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Spam: The Plague of the Internet
“Spam” is the term for unsolicited commercial bulk email, this which started out a very small nuisance on the internet has grown to become something that plagues people every time they check their inbox. This spam fills up inboxes with...
05:45:06 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Blog Spam .ORG
Wolfowitz confronted by retarded liberals
I found this entry on LeanLeft.com, a leftist blog that I monitor. It's author cries that Wolfowitz claimed that if you don't agree with his interpretation of America' foreign policy, then you hate America.
05:35:56 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Krogenar's Way of the K
PDC Bloggers Reaches Dave Winer
Wow, finally a moment to post something. Its been a whirlwind week. I'll have lots more to write this week, but I just noticed one of the coolest posts from Dave Winer that references PDC Bloggers. One of our goals all along has been to increase readership for bloggers and
05:01:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: drewby.net
04:52:54 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Elephäntville ☺ finest media art since 2000
Iraq War III - Safire
William Safire's latest op-ed is a concise summary of all the reasons America should stick on in Iraq - "failure is not an option". Set aside the loss of U.S. prestige or America's credibility in dealing with other rogue nations acquiring nuclear weapons. Iraq itself would likely split apart. Shiites in the south would resist...
04:50:31 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Blogitorial
Review Falling out of Cars, by Jeff Noon,
(This is a first draft review by Alex McLintock. The full review will appear in http://news.DiverseBooks.com/ soon)Jeff Noon was one of the brightest stars of British Science Fiction though he never really admitted to writing SF. He has a strong following in SF Fandom as his books often involve fantasy versions of Britain inspired by drugs, virtual reality, curry, and Alice in Wonderland. His latest novel "Falling out of Cars" owes more than a small debt to the apocalyptic fiction of the seventies including JG Ballards Crystal World/The Drought, but thankfully not "Crash". Let me warn you now - even if it spoils the surprise - this is not a happy novel. Marlene Moore is recovering from the death of her daughter of the psychotropic disease affecting the whole of Britain (possibly the world!). Imagine the whole country half spaced out on drugs and you get the idea. It makes it difficult for her to carry on with her career as a journalist and almost impossible to drive. Whereas in ...
04:48:01 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Alex McLintock's personal log
Congrats to Bishop Gene Robinson
Congratulations Bishop, its about time The Rev. V. Gene Robinson was consecrated Sunday as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, in a grand ceremony here shadowed by protests outside and a pointed rebuke during the service of...
04:36:39 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: http://john.hoke.org/
On the Road Again
Have no fear. The webmaster, or webmeister as he prefers to be called, has decided that a road trip would...
04:36:24 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Periodic Diversions
Developer Tools Roadmap
The Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 2004-2005 not only gives you an overview of where the Microsoft Developer tools are going but, it also gives a great overview of the cool features showcased at the PDC. This is a great read to get a quick overview of some of the new features, in particular for the "Whidbey" release, as well as a brief mention about the next release of Visual Studio codenamed "Orcas".
04:35:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Blog on the run...
Wireless Network Conflicts
More and more WiFi networks are cropping up everywhere these days. If you are in an urban office building, you may notice new SSIDs cropping up in your wireless configuration. With all these waves in the air, it is becoming difficult to stay connected to your own network, when you may be picking up signals from numerous other ones in the same area. One thing you can do to remedy this situation is to change the channel that your access point and wireless cards use to communicate. This will help your hardware differentiate itself from other surrounding networks. Linksys suggests that you use channel 1 or 11 as alternates to the default (6). The idea here is that channels 1, 6 and 11 are far enough apart from each other that there is no overlap in the signals. Recently I used this fix and it worked like a charm, but it leaves me wondering how long it will be until someone else sets up on channel 1 in the same area. To change the channel on your access point, log in, and select the ...
04:32:31 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: PlexiNet
Bürgerkarte, Bankomatkarte, eCard
Heftige Diskussionen verursacht zur Zeit die Neuauflage der Ausschreibung für die österreichische Sozialversicherungskarte. Nachdem die erste Vergabe gescheitert ist wurden im zweiten Versuch die Pakete getrennt. Im zweiten Paket, dass dieser Tage ausgeschrieben werden soll, wird die Ausstattung aller Leistungsberechtigten mit einer Sozialversicherungskarte (eCard) vergeben. Heftige Diskussionen verursacht dabei der Vorstoss der österreichischen Banken, die Funktionen der eCard auf...
04:29:34 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: http://rollberg.antville.org/
Cologne gets new team, 6th franchise
Cologne will be the 12 city to host NFLEL action next season it has been confirmed. No team name has been announced. They will play in the RheinEnergieStadion, capacity 50,000. Berlin coach Peter Vaas, will be the head coach.
04:00:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: TouchdownClaymores.com
Up & Running with 1.2
Well I finally installed the PDC framework bits on my machine, and my web site is now running .NET 1.2. Everything went very smoothly. The code “just worked” without any changes at all. I'm now looking forward to playing with the real MasterPages and replacing the setup I use now, which is a modified version of Paul's MasterPages. One thing that I noticed though: The ASP.NET 1.2 Web Service Extension was prohibited by default on my installation. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm running Server '03 Enterprise if that matters.
03:45:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Dan Bright's .NET Weblog
Welcome New Blogger
I'd like to welcome to the ranks Filipe Fortes. For those of you that don't know, he is a PM for the Avalon team, and he's moving his blog over here from the GotDotNet blogs. We're going to try to get his posts and comments moved over sometime in the near future. For right now, it's great to have him on board. Hey Filipe, how about getting the rest of your team to blog? ;)
03:33:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: LonghornBlogs.com Admin
TeledyN: How to Slay the RIAA
TeledyN: How to Slay the RIAA: Music is not like painting or playwriting or really most of the other arts: Music is intimately temporal, epherimal, abstract and fluid. Music is here one moment, gone the next, and in the days before the mass-distribution recording, we expected music to be fresh, even the old favourites. As John Cage noticed when they first started to compare the electrical signals on recording wires, it is impossible for even the finest performer to exactly replicate a prior performance; John says he stopped listening to recorded music the day he attended a performance of some orchestral piece and a small boy seated behind him told his father afterward, 'That's not how it goes!' -- records are only that, a record, a snapshot of some moment in time, a moment past, stale, for the most part, forgotten as the artist has already moved on to something new.With all this free sample music out there, constantly replenished and refreshed, sure there's lots for a small rural ...
03:29:02 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: mediAgora
My blog
...needs something new. So I've written something new. Now you write something new.
03:19:30 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: http://blog.mooncalf.me.uk/
Among the reasons I started writing in this medium was so I could have some forum to vent my rage and confusion, particularly in the wake of a "preemptive" American war. It gave me some way to argue with the fools and vampires who howled in favor of an occupation, who chanted in blind obedience or wallowed in tortured belief of the occupier of the White House. This purpose no longer seems valid. There's no longer anyone I can even pretend that I'm arguing with. I can't find an intelligent blogger who is willing or able to address the sickening...
03:18:01 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: ZOTA
PDC Community Application - Away from PDC?
I started up the PDC Community Application as soon as I got home because I had used it to download all the powerpoint presentations and code samples from the sessions that I attended or wanted to attend. It worked real nice while I was at PDC. When I was viewing a session, there was a link to view the powerpoint or code samples (which are saved locally on my computer). However, now that I am home, the links for the powerpoint slides and code samples don't show up. I still have all the files saved locally, but they are saved under session numbers which isn't very user friendly. Has anyone else figured out a way to change a setting or two to let it know that the files are still saved locally and get the links to show up? This is a fantastic and very helpful app if I can get it to work!
03:13:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: adventures of dotnetboy (aka Brenton House)
Some more about Adelaide
Okay, so now I'll update a little more on the adventure that was Adelaide. We spent Friday night at my parents' house due to our very early flight - we slept in my sister's bed (she slept in mum's bed)...
03:03:55 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: edible.nu
Fighting Spam
To reduce spam, I have configured our mail server to use the blacklist from relays.ordb.org and bl.spamcop.net. I have also edited /etc/mail/access to use a portion of the list from spamlist.org and to block these addresses. The spamlist.org list is a bit excessive (use with caution!).Meanwhile, if you are interested, you can also shoot Sid the Spammer here.
02:12:25 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: GhostWire Studios
No Answer Down Here
The difficult thing here is not, to dig down to the ground; no, it is to recognise the ground that lies before us as the ground. For the ground keeps...
02:04:20 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: the abyss means...
[PDC Bits] Longhorn Post
I just had to do the obligatory post from inside Longhorn. A pity that it is soooo sloooooow....This Blog Hosted On: http://www.DotNetJunkies.com/
01:59:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Alan Dean
[PDC Bits] Longhorn Post
I just had to do the obligatory post from inside Longhorn. A pity that it is soooo sloooooow....
01:59:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Alan Dean
More userpics
It's been a long, hard struggle, but it's here at least.... You can now buy extra userpics. Just hit the store and select "Extra userpics", which brings your userpic limit to 20 50. Note that you must already have a paid account to begin with.People with permanent accounts have had their limit raised to 20 50 already, so don't be surprised if the cart doesn't let you try to buy something you already have.whitaker had this feature ready about 6-7 months ago, but we'd been waiting for massive bandwidth and storage. Now that we've got our Akamai service (for bandwidth) and NetApp appliance (for storage), we just had to flip a switch and turn this all on. (it took less time than writing this post...)I'm sure a lot of people will be happy about this announcement (it's our #1 feature request), but a lot of people will inevitably be angry as well. Let me address what I guess will be the three major complaints:Why can't free users buy more userpics? We don't want all those other paid ...
01:54:48 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: LiveJournal News
Postfix's relay control
Well, I got to work today and tried to send mail from my webmail client. Relaying denied. Turns out I'd...
01:50:37 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: http://www.koziarski.net/
Well, this last week I studied and took both the 70-315 and the 70-320 tests and passed both! Pretty awesome! For me, 70-315 was (by far) the easier of the two exams. 320 was a real beating, covering XML, Web Services, Windows Services, Security (COM+, Integrated), and versioning... PAINFUL! Luckily, I did well on it and that was my last exam... So, I'm now an MCAD! Now, on to my MCSD. :-)
01:35:00 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Moved to http://JasonA.net
Scene ideas in mind and they slip away as soon as I sit down to write. I've lost a little of the writerly discipline in the past few weeks., I'm frustrated with the novel. I want it darker. A little...
01:26:49 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: Mad Writer
Several conversations and events over the past few months have instilled a desire to pull up my bootstraps and get...
01:13:45 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: It's Simple, Really
Happy Halloween, everyone! I know I'm late, but it is still worth mentioning. And this year I realized one of...
00:47:57 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: SimpleWeblog
A good weekend draws to a close
Bon Voyage...
00:45:07 November 3, 2003, Monday (PST) Source: [ ON THE ROAD ]