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"The University Role in the eLearning Industry: Starts, Stops, and Missing Pieces"
I just attended this lecture at the Center for Studies in Higher Education at Berkeley. The speaker was Gary Matkin, the Dean of Continuing Education and University Extension at UC Irvine. I don't have a copy of the slides he used for this presentation, but many of them were from this previous presentation: "University Teaching as E-Business?: Research and Policy Agendas". There were two, big messages that I got from this lecture. First, both universities and the e-learning industry of which they are a part need to focus more on the end user. They must study and surface user needs in order to segment the market into logical groups. Then, they will be able to design systems to meet the needs of those particular segments. Creating a generic e-learning platform and expecting people to flock to it (the if-you-build-it-they-will-come model) has proven to be a recipe for failure. The other important issue dealt with learning object repositories. Apart from the question of how to define a ...
14:47:57 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: janelee News
The Next Generation, Educational Technology Professional
You can't escape your past. No matter how hard I try to focus on other industries and fields, education always beckons. Sometimes I wonder if the reason all of my projects involve education is because I used to be a teacher and that's what I know or because education is really my true calling. After four years of teaching high school math, I discovered that I did not want to deal with classroom management. I thought that perhaps education was not the profession for me. What I have realized here at IU and SIMS is that there may be a place for me in education other than on the front lines. One of the biggest issues that I see in high school education is that schools my have technology, but they don't know how to take advantage of its potential. Simply handing a student or teacher a computer will not miraculously transform his or her educational experience. There is an important role for computers and technology in education, but this role needs to be studied and developed with care. ...
14:47:57 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: janelee News
Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP
The W3C has a discussion note about how RDF can be used to describe photos. I have a problem with this. A few weeks ago, I wrote about "Why EXIF is so Important." The discussion note doesn't factor in EXIF...
14:47:42 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: manalang.com
Longhorn needs a "Go Live License"
The “Go Live License“ for ASP.NET was a great thing. Here's a post from an old blog by Scott Guthrie as well as a mention in an interview with Eric Rudder. While Scott talks about how the “Go Live License“ showed how much confidence Microsoft had in the technology, what I mostly recall was the relief at being able to use beta code in a real system without having to worry about the Microsoft “license police“. Actually, I don't even know if they have a “license police“ <g>, but since I was working on the .NET Framework team at that time, the last thing I wanted was to get “busted” for using beta code publicly. Thinking much further back, I also recall the excitement around the buildup to the Windows 95 launch (I actually wrote a peripheral piece of that product as well). Of course, back then much of communication took place on a private CompuServe forum and it's probably impossible to build an online community today with such a high “signal to noise“ ratio. Still, there were a number ...
14:47:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Keith Pleas Blog
Church Sign Generator
Yet another great software innovation: you can now have your very own church sign....
14:46:14 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: JML's Observations
Avalon is a Luxury item
Let's face it. Everyone needs WinFS. Searching for data in Windows is a pain. Most developers need Indigo. The ASMX/EnterpriseServices/Remoting thing is too confusing and selecting one is hard, and we need better tools to move distributed computing forward. We really don't need Avalon. I love it, but we can live with our gray Windows Forms. Avalon is like driving a Ferrari. It's quite high in the 'computing Maslow pyramid'. Avalon is a luxury item. In some countries you'll need to pay more taxes for using it ;). Update: I probably mean Aero and not Avalon. I'm referring to the supercool-looking UI.
14:42:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Andres Aguiar's Weblog
Whidbey: ExStencil folder found. Activate M2.5 Features found. Huh?
Okay, So Jeff Key found the folder containing expansion files. How do we make our own expansion stencil files and get them to register in with Whidbey? Am I an idiot, or does this not work yet? (Yes, I know, two separate questions) Also, can anyone tell me what the heck “Activate M2.5 Features” means under “Code focused development” in the VS options dialog? (Go to Tools | Options, select Text Editor | C# | Miscelaneous). The help for this option property page states (and this is the full text, other than the “pre-release documentation“ disclaimer and useless see-also links) The Miscellaneous property page, in the C# folder of the Text Editor folder of the Options (Tools menu) dialog box contains the following properties: Yep. That's it. Almost as helpful as the “How-To” on creating your own expansions for VS.NET Whidbey (see Jeff's post)
14:35:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Philip Rieck
It's been too long since I have last written. Unfortunately with my new position at work, my attempt at training...
14:32:49 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: quietflower
Redhat, Fedora and common questions
There's been quite a bit of confusion lately about just what redhat is up to with fedora core, how it...
14:29:16 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: http://www.koziarski.net/
P2P buddies: Napster and Penn State
By Elizabeth Armstrong Oh, to be in college today. So much music, so easy to search for, so quick to download, so little to pay. Kids today can use peer-to-peer services to own music they aren't paying for, and they...
14:28:49 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: csmonitor.com | ScitechBlog
Context Menu Extension for IE
Toby Simmons has created an Internet Explorer context menu extension for Zempt. After installing the program you'll be able to highlight text in Internet Explorer, right-click, and post the information through Zempt....
14:27:11 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Zempt News
The Clinton Formula
Here's an excellent interview of former President Bill Clinton by Michael Tomasky for The American Prospect. Now what we [the Democrats] should say is that they [the Republicans], not we, have brought class warfare back to America. You know, every...
14:17:37 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: manalang.com
SQL Server Profiling
I went to a SQL Server user group meeting last night. http://www.pnwsql.org/, which is actually an MSN groups page with a broken graphic link, but - hey - they're data guys, not web developers.<g> About half of 50 or so attendees were “developers“, the others “administrators“. Of course, their idea of a developer might be a bit different than ours. Still, the presentation - “SQL Server 2000 Profiler“ by Fernando Guerrero - was fascinating and had a lot to offer to us “real“ developers. My favorite insight was gained from looking at the trace information generated by a simple SqlDataAdapter.Update of a single value: A Select statement, two complete sets of parameters for every field, etc. While I can appreciate the flexibility of the SqlDataAdapter, that flexibility clearly comes at a price. Another fascinating demo was stepping through some very simple transaction code and seeing exactly what happened: Despite the transaction attribute, the transaction was not started until the ...
14:17:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Keith Pleas Blog
Spent the morning looking at Holly's accounts. Working on DPA listing by function.
Spent the morning looking at Holly's accounts. Working on DPA listing by function.
14:13:51 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: News
Tulane RB out for season
Bad news for the Green Wave: A one dimensional team just became more so. Running back Mewelde Moore has a broken bone in his left hand and will miss the rest of the regular season. The senior could play in a bowl game if Tulane becomes eligible. He was hurt in Tulane's 35-17 loss at Navy. Sophomore Jovon Jackson is expected to take Moore's place Saturday against Alabama-Birmingham.
14:10:18 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Conference USA Football - Fanblogs.com
HowTo Run IE 4, 5, 6 on the same Windows Box
(SOURCE:mezzoblue § IE x 3!)- Very cool. Wish this was simpler. QUOTEEthan, excellent find! The big news for today is that it IS possible to get multiple versions of Internet Explorer running on a single Windows box. Joe Maddalone has written up the process in detail, and while there could be a couple of tweaks to make it easier to understand, I was able to follow it and verify that, yes indeed, IE5.01, 5.5 and 6.0 can all run on the same computer. Here’s my screenshot of IE5.01 in action on an XP box normally running IE6.0. Great thinking Jon, this is exactly what we need! Now the question is, as Matt Haughey puts it, what possible explanation would keep them from releasing the simple info and making developers the world over happier to use MS products? I’m hoping to get an answer. Stay tuned. update: Luke Redpath has put together a great set of colour-coded icons for the various IE installs. UNQUOTE
14:07:31 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Roland Tanglao: WebBrowsers
Help Wanted
We need help with a Water Turbine.
13:55:20 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Molino del Duque
ObjectSpaces' performance requirements
From a comment on my “ObjectSpaces Myths” post: “However it's NOT a myth that ObjectSpaces is spec'ed to be 40% slower than DataSets, correct?” The comparison is actually not that simple. There are two basic reading from the data store scenarios: 1) Streaming and 2) Filling a cache. For Streaming, ObjectSpaces goal is to be within 30% of SqlDataReader. That is if you streamed out the same set of relation data through the SqlDataReader versus the ObjectReader, the goal is to see about a 30% performance difference. In general, this performance difference comes from the materializing of the objects and some overhead from the mapping layer. Note – if one was to materialize their own objects over the SqlDataReader, they probably won’t see a significant difference between ObjectSpaces and their custom solution. For filling the ObjectSet caches with the results of an ObjectQuery, the performance goal is to be on par with filling the DataSet from a SqlDataReader, particularly for ...
13:53:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Andrew Conrad's WebLog
Free Yourself from Conservative Talk Radio: 12 Steps to Recovery
Step 1: Admit that you were under the sway of right-wing, anti-democracy radicals. This is the first step for every conservative or "ditto-head" listener on the way to recovery. It is important to understand that the people you were listening to are not "compassionate conservatives," "Republicans," or "pillars of morality." They're right-wing conservative radicals, more interested in strong corporations than strong democracy, and you must be honest with yourself about that fact.
13:52:48 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: in my opinion...
A film creator you should know
On Sunday, October 19th this was declared to be the best high school film at the international student animation film festival held at Ottawa, Canada. The judges said they picked it for its raw energy, inventiveness and pure expression of individuality.
13:46:51 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: WLS Someone You Should Know headlines
My brother thought I might be institutionalized...
He's living near the Vatican (don't ask...it's a long story) and I hadn't returned his email, so he googled me, found my blog, and saw that I hadn't written anything in more than a month. Then my friend Fernando, a SQL guru, asks if I have another blog somewhere else. <sigh>
13:46:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Keith Pleas Blog
That's About Right
Which Founding Father Are You?...
13:43:01 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: idols of the marketplace
ciao a tutti, probabilmente qualcuno di voi si sarà domandato il motivo di tutto questo silenzio intorno ai tupamaros, niente concerti, niente news sul sito ecc ecc, beh ora possiamo dirvelo: Marco ha subito un delicatissimo intervento chirurgico e come potete immaginare questo ha fatto si che l'attività dei tupa si mettese in stand by..Ora MArco è tornato a casa e si sta riprendendo molto velocemnete quindi con molto più sollievo abbiamo deciso di comunicarvelo...Con la calma necessaria ritorneremo a suonare, ma già da ora vi preannuncio che saremo a Bologna il 13 dicembre e a Treviso il 14 (al pomeriggio) non sappiamo ancora con quale formazione suoneremo ma CERTAMENTE MARCO CI SARA' e vedervi in tanti sarà una bella sensazione... Per l'anno nuovo invece grandi novità, ci stiamo organizzando un mini tour europeo, ecco le date previste: FATIMA LOURDES MEDJUGORIE unica data italian: SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO beh adesso abbiamo anche voglia di sorridere... Ciao a tutti i tupas ci mancate ...
13:36:26 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Tupamaros Online
Small Site Change
I've changed the URL of my site from www.oceanofwords.com/weblog to simply www.oceanofwords.com. If you're linked to my site or bookmarked, you might want to update. More site changes coming soon. Note: If you can read this last sentence that means...
13:32:50 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Ocean of Words
Dave's Choice Words #0041
Words explored: biopic, brio, cavil, gravamen, and reticule.
13:32:00 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Dave's Choice Words
PDC labs
So, I downloaded the hands on labs from <a href="http://www.mymsevents.com/mymsevents/" target="_blank"> http://www.mymsevents.com/mymsevents/</a> and am going through the Whidbey ones. They are very good! Doing all of them will take an entire weekend; but that would be a really well spent weekend.
13:26:58 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: As far as I know
Deep Fryer Covers Recalled
If you're planning to deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey, be sure to check your fryer first.
13:23:41 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: KGO Recall Roundup headlines
Fly It High
Lots of talk at Calpundit on the flap over Dean's "confederate flag' statements. I, as do the candidates and pundits who criticized him, know what Dean meant. He wants to reach out to poor and working class whites of the...
13:22:50 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: idols of the marketplace
Resurgency: UPS Gambles on Judo to Undercut the Post Office
UPS is utilizing a discount program with the Post Office to extend its empire, but perhaps at a high long-term cost...
13:22:24 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Resurgency Emergency Response Marketing News
The Haul
The DaVinci Code, a book by Dan Brown Constructing your Life Philosophy Vocal Technique: a guide to finding your real voice Nissan Maxima 2000SE Indiana Jones DVD collection...
13:20:08 November 6, 2003, Thursday (PST) Source: Grok This