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Through Kingston, Picton, Markham, and Richmond Hill
Late start in the morning. Heavy snowfall. Difficult driving conditions on the 416. Lots of accidents. I got pictures. Cleared up pretty much by the time we got to Kingston. Marc's made progress on his house. Got a lot of pictures of his family, and of Caresse in particular. Stopped off at Marc's parents' place in Picton to drop off a diaper disposal gadget. Clear drive into Toronto, but we were concerned about the time we would have to browse at the show. In the end, we decided not to go to the Saturday show and save our money for just one day (Sunday). Staybridge Suites in Markham. Had some difficulty finding the place. Saw ATI's new headquarters. First time in a Staybridge Suites, and now I've managed to experience four out of the 6 hotel chains in the InterContinental Hotels Group. Experimented with the net access options in the hotel room. There are 3 official options given in the hotel directory.. Heh, the very first page of the hotel directory book is how to get internet ...
23:55:55 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: TheGS Blogs
Linux Lesson of the Day
Here it is, your Linux Lesson of the Day: Do not attempt to remotely restart sshd after making configuration changes....
23:39:13 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: ed.hunsinger.org
how men screw up romance
Whoever came to my site searching for information about this either knows something I don't, or is misinformed. Thank you....
23:27:06 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: SimpleWeblog
things to be thankful for, a partial list: good roommates someone to cook with good days at work family you...
23:23:03 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: SimpleWeblog
23:15:35 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: RAA
30 Nov 2003
Well it's another thanksgiving. I actually took the trouble to get up at 5:45 and see if I can pick up any good deals. I picked up a new tv for the bedroom and some bathroom furniture. The prices were negligible though. What a rat race though. Next time I'm going to Frys! :-) I also started putting the home lights. Being on the roof is no fun. One thing not to do is to use your pocket pc as a mp3 player. The damn thing kept changing volumes, run other programs it was a pain in the ass. GNOME - Well I've been trying to hack rhythmbox for awhile and trying to add this one feature I wanted. The codebase isn't that hard to learn but working with some of the routines can be kinda confusing. All I was trying to do was add some tooltip loving and it looks like it might actually be easy to do. Today I finally figured out the part of the code that will do it. Admittedly I didn't have to try too hard it took me about 25 minutes to figure what was going on. I hope to get it up and going ...
23:04:24 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Advogato diary for sri
learning to play poker
I spent the evening playing five card draw with my husband. He has been teaching me to play poker. He's winning more chips than I am, but it seems to be due to luck as opposed to aggressive playing. He...
23:01:16 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: making sense of it
Shotguns & Pickup Trucks Coyote Hunt
Shotguns & Pickup Trucks Coyote Hunt
22:50:33 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Ted Ritzer: Endangered Species
Orange SPV e200 First Impressions
22:22:00 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: James Clarke Blog
Returning To A Not So Sunny-vale
I returnted home today from my southwest/midwest jaunt that lasted 8 days. My body is all screwed up for some reason. I have been feeling out-of-whack since Thursday morning and I can't seem to shake this disease. I think I've got a case of the over-indulgence-coupled-with-no-sleep syndrome going on. It makes a moderate amount of sense considering I got ridiculously hammered on Wednesday night, ate a load of junk food and a huge turkey dinner on Thursday and Friday had some Chicago style deep-dish pizza. I'm going out on a limb here but I think that the Taco Bell I had for dinner today didn't really help the situation that much. Tomorrow I have to unpack my bag and start packing up my room. Between all that I want to eat a lot of fruits and do a lot of laundry. Those goals are not unattainable for the normal human however for someone lazy like myself, I'm setting the bar pretty high....
22:18:39 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: aisle seat wisdom
cf. Marvin the Paranoid Android
It's sort of like a message in a bottle. Okay, granted, a very intelligent bottle, with pinpoint-precision guidance systems, but...
22:17:35 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: mongoosedog.net
EOE/M/F/D/VSummary: Develops/tests electro-mechanical assemblies and products by performing the following duties. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: This is a mechanical engineering assignment responsible for the performance verification of printer sub-assemblies such as a high capacity paper input tray and multipurpose tray. Follow up and solve issues relating to product acoustics and power consumption. Oversees engineering life cycle of printer products including architecture, design, and implementation. Make modifications to product prototypes as necessary. Works closely with quality assurance in identifying design issues and building fixes for them. Minimum qualifications/Experience: Bachelor's Degree in ME plus 2 years related experience or Master degree plus 1 year experience or PhD. Additional Qualifications: In-depth knowledge and application of engineering principles, concepts. Broad-based function and business knowledge. Experience in design and testing of printers ...
22:15:51 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Recent ID Jobs Posted
Happy birthday to me....
22:15:45 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: bits & pieces
7200RPM Laptop Drives
22:14:00 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: James Clarke Blog
MOVIE - BAD SANTA - Review Rating $$$$$ (OUT OF 10) STARRING - Billy Bob Thornton ( ...
(MOVIE - BAD SANTA - Review Rating $$$$$ (OUT OF 10) STARRING - Billy Bob Thornton ( Willie T. Soke), Tony Cox (Marcus), Bernie Mac (Gin Slagel), Lauren Graham (Sue), John Ritter (Store manager), ...)
MOVIE - BAD SANTA - Review Rating $$$$$ (OUT OF 10) STARRING - Billy Bob Thornton ( Willie T. Soke), Tony Cox (Marcus), Bernie Mac (Gin Slagel), Lauren Graham (Sue), John Ritter (Store manager), Brett Kelly (The Kid) & Cloris Leachman (Grandma). DIRECTOR - Terry Zwigoff (Crumb, Ghost World & Louie Bluie) Bad Santa is an adult version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas without any redeeming charm. Bad Santa, in stark contrast to this year's other Holiday comedy Elf, is unable to sustain the potential humour of its premise from beginning to end. Bad Santa more closely resembles Intolerable Cruelty, another recent comedy that had only one mildly comedic note. This shared failing, both films were coincidentally produced by the Coen Brothers, may have a lot to do with the fact that the central characters in these movies are so loathsome and shallow to begin with. The notion of a drunken bum playing Santa Claus may well be funny but the character has very limited comedic appeal over and ...
22:13:36 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Iggy's Movie Reviews Weblog
Longhorn intallation struggles
It has been a long struggle today to get Longhorn installed on a new box. I purchased this box because I wanted to install Longhorn on a dedicated drive. My plans were to run Longhorn on a SATA drive spinning at 10,000 rpms. This would be a second drive in a box already running an ATA 100 7200 rpm drive. Ya, you want to know every thing in this box don't ya (you know you’re a geek when..). Ok, even if you didn't ask I would have to hold you down and tell you anyways. But wait what drove me to build a new system? There I was at PDC, with "the goods" in hand and a nice Lattitude C810. A half gig of ram, a ripping fast 5,400 rpm drive, and enough battery life to get me almost three quarters the way through a PDC session. I had my copy of VMWare 4.0 and I was ready to install the bits. Kind of disappointing, "yes". I didn't look promising. I saw a few dell 8600 Inspirons running around the conference. I even met a guy that had one outfitted with the 7200 rpm drives. I really want one ...
22:07:57 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: IdendityCrisis
Going A Little Light On The Holidays
After spending all day hanging these, is it any wonder that they were still on my mind for posting? Finally being in our own house, I thought it would be nice to decorate it like we want to decorate...
22:01:00 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Tony's Photo of the Day
Entourage Browser 1.0b6
Entourage Browser X (FolderFly™ for Entourage) is an Entourage folder utility that allows custom scheduled or manual backup of user-selected folders. Create as many scheduled routines as you would like by cloning "browser daemons". You can also browse mail messages without actually "opening" them in Entourage, archive attachments and generally get a hold on your growing message folders. Supports POP/IMAP/Hotmail account types.<P> Backup to cross-app .mbox files or to native Entourage export format. Integrate .mbox archives with your OSX text indexing and search tools to make historical email instantly available. The "browser daemons" are launched by Entourage rules -- so you have all the native Entourage X flexibility and power for sorting mail into organized folders.<P> <b>Version upgrades include:</b><br> - Fixed timeout error when archiving folders with thousands of messages.<br> - Added selective backup of messages based on months and days.
22:00:01 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: scriptbuilders @ macscripter.net
HR Admin Support (Toronto, ON)
Entry Level - H R Administrative Assistant.Did you work in the staffing business? Want to try your luck in Manufacturing? This may be your in. Entry level Admin Support for HR Manager.Compose assorted documents pertaining to the Human Resources and Production departments.Assist in the recruiting needs for the continued operations of the company.Co-ordinate pre-placement medical appointments.Data entry of payroll into an ADP system.Prepare, circulate and post meeting minutes in a timely manner.Type - production performance reviews, job descriptions, policies & procedures. Responsible for maintaining HR programs e.g. birthday, protective equipment reimbursement, service awards. etc.Maintain the communications board on a daily basis.Assist with the coordination of production training and maintaining training matrix.Assist both Production and H.R Manager in the preparation for the monthly employee meetings as well as the monthly POR. Qualifications:Post secondary education in ...
21:59:03 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Recent ON Jobs Posted
Streaming Media (like math) is hard
I spent the last 24 hours pretty much non-stop, in front of my computer, trying to get a functional live streaming media system running on my computer. Much to my disappointment, I have not been able to do so. The catch is that the system mustUse Linux as the primary serverSpit out a stream that is viewable on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSXNot use any pirate softwareTall order eh? Here is what failed horribly:ffmpeg/ffserver would crash after only 30 seconds. The site states that ffserver is broken, and will be fixed "real soon now"Darwin Streaming Server won't even start the included demo streams. MP3 seems to work though...Video Lan Client has an inpenetrable language, and segfaults continuously (on my otherwise reliable gentoo box). Still, shows the most promiseWhere does this leave me? Poring over the protocol analysis tool Ethereal trying to grok enough info to write my own server in Python. Wish me luck!
21:52:08 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: http://enki.cthuugle.com/
<a title="Jen is making this with snazzy gifts, and I want to make some too!" ...
(<a title="Jen is making this with snazzy gifts, and I want to make some too!" href="http://www.j-mo.com/archives/001498.php">Homemade Kahlua ... yummy!</a>)
Homemade Kahlua ... yummy! Jen is making this with snazzy gifts, and I want to make some too!...
21:27:51 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Cookie Crumbs
ProgrammerMainframeAssembler (Sioux Falls, SD)
Analytical SkillsAssemblerC/370 LanguageDB2MVS UtilitiesMainframe ExperienceProblem Solving SkillsProgramming ExperienceSystems AnalysisVM UtilitiesCobol
21:21:56 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Recent SD Jobs Posted
Home Water
There's a river not too far from my house I like to fish. It flows down from the high meadows of the Sierra, through several dams used for flood control...
21:03:53 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: CampinGuy.com
New York
20:56:00 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: James Clarke Blog
Another experiment in photoblogging. After spending the day bashing my head against Gallery , with little success, I took another look out there for something that would easily let me...
20:54:58 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: bradblog
Odds and Ends
Solich has been fired. No thanks to the Buffs. Ralphie wouldn't run. Bloom might be gone for good. Hackett and McCoy are in the record books. Keep drinking. It isn't any prettier today than it was yesterday....
20:22:24 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Buffs.tv - Colorado Buffalo Football
Mom Always Says...
Don't goof around by holding a cup of coffee over your wife's head. You'll only spill it on her. He did. It spilled.
20:07:45 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: HopeLyn
...and what has gone on since...
Thanksgiving. Hope everyone's was good. We saw snow fall, in Nashville. Nothing stuck, not even to vehicles... but it was...
20:02:40 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: http://www.yarbroughs.org/
i for one welcome our new robot overlords....
i for one welcome our new robot overlords....
19:59:11 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Luke's Mobile Blog
daikamyama (sp?)...
daikamyama (sp?)...
19:55:46 November 29, 2003, Saturday (PST) Source: Luke's Mobile Blog