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Thanksgiving With Chari & The Princess
We're having eight people total [including ourselves] in attendance for our Thanksgiving feast this year. Normally, it's a completely estrogen-powered, lesbian-oozed festivity [heh]. But this year, one of our friends is bringing along a male friend. He's gay, so at least it won't be completely wonky for him -- or us. We've been on the South Beach Diet for just over eight days now. I've lost six pounds I didn't know I had found, and The Princess has lost a few as well. She didn't weigh herself prior to our starting, so it's difficult to say, other than she's feeling lighter and her smaller clothes are becoming loose. For those of you with diabetes, this diet is absolutely fantastic for controlling your blood sugars. I can't say with complete assurance for those of you with Type 2, but for Type 1, it's just short of a miracle. The Princess barely has to give any insulin for her meals now, actually, she gives one unit. ONE UNIT! Amazing. She hasn't gone way high or way low... she's ...
06:55:57 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: TECHFLUID
Only In Madison
Only in Madison can you come in to work in November and read the overnight operations report and see this: "I received a report that there was a patron dressed up in a giant cat costume digging through garbage cans. I found him in der Stiftskeller sifting through the trash and asked him to leave, which he did." I'm so glad we moved back.
06:55:02 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: HopeLyn
US House overwhelmingly passes antispam bill Some think it's for the best, some don't but at least it's a step...
06:48:41 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Creative Librarian
They're. Still. Talking. About. Flags.
They're. Still. Talking. About. Flags.
06:44:42 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Matthew Garrett
Taxed out
Helmcken & Hornby 4:32 PM on 24 November 2003 I photographed this from inside my car right after I...
06:44:42 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: abstrusities.com
06:40:23 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: propagandism.net
Dundalk, TCASU
Amusingly enough I am working again with my ex colleague who grew up in Dundalk. Dundalk is the town in Ireland where I went to "They Came And Shaved Us" a few weeks ago. If you have any stories to tell about your time in Dundalk then write them in a comment here. CheersALex
06:34:47 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Alex McLintock's personal log
an activist spa
weeklong intensive training camps for activists:Participants split their time between theoretical/ strategic workshops focusing on a wide array of advanced campaign skills and hands-on technical training in tactics for nonviolent demonstrations. The objective of each Action camp is to provide participants with the opportunity to share strategies, facilitate leadership development, and build relationships that will help to spawn more collaboration in the form of alliance, networks, and coalitions.they also have a techie camp.
06:28:46 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Aimée's Blog
Yeah, I'm still here. Lots to get adjusted to back at the office, it seems we're finally making some headway...
06:27:20 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Stu says stuff
Government as a Web App
Richard Gayle offers his thoughts on e-government: I'll bet that most of us have a similar vision of e-government. Once you describe government as a web app, the rest is mostly details. All fifteen of us could sit down and sketch it out on a couple of flip chart sheets. But to implement it, we need to cajole the bureaucrats out of their bureaus. Many, maybe most of government employees could be replaced by a well-designed web app. The big cost of government is not the payroll, but the programs that bureaucrats dream up to justify their job/program/department. If only the bureaucrats would cooperate, an IT SWAT Team could design that web app in #1. I have a hard time seeing it as that simple, at least in the state government with which I am most familiar. The prototypical "bureaucrat" that Gayle describes represents a fraction of all government employees. They are also road maintenance crew workers, highway patrolmen, correctional workers, health and human services caseworkers, ...
06:24:39 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: David Fletcher: eGovernment
eco on-line resource
<a href="http://www.ecomall.com/">ecomall</a> is an earth friendly resource on the net, for shopping and information.
06:14:18 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Aimée's Blog
Over 3000 Acronyms and Glossary Items
Windows Hardware and Driver Central maintains a comprehensive and informative glossary. I think they are useful for developers as well. You can also download Excel file for off-line reference. It is also easier this way to know how many items it covers. (This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.)
06:12:28 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Zhanbo Sun's Blog: Realize .NET Potential
Swizzle-Stick update
The idea isn't new or original, but it's nothing I've ever done before. I was reading Rolling Stone magazine and...
06:08:26 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Atomic Ned
What do Elrond (Lord of the Rings) and Agent Smith (The Matrix) have in comon
Well, they are both played by the same actor, the Australian actor Hugo Weaving. A point was raised by a...
05:58:39 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Moving on
Evolution Bounties
The first GNOME Desktop Bounty Hunt is up and running. Many of the bounties are Evolution related, so take a look and hack away (even if its not bounty related!). The Evolution team has also proposed that evolution be included in the GNOME 2.6 Desktop release. The full announcement is here. Additionally, we have a project website up at http://www.gnome.org/projects/evolution
05:56:52 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Evolution Blog
Catching Up
Back to Radio Userland for blogging after excursions to Blogger and iBlog. Blogger remains a good alternative for blogging from multiple computers (the blog itself stays on the Web), but Radio Userland has better support for file manipulation. iBlog will be good when it supports a news reader. That's why the hiatus.
05:53:26 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Pickwick Pixels: Jesse Feiler's Weblog
Dogs and Cats living together... Mass Hysteria!!!
Or rather Webwork and Spring. Apparently someone else besides me thought combining Webwork (a best of breed web tier solution) with Spring (a best of breed lightweight component container) would be a cool idea. I can't wait to try this out. I have a lot of custom code I'm dying to throw out.
05:52:27 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Roller-based Site
You can keep your Nostradamus, Blake and Book of Revelation. It's The End of the World. You've probably seen it before. Everyone keeps emailing it to me. For some reason.
05:49:54 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Single Blend Blog
Fyrsti snjórinn.
Það var ótrúlega fallegt um að litast í gamla miðbænu kl. 8 í morgun. Allt á kafi í snjó! Alvöru snjó sem að brakaði í þegar maður steig niður. Ég hafði ekki glóru um hvernig veðrið væri þegar ég æddi...
05:49:47 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Kizuland
a little motion sickness
On the weekend I went to three different stores trying to find the Simpson’s Hit and Run game for my...
05:33:54 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Life as a Stranger
I Saw God and I Killed It
I Saw God and I Killed It There are two very distint crowds that play games, the 'casual gamer' and the 'hard core gamer' - or at least thats what the gaming industry says. There is probably a third category of 'I want to be a hard core gamer but I'm an adult and have a life'. We'll talk about that some other time. In any event, the casual and the hard core. I consider myself to be fairly hard core, only because I (a) love playing games, and (b) play them a lot. But I saw the true die hards last week, and I saw just how little the gaming industry understands some of them. Ghenwivar writes 'On monday November 17th, in the most amazing and exciting battle ever, Ascending Dawn, Wudan and Magus Imperialis Magicus defeated Kerafyrm, also known as The Sleeper, for the first time ever on an EverQuest server. The fight lasted approximatively 3 hours and about 170-180 players from Rallos Zek's top 3 guilds were involved. Hats off to everyone who made this possible and put aside their ...
05:26:38 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Corante: Got Game blog
So – I have enjoyed my first full weekday of blissful unemployment, but that is not ...
( So – I have enjoyed my first full weekday of blissful unemployment, but that is not why I am writing. I will be breaking my rabbit-food fast for long enough to indulge in the least French ...)
So – I have enjoyed my first full weekday of blissful unemployment, but that is not why I am writing. I will be breaking my rabbit-food fast for long enough to indulge in the least French Thanksgiving ever, with my family, in Cape Cod of all places. There will be neither a goose nor a foie-gras-stuffed prune in sight. But that is not why I’m writing, either. No, I am writing because, as many of you so correctly guessed, we do indeed have a new family member at the Powell household. You’re going to love this: Weighing in at 102 pounds, a champion shedder, gentleman to felines, terror to squirrels, a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll, all lover – it’s Robert the Dog! A German Shepherd – Rottweiller (?) – Mastiff (?) mix of heroic proportions. He is the perfect dog, notwithstanding the fact that he seems to have made an entire chicken carcass evaporate from the trashcan. We are all quite in love. Now. I haven’t bathed in quite some time, and it’s almost time for me to head ...
05:23:23 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: The Julie/Julia Project
Items to play with
If you haven't been back to the GNE lately, it's time to go right now!!! Items are back! Karma is...
04:50:56 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Paper Lane
First Look Inside State's WMD Emergency Stockpile Center
Another first for Eyewitness News: The first-ever look inside New York's secret weapons of mass destruction emergency center.
04:38:44 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: WABC The Investigators headlines
www.asp.net gets RSS
Yes -- www.asp.net has finally jumped onto the RSS bandwagon. We are now sending out the article feed -- I'm subscribed http://www.asp.net/modules/articleRss.aspx?count=7&mid=64
04:29:00 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Brian Goldfarb's Blog
Mars und Jupiter
Planeten des Sturms
04:17:30 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: N24 - Dokumentationen
Our book is out!
As amazing as it may have seemed a year ago, our book Java Open Source Programming : with XDoclet, JUnit, WebWork, Hibernate has finally been released. Yes that’s right folks, with only a credit card and a little bit of...
04:16:21 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: rebelutionary
CssStyleCollection is case sensitive
Just a short note to those who are messing with a control's CssStyleCollection behind the Style property... Even tho css style property names are case insensitive according to the css spec, the CssStyleCollection is case sensitive with it's keys. Therefore the following:<script runat="server" language="c#" > protected void Page_Load( Object sender, EventArgs e ) { Result.Text = "Foo"; Result.Style["COLOR"] = "BLUE"; Result.Style["color"] = "red"; } </script> <html><body><form runat="server" > <asp:Label runat="server" Id="Result" /> </form></body></html> Results in the following style:<span id="Result" style="COLOR:BLUE;color:red;">Foo</span> Personally, I think this is rather... wrong. In case you want to know why this matters... I came across it while trying to transfer the “grid layout” style properties that vstudio makes from one control's style to another's. Vstudio uses uppercase style declarations, which, apparently and unfortunately, matters.
04:07:00 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Andy Smith's Blog
I am moving my weblog to GALANG.ORG for I intend to use williegalang.com for a totally different purpose. Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls to http://www.galang.org/. You may continue to use ‘Willie Galang’ as your link text.For now, the existing...
04:03:53 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: WillieGalang.com
Inkha, the Roboceptionist
In "Robo-receptionist clocks on," Nature tells us the story of Inkha, a robot which greets guests of King's College London (KCL) and adds artificial intelligence to the front desk.
04:01:02 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends