris. Morris argues that the internet is truly disruptive in politics, but that the Republicans still have a massive edge in online organizing. Far from the traditional wisdom. But read what Britt makes of the challenge and the opportunity...
08:05:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: O'Reilly Network Weblogs
Hexagonal surface pattern of Co(OH)2(0001) - Atomic Resolution
This in situ STM image shows the hexagonal surface pattern of Co(OH)2(0001) on Co(0001) at E = -0.65 V. The average lattice parameter is 0.33nm.
07:54:15 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: ChemBlog
Agile Q&A: Missing Features/Requirements
Given the 3 part agile team of customer, QA, and development, what should we do when a feature the customer wanted is not implemented, or is incorrectly implemented at the end of the iteration? Q: Why wasn't the missing feature caught in a customer test? A: Customer/QA/Dev communications are not happening. I.e. the customer discussed a feature with a developer without QA present, or notified. Use a simple durable communications form such as a wiki to record decisions about a story. Q: Who takes responsibility for ensuring requirements discussed between the customer and development are communicated to QA. A: Ideally the customer should since QA is the customer proxy, however, the developer has some responsibility to inform QA about the currently available features. Once again a wiki can help this communications flow. Additionally the customer could add FIT tests that should start failing and start another communications flow. Q: How do you resolve adding new features during the ...
07:52:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Wayne Allen's Weblog
What The Entertainment Industry Doesn't Want You To Know
Introduce the digital world to the Entertainment Industry and they look for a way to screw us over with it...
07:51:10 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Butz, Henry - Photographer
Picasa Hello
A fusion of digital photo sharing and IM, Picasa Hello is a free IM service designed around sharing photos. The central idea is a 'film strip' -- a series of photos that have been displayed through interaction with others...
07:51:01 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Get Real
Web Standards for Business
WaSP : Learn : Reference: Web Standards for Business This article highlights the benefits of using Web standards for business...
07:50:28 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Creative Librarian
This sits well with me
A Pro-Football player, using Ephedra, died during summer training camp after overheating. A bottle of Ephedra with the warnings was sitting in the players locker. The widow sued the Football Team, the NFL, all 32 Pro Teams, the Team Doctors,...
07:41:27 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: psychmed
Rest In Peace Richard
Rest In Peace, Richard Gladu December 8, 2003...
07:40:09 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Leonine Ponderances
money for nothin'
Read this lyrical comment over on slashdot, which was made after the latest SCO tantrum. I for one can't wait for January 4, when SCO will be forced to turn over their "evidence" in their lawsuit against IBM... In the...
07:28:40 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: threeonefour.net
A guide to Slashdot's Moderation Scheme...
Probably the most significant evolution of moderation schemes over the last half-decade (and the best example of how seriously moderation schemes should be taken) was the emergence of Slashdot - an online community/weblog for the most overtly geeky part of the population. The community itself refers to the system that lies behind the site and keeps it on track as a kind of 'mass moderation' - which if you believed in my previous distinctions would probably be considered a form of distributed moderation. In a nutshell it works like this - moderators are chosen via algorithm from the body politic. Each moderator's stint lasts for three days and they are given five points to use during this time to either promote or demote a post in importance. The rest of the users of the board, then, can decide at which threshold they wish posts to be hidden from their view. This means nothing is deleted and that the community gradually reaches some kind of equilibrium where posts that are agreed to ...
07:22:17 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Everything In Moderation
Are DMs Capable Of Cheating?
The title says it all. . . are DM's capable of cheating? After all, we are mere mortals, and the dice never do any wrong! Never! The rules are the final say in any aspect of the game, and doom on you if you forget that!. . . Or so say some, outlandishly detailed by yours truly.
07:22:11 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of ...
Web services intermediaries evolve
A very good article in InfoWorld by Phil Windley on web services intermediaries. Phil notes in his blog entry: I'm constantly amazed that a market almost no one had heard of a year ago has a dozen or more vendors slugging it out. If you just go look at feature sets, you won't find much to distinguish all of the offerings. I can testify, however that they are different. The difference is in the service metaphor and how that translates into architecture and user interface. [InfoWorld]
07:21:05 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Telematique, water and fire.
yanks blow it
let's understand something: the yankees did not want andy back. in the final hour andy's agents counter offered a 3 yr $38 million dollar offer with a 4 year $52 million offer. cashman said 'we tagged out at that price.' too much money? it will cost them double to replace him not to mention more devastation to the farm system and bad attitude guys like brown. george prefers to spend the money on bums and classless drug addicts. the astros gm said it best about pettite in the press conference yesterday: 'andy stands for values that we value highly.' the 1996 - 2001 yankees were about class, good guys and values. the 2004 yankees and beyond have turned their backs on goodness choosing a zoo instead. todays cover from the daily news:...
07:17:58 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: niknud: there was one?
Uncle Sam wants Clue!
Who says bureaucracies are stupid and slow? It only took the Defense Department *nine months* to figure out that the illustrious Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, screws taxpayers. Boy, it's lucky for the ol' USA that no one other than H. was allowed to "bid" on those government contracts. I've recently...
07:12:45 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: chadmill
Avoid a Life of Regrets With Your Yes List
How many times have you told yourself "yes!" today? Not enough I bet. Yes is the most powerful word in the English language. Unfortunately, too many times we say yes to others when we should say no. At the same time we continue to tell ourselves no when we need to say yes. You deserve to create the life of your dreams. Period. The first step on that road is to learn to tell yourself yes before you say yes to others.
07:11:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: ACQYR
Catching up.
This week, I've barely had time to read the news much less do any blogging. It's been 3 days since I've even read most of the blogs I read, so I'm going to try to spend today catching up as...
07:03:11 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: One Name Left
making control properties accessible to both server and clientside code
“How do I make a property on my control be changable from javascript?“ I've seen this question asked, in various forms, quite a few times, and now that an irc buddy got stumped by it, I decided to blog my perspective on the best way to handle it. So here is a big fat commented but untested code block: using System; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; /// <summary> /// This control has a public serverside property <see cref="MyProperty"/> /// which is accessible on the client side via a hidden input element /// </summary> public class TestControl : WebControl, INamingContainer { /// <summary> /// This is the public property that I wish to expose to the clientside as well. /// </summary> /// <remarks> /// Most public server control properties will use ViewState as their backing store. /// ViewState, however, is not accessible view clientscript. /// So instead, we'll use a hidden input child control to hold the value. /// </remarks> ...
07:02:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Andy Smith's Blog
YOUP VAN 't HEK, Zaal, 2004-04-17 20:00
<img src="http://www.abconcerts.be/msn/msnpic.cfm?i=100553" HEIGHT="75" WIDTH="75" border="1" align="left" > Remarkable, sharp-tongued Youp Van 't Hek! A Dutch star cabaret performer, notorious for his masterly criticizing year-end overviews on New Year's Eve. This Youp also writes newspaper articles, follows current (and political, of course) events closely, but most of all: he knows how to launch his absurd or bubbly comments in the best cabaret tradition of grandmasters like Wim Sonneveld, Wim Kan, Freek De Jonge, etc. Onl
06:56:32 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: ABConcerts News
Job Security
Lambda the Ultimate, a programming languages weblog, has awarded "The Best Publicity Quote (and/or bogus statistic) Award to Martin Erwig and Margaret M. Burnett for a statement they made in this presentation: The number of end-user programmers in the United States alone are expected to reach 55 million by 2005, as compared to only 2.75 million professional programmers In looking in the actual paper, I only see the 55 million number. I guess LtU added the reference to 2.75 million professional programmers. If these numbers are true even within an order of magnitude, the conclusion is obvious. Computer systems will have to get easier to use and program because end users will be the ones doing the programming. of course, that's not even remotely true today. It would be interesting to learn where the 55 million end-user programmers number came from. I wonder if they are just counting anyone who ownes Excel or Access as an end-user programmer.
06:51:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Lathi's Log
Week 49: 12/7 - 12/13
<img src="http://www.zanthan.com/gardens/photos/320/LobulariaMaritima1.jpg" alt="photo: Lobularia maritima Sweet Alyssum" /> 2003-12-08. Lobularia maritima (sweet alyssum) planted in the hollow of a rotted log. These are winter annuals from last year that revived with the cooler weather this November. Austin, Texas.
06:50:51 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Zanthan Gardens
Powerful Message
The message that I've been getting this year is this: Read your Bible every day. A simple message. One I've been getting since childhood. However, it has taken 25 years for me to put it into practice - and still I have days where I foolishly don't make it a priority. But here's the thing: doing so makes renewing your mind a lot easier. Romans 12:2 says: And do not be con...
06:49:55 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: The Pordcast
Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura Piazza Fontana, Milano 12 dicembre 1969...
06:47:54 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: panbagnato
Calvin & Hobbes Creator Remembered
Cleveland Scene One of the finest comic strips of the 1980's, Calvin and Hobbes, was penned by a genius named Bill Watterson. What made Watterson a hero for many of us was the fact that during the entire time that C&H was a staple on the comics page of nearly every newspaper, there were no dolls, stickers, lunchboxes, Saturday morning cartoons, or candies bearing the images of his contemplative creations. Watterson refused to license the...
06:46:09 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: http://papabean.org/
From Amazing to Plumbing: A year of WiFi
I didn't have any input into choosing our WiFi Day, but as luck would have it, today is the anniversary of the day I first bought a WiFi card and became part of the new 802.11 wireless revolution. An amazing coincidence! I can say that at the beginning I was pretty amazed. Full-on internet access from anywhere in my house or office or many times on the road quickly and easily without cables. I remember my first true wireless experience was connecting to the access point at SeaTac airport in Seattle on the way home to Madrid. Ana was online using Yahoo Messenger and a webcam, and I was able to hear/see her and Alex while sitting waiting for a plane. Very cool. I had bought two PCMCIA cards at the beginning so I wouldn't have to invest in a wireless router - I figured I would connect my PCs at home via peer networking. Living in Spain, I was more than a bit behind the WiFi pace that was being set in the U.S., so I made sure that I bought the cards on a trip to the U.S. before I went ...
06:43:28 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: del.icio.us/tag/mobitopia
Blogging with PHP-GTK
I hacked together my first PHP-GTK app recently. It is not an application that is very useful to others at this time, but with a little tweaking it can be.
06:38:19 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Jackson Miller
Sam Ruby's Atom Specification Slides Now Available
Sam Ruby has posted some slides detailing the ins and outs of the Atom specification. Personally, I like Atom a lot more than RSS because it's very explicit about its requirements. I've toyed with writing weblogging software (both server and client implementations), but the number one thing that always stopped me from continuing my work was the mess of "standards" that exist in the weblogging world. RSS vs. Atom is all about the syndication, but what I'm interested in seeing is a new standard drafted around the publishing aspects of a weblog. Metaweblog API, for lack of a better description, sucks. Does it work? Yes, but, contrary to some people's opinions, that's just not enough. Echo is one API that is looking to change that though. FYI, you can pretty much keep up on all things Atom/Echo by frequenting the AtomWiki.
06:38:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Drew's Blog
Does anyone have an invite code? I need one for a friend. Please please please ...
(Does anyone have an invite code? I need one for a friend. Please please please please!!!!!!11)
Does anyone have an invite code? I need one for a friend. Please please please please!!!!!!11
06:37:51 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Rev. George
Coalition of the Pinkertons
As Christopher Sheil noted, the US Army's attack on the new Iraqi trade union federation's headquarters was raised as an...
06:37:17 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Mentalspace
Five reasons not to buy an iPod
"... if you don't care about low battery life, aren't fond of jogging, have ample disposable income, don't need to record/encode music portably, and want to purchase music downloads only from the iTunes Music Store, then the iPod is the...
06:35:41 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Blog.Woodster.com