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the dean movement - let me tell you it is time to believe
Is It Time to Believe?. Michael Tomasky. As I sat with 14 other volunteers last night at the SEIU headquarters here in far we have come in the last 7 months. I went to my first Meetup in May and...
12:46:53 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: politicalpunkfordean
1000th post
I posted this about a year ago. I wanted to delete it from my hard drive, so here it is....
12:43:47 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Jason's Waste of Space
Design Tweaking
I added some color to the section drop-down menus on the blog. For those of you with IE I’ll post a picture since can’t use the drop-downs (because of some CSS2 idiosyncracies in the layout that IE just can’t handle). I am nice enough to provide a plain list fallback for the navigation if you simply click on the buttons, though. Anyway, I also added some small ‘text-shadow’ details to parts of the site and modified the visited link color so that visited links are more readily distinguished.
12:38:57 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Exordium
WOODSMITH: Lid Chain Stay
Recently I built a blanket chest with a heavy, solid wood lid.
12:38:32 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Woodworking Tips Blog
Google expands operation to India
The popular internet search engine, Google, is planning to open a research centre in India, reports say. "We just want more really great engineers," senior Google official, Wayne Rosing, was quoted as saying in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.
12:37:43 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Blog and Internet News
An Ethiopian Yergacheffe, please
Starbucks. What a refuge. We were in New York last March, and it was a clear but cold day. The wind was a blowin’ round the glitzy apartment blocks on the Upper East Side. My wife was six months pregnant,...
12:35:05 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Telepocalypse
Wired News: Rift Over Global Info Control
Many Americans probably aren't aware that their country controls the global Internet. "Some developing countries, including China, South Africa, India and Brazil, want control out of the hands of a private organization selected by the United States and in
12:32:25 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Blog and Internet News
Ring in the new year with the ringed planet
by Jim Bencivenga Want to see a "sooo way-better" show than "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" this holiday season? Find a friend with a telescope, or better, check out any one of the hundreds of open-to-the...
12:28:27 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: csmonitor.com | ScitechBlog
VPNing into work
12:28:26 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Time Porn
No. 1
12:27:33 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Time Porn
Geronimo can take a flying leap
I know it's a bike shed discussion, but I couldn't resist entering the logo contest for the Apache Geronimo J2EE application server. For reasons unknown, the project is steering clear of using the historical Geronimo, so I used the expression "geronimo!" for inspiration and found a picture of a flying squirrel in mid-leap. More entries can be found on the geronimo-dev mailing list.
12:17:46 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Rogers Cadenhead: Java
"Off the Rack #4"
You can also reads this at The Tyee, "a feisty online journal ... that swims against the province's centralized current of opinions," according to The Globe and Mail. (Congrats, Dave!) To see past editions of the column, click "Clippings," above. BC Business (Dec). Cover boys Monty Burns and Smith—err, Jimmy...
12:07:31 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: :: jeffmacintyre.com ::
Evolving Custom Web Controls
Although sometimes you start out knowing you need a custom control, what more often happens is you find that you're using the same functionality in more than one place, so you start packaging it up into a control in order to remove duplication and improve reusability. This article takes a look at when and how you should do such things by taking a fairly simple piece of ASP.NET functionality and evolving it from some code on a form to a user control to a fully-functional custom web control. http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/using/building/webcontrols/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnaspp/html/aspnet-evolvecustomcontrols.asp
12:06:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: The ASPSmith's Blog
Christmas and Toast
Well, it finally happened. While I was in Borders they were playing Christmas music and I didn’t think that it...
11:58:04 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: joemaffia.net
Copyright Is Broken
I am an enthusiastic member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. People like Lawrence Lessig and Dan Gilmore seem to share my point of view about...
11:53:37 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: John K. Davis, Technology Coach
Great too. The Starlight Casino has an RSS Feed. Fab.
Great too. The Starlight Casino has an RSS Feed. Fab.
11:53:25 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Ralf Zeigermann: Orion Pics
What's New
Join us on Sunday for church, which will feature a Christmas Pageant including our children and the St. Luke's Choir. After the service, we'll have a pot-luck feast and auction to benefit the Volunteers in Mission trip to Cuba next...
11:52:21 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Saint Luke's United Methodist Church
Song of the Day: Wedding Song (There Is Love) by Captain & Tennille
A good song for weddings. (Pop)
11:52:03 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: DailyTunes.com
over the weekend (last weekend): <a href="http://www.tmbg.com/froMain.html">They Might ...
(over the weekend (last weekend): <a href="http://www.tmbg.com/froMain.html">They Might Be Giants</a>)
After giving Liz's nieces and nephew copies of No! by They Might Be Giants for helping out in our wedding last year, it seemed the perfect birthday gift this year was treating them to a TMBG show. Luckily (except in an egg before the chicken kind of way), TMBG performed a special kids' show at the Old Town School of Folk Music, just down the block from my apartment, last weekend.I'm not going to go into as much detail as Benjy gives in his reviews of TMBG shows, but that's just because I didn't have a notebook or his fanatical memory of every show they've every played with all included nuances (the man is committed).John, John, Dan, Dan, Dan, and Robin performed many of the songs off of No!, and one off of Bed Bed Bed, the kiddie albums. At one point or another, the performance was by the Deeply Felt Puppet Orchestra. Noteable non-kids album songs performed were "Istanbul," "Dr. Worm," "Why Does the Sun Shine?," "Particle Man," and "You're Not the Boss of Me" (Grammy-winning theme ...
11:51:05 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: HipSmart
Fights, Guns and lights
My Christmas lights worked out well.... Heh, the Sainsburys loading bay that had it`s roller shutters demolished by one of their own wagons, has finally been replaced...the reason? I went to Earls Court to blogon and got distracted with learning...
11:49:40 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Rat's Blog
Commands and UI
Today was a big source code check-in day. I sent well over 50 files to be checked into our source code control system, and I will be here late sending off a lot more. What kind of things did I change? Well, one of the most asked for features is the ability to add different UI types to a CommandBar, and with different settings. For example, today when you call Commands.AddNamedCommand we will create a command. You can then add UI to a command bar for that command with the Command.AddControl method. But that UI element is always a button, not combo boxes, not menu controllers (the split drop-down button like that for the undo / redo command), etc. The change for Whidbey allows you to specify which control type should be used. This is the enum that contains the different control types available (this list is subject to change, either with the addition or subtraction of additional elements): enum vsCommandControlType { vsCommandControlTypeSeparator = 1, vsCommandControlTypeButton = 2, ...
11:46:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Craig Skibo's WebLog
AS documentation standards anyone?
I never really thought about it more than usual until recently when i started building a little utility for myself (AS2docGenerator). In order to be able to make the parser "universal" (ie. other people would be able to use it...
11:42:55 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: blog-o-fobik
I'm sick. I'm sick and I'm whiney and sick. My "weekend" has been spent coughing up my left lung, choking on ick, and shivering from the fever. I'm not happy. I really wanted to work overtime this week since it...
11:42:01 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Pissypants.com
Dick Morris
Chris Lydon’s recent interview of Dick Morris about the impact of the Internet on politics is twenty-four minutes of audio that anyone who wants to...
11:40:14 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: John K. Davis, Technology Coach
Resurgency: Bertelsmann Gets an Unexpected Slap
Bertelsmann loses a California lawsuit that they didn’t think there was even a chance of losing...
11:26:49 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Resurgency Emergency Response Marketing News
Sometimes I'll go to type something in, and I'll be holding down the shift key. Lock, loaded and ready to write one kick ass sentence. The problem is that my brain kinda forgets what I'm doing. No big deal, I'm used to it. But the next thing I know BEEP StickeyKeys has turned on. And in a rush of confusion that can only be brought on by when your brain is at idle and suddenly gets beeped at, I simply hit enter. God help me at this point. Pressing shift acts like the caps lock key, the caps lock key seemingly makes the little light on the keyboard mean the opposite of whatever it indicates, and I'm pretty sure the Scroll look key and the SysRq keys switch functions too. Any combination of shift, caps lock and the letter n seemingly simply set caps lock to the opposite of whatever I think it should be at that point. It's a little humbling to realize that sometimes my brain will cause me to type at a speed that Microsoft has assumed could only be brought on by a physical disability.
11:25:00 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Phil Scott's WebLog
Aberaman Athletic - Match Preview
The Village will play at home for the first time in six weeks when they entertain Aberaman Athletic on Saturday afternoon at Stafford Common...
11:22:56 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Garden Village AFC
Alright. I've mentioned this to a few of you, but I've neglected to post it on the blog because... well, who knows why. We're hosting a showing of the first two Lord of the Rings Extended Editions before the premiere of Return of the King at our place. Show up for one, or show up for both, leave, come back, whatever. It's all good. These are four hour movies, so this is an eight hour shindig. Be prepared to get good and sick of us. :) To allow plenty of time for bathroom breaks, the inevitable latecomer, etc. I'd like to start at around 2pm. This is also to provide a decent cushion of time to get to the theater after the bit at our place--if it's anything like the last two years, it's going to be packed. Carpooling is an option we may want to explore. Food will be had sometime during the event; we have pizza within easy driving or delivery distance, and there's a Chinese takeout place that we love just around the corner. This is a fairly open invitation to anyone we know in the ...
11:20:48 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Sperari
Conservative But Not Stupid, Part II
Intelligent people understand that our ‘peace’ is a cooperative venture. We need them more than they need us. They know it: its time we acknowledge it and get this mess straightened out. Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: December...
11:17:38 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Politics Unusual: The Bush Files
The Spark
A great article on why passion in business matters. Steve Jobs knows these points well - how else is it that just listening to one of his speeches compels you to buy a Mac. As he mentioned to a friend of mine at Stanford once: The main goal at Apple is to create great computers. The secondary goal is to create enough profits as a company to be able to continue doing that first goal....
11:17:08 December 12, 2003, Friday (PST) Source: Jim Coyer's Weblog