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Langone a gocce (balsamiche)
Francesco M.Del vigo [1] sent this email to you through the blogs.it [2] community server, re this page [3]. Sottoscrivo in pieno la scottante necessità di dar vita ad un "langone fans club". I tempi sono ormai maturi per ordinare le file degli accoliti del Langone-pensiero... Alta e' la voglia di "Bassa". Da quietare con 5 Giorni Balsamici (poi sara' blog, fortissimamente). Come vedete, le fila del primo Fan Club di Camillo Langone si ingrossano. Ora siamo in 3, sempre che gli altri sopravvivano alla mordace realta': Sabato 29 Novembre il vostro umile coordinatore qui, si pregera' della compagnia di colui che l'universo-mondo ritiene il piu langoniano tra gli emendatori della tradizione letteraria del Viaggio in Italia. Camillo Langone - HIMSELF. PS: Invidiosi! 
15:09:20 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Massimobernardi
Apples and Orange's
The so-called grocer's apostrophe, where it is used incorrectly in plurals, is one of the most common mistakes made by native speakers in English. Why is it that something so simple causes so many problem? The apostrophe only has two...
14:59:16 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: English (ESL) Weblog
<h5>Live and Wireless at the Great Alaska Shootout</h5>
This is one of those days where my job is totally fun!!! GCI has installed a free 802.11b wireless network for the Shootout and I'm a test driver. This is so cool! As I type, I'm at the official scorer's table about three feet away from the Seton Hall men's team who are running the floor. Those guys are big, fast, and scary when they're thundering by only inches away... We setup a wide open network configured in the following manner: One Cable Modem connected to the... Network side of a Nomadix Universal Subscriber Gateway. A small five port ethernet switch is connected to the subscriber side of the Nomadix box. Three Ethernet cables are run from the switch to three different wireless access points deployed on the arena main floor, the press room, and the VIP lounge. Access is free and wide open. The Nomadix box provides the IP address (via DHCP). When folks connect, the Nomadix box walks them through a few simple login steps (with a GCI splash screen of course!) and then the user ...
14:59:12 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Stephanie A. Kesler: Adventures in Technology
A Raw Deal for All
Funny thing. I do some of my best thinking in the shower, and this morning I wondered what Ron Paul...
14:57:06 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: WOIFM
So as everyone can tell. I dont post that much in fact I am seriously thinking about ...
(So as everyone can tell. I dont post that much in fact I am seriously thinking about giving this up since I have web space and the only reason why I do post is so that my sidebar dont get...)
So as everyone can tell. I dont post that much in fact I am seriously thinking about giving this up since I have web space and the only reason why I do post is so that my sidebar dont get...
14:53:07 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: dustedanddisgusted.com
Jones Soda Rules
I love Jones Soda. I think they are branding geniuses. In fact, I think Jones is the model for any...
14:49:47 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Gary Stein
Use of Latin
While you can probably get a away with some Latin, the excessive use of this old tounge is bound to turn off most non-lawyer and lawyer readers alike. Take the time to decipher Latin phrases for your readers. Here are...
14:49:06 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: blogbook.org
I guess its been a while since I posted...
14:48:42 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: dustedanddisgusted.com
Legal Terms v. Legal Jargon
There's nothing wrong with using legal language in a legal blog. Legal Terms like verdict, conviction, attorney, litigation, liability, plaintiff, defendant, perjury, legislation, and infringement are all words that reside in the collective usage. Once you move beyond the usual...
14:47:51 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: blogbook.org
Nuevas tendencias jugueteras
Se acercan las Navidades y los espacios publicitarios de las mañanas de fin de semana se llenan de anuncios flipados de juguetes. Como soy un inmaduro, cuando se acaba la publicidad en un canal, cambio a otro para seguir viéndola. Después de un rato he llegado a ciertas conclusiones sobre la dirección que ha tomado la industria juguetera. Acompañadas de algunos escaneos de catálogo de juguetes.Vuelven los He-Mans y los Transformers Los nuevos muñecos de los Masters del universo están muy bien. Por fin ponen piernas diferentes y no se limitan a poner las mismas cambiando sólo el color. Van en la dirección de juguetes para coleccionistas estilo McFarlane Toys. También están a la venta un nuevo castillo de Greyskull con cuatro paredes y la espada de He-Man, la que nunca usaba, a tamaño real. Mucho mejores que los de la última y horrible serie de He-Man chungo-futurista hace unos años. En cuanto a los de Transformers: Armada, molan las reediciones en metal que han hecho de las figuras ...
14:42:59 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: hipocondría demagógica
Writing for the sake of writing
The walls are plastered with pop culture memorabilia which at one time must have represented American culture but now represents the infinitely simpler concept of American nostalgia. An orange, having been promoted from his old job promoting citrus fruit, beams out from behind beautifully rusted oilcans, farm implements, and auto parts also in the business of creating a marketable atmosphere. A tarnished Lion’s Club sign along with a boxy black camera and a couple of barber shop totems also add to the effect. Smiling wait-staff, and I’ve never seen such high-power grinnage even for tips, hurry through the paths between tables in their wide array of unusual hats. They serve burgers and other dishes with tastes that bludgeon more than caress the taste-buds. Beat heavy hip hop music provides a slightly fun, but slightly urgent background rhythm. All of this comes to be associated with the thick diagonal strips of bold red and white that emblazon the tabletops, uniforms, and the “old ...
14:40:33 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: The Dynamic Duo
hardware design dev engineer (Boise, ID)
EOE/M/F/D/VSummary: Develops/tests electro-mechanical assemblies and products by performing the following duties. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: This is a mechanical engineering assignment responsible for the performance verification of printer sub-assemblies such as a high capacity paper input tray and multipurpose tray. Follow up and solve issues relating to product acoustics and power consumption. Oversees engineering life cycle of printer products including architecture, design, and implementation. Make modifications to product prototypes as necessary. Works closely with quality assurance in identifying design issues and building fixes for them. Minimum qualifications/Experience: Bachelor's Degree in ME plus 2 years related experience or Master degree plus 1 year experience or PhD. Additional Qualifications: In-depth knowledge and application of engineering principles, concepts. Broad-based function and business knowledge. Experience in design and testing of printers ...
14:38:33 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Recent ID Jobs Posted
Printers Starting to Change Sales Strategy
After spending years turning out the same products, the three major players in the inkjet market have now decided to go their separate ways. The new Canon printer has a raft of extra modules making it a bit like a tank, the HP has an LCD screen and integrated photo retouching, and the Epson has gone for cost-effectiveness with new ink and a model at half the price of the others. So which of them is right?"
14:27:31 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Gary Secondino's Weblog
Let's Hear Some Noise!
Well, Friday's game is officially sold out. The last tickets were sold yesterday afternoon sometime according to the CU Ticket Office. Of the approximately 53,000 available, the standard 3,850 went to the University of Nebraska. Account for the fact that Husker fans probably scooped up some of the 1,400 tickets made a available to the general public and ad a dash of scalped tickets... and estimates out of the University put about 5,000 red-coats in the stands. So, Buff faithful,...
14:26:50 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Buffs.tv - Colorado Buffalo Football
Thanks for the Limerick, Kelly!
A surly old grump named John Lyon Said "Don't look here for a shoulder to cry on." "My child's a delight, but I'm up half the night Looking for something so I can....damn, I got nothin."
14:26:23 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: ::JELyon's Rampage::
Are Children Getting a Dose of Dangerous Fumes on the Ride to School?
Every day in New York State two million children ride a school bus to school, exposing them to potentially dangerous diesel exhaust.There are millions of dollars available to help with this problem, but so far most of it is not being spent. Education Reporter Celeste Ford reports.
14:26:13 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: WABC Our Schools headlines
Word Choice / Syntax
If someone were to come up with a Manual of Style for general blogs, the section on Word Choice would probably be quite short: "Say whatever's on your mind, Fitzgerald." However, we (I) propose that Legal Blogs should be held...
14:21:53 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: blogbook.org
Some recent quickies
It has been a long time since I had a minute to come up for air. With the holidays coming up and with the recent Sputnik release, I've finally got a chance to briefly point to some things that I think are important: Dave Winer writes on protecting the net Chris Lydon interviews Joe Trippi Joi Ito gets cranky Ross Dawson's blog on Living Networks Steven Johnson explains all about Technorati Breaking News
14:19:09 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Sifry's Alerts
What are your thoughts on de-publishing? De-publishing is removing posts from your site after they've been proven wrong, foolish or defamatory. My $.02: I think de-publishing is acceptable when it's done for liability purposes. It's also ok if you've flamed...
14:12:19 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: blogbook.org
Trendsetting tech elite choose the 'red pill'
By Elizabeth Armstrong Folks at the PEW Internet & American Life Project sent me a report released earlier this week on the habits of the "trendsetting technology elite" in America, basing their findings on the 1,677 adults (18 and older)...
14:11:53 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: csmonitor.com | ScitechBlog
Electricity Cap
Ontario government to lift electricity cap. Goes into effect April 1. Hmmm... maybe I CAN keep the hot tub running this winter.
14:08:24 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Alec Saunders: Alec Saunders .LOG: Canada
RSS: Sneaking into government PR
Friend, fellow flack and co-blogger Colin McKay over at Canuckflack points out that the Government of Canada's central newsroom provides RSS 2.0 feeds of all government announcements, divided conveniently into subject areas. This is very, very cool, and a model for other jurisdictions to follow. Next step: Let's start implementing the XPRL standard!...
13:59:18 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Engage
Ég er ekki feministi, en... öööö.... ja, hérna, ég man ekkert hvað ég ætlaði að hella úr mér! Það kanski poppar aftur upp seinna... hehh, en þá hafiði það, ég er ekki feministi. :-S...
13:54:29 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Kizuland
Student Government memories...
When I was a student at the University of New Orleans, I held a number of positions in Student Government, including President of the College of Education. We used to have a lot of fun at our Student Congress meetings....
13:47:27 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: YatPundit
Local Government and Public Libraries:
The decade of the 1990’s saw dramatic development in the library services provided by Utah’s local governments. As the year 2003 comes to a close, it is useful to look at the role of local governments with regard to public library service in Utah. It has been an eventful year in which the State Legislature, state and local officials, and the library community have been engaged in intense deliberations and actions that mark an important adjustment in the continuing evolution of public library governance in the state. more
13:42:42 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: News and Features
using HEAD requests
I've just discovered a critical flaw in 99% of all RSS readers out there: Becau
13:42:17 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: peerkat at Yahoo! Groups
Where's Storm?
Want to know where Storm is today? If he'll be on the mountain, or which mountain you can find him at? Well now you can! We'll announce Storm's location just below his picture in the right hand column on this page on all his training and regularly scheduled duty days. Due to the nature of Search and Rescue, it may not always be possible to announce if Storm is participating in a real Search and/or Rescue while that mission is in progress; but we'll do our best to report back after the fact, if it's possible for us to do...
13:32:44 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: K9NSP
Japanese displayed wrong in parts of customize dialogs
Some items in the customize dialogs do not display Japanese correctly.1. Customer Keyboard dialog font is not the font set for the toolbar.2. No localization for Modify Selection menu.3. List on Toolbars tab cannot display Japanese.4. Commands list on Commands tab cannot display Japanese.Should these be working? I am using v2.5.0.84.Edit:Also, I think there is no localization for "Add or Remove Buttons".I can send screenshots if that would help.ThanksAlan
13:25:11 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: ActiveBar Support
A quote from a friend....
"Everything in the world is either something you control, something someone else controls, or something no one controls. That means, at best? Only 1/3 of the time are you in the driver's seat of your own life." -- tjournal
13:23:49 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: Funky Helix
*hic* - I mean, *click*...
13:23:07 November 25, 2003, Tuesday (PST) Source: I just got tired of it, is all