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Kung-Log Test
Just testing out some funky offline blog software...
17:56:43 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Buddha John Two Fish
Make Up the Crackdown
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse at school... Figure this out... They did not install floppy drives in the computers this year. What they did instead was setup an e-mail system. They don't want us to send e-mail...
17:53:53 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: The H-Files
PDC Harvester - RSS Feed
RSS Feed for PDC Harvester is now ready. Come and help yourself :) You can also use the web-based edition of Harvester here. My friend and I do not seem to be able to keep up with the number of PDC-related reports being posted. As I mentioned before, including the session code in the reports will speed up the process of updating Harvester's database. Thanks!
17:42:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Mehran's Blog
Service Broker Message Validation
One issue that hit people when they write message orientated systems is how to control what messages are allowed to be sent and also how to validate those messages. This blog entry looks at how SSB handles these issues. SSB enforces that all messages sent must be of a predefined type - called a Message type. Message Types have a validation associated with them that can be one of three values Empty - the message is simply an notification that carries no associated data Varbinary - the data associated with the message will not be validated by SSB XML - the data associated with the message will be validated as wellformed XML. Number 3. can be taken even further. Once you specify that a message must be wellformed XML, you can also, optionally, associate an XML Schema against which the message will be validated (XML Schema can now be loaded as a first class database object). The Syntax for creating a Message Type is as follows (be warned that this is the syntax for the build of Yukon I ...
17:38:28 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: .NET Meanderings
Assuming that an open process can come up with a set of guidelines for legal blogs, ...
(Assuming that an open process can come up with a set of guidelines for legal blogs, should it be strictly about ethics and style? What about technical issues? Archiving?)
If legal blogs continue to grow and develop as they have, they will eventually be cited by courts and litigants in legal documents. Should legal bloggers have an obligation to follow style guidelines that will make their blogs easy to...
17:36:55 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: blogbook.org
Assuming we can define legal blogs in a satisfactory way, should legal bloggers have a ...
(Assuming we can define legal blogs in a satisfactory way, should legal bloggers have a set of voluntary guidelines?)
Should legal blogs hold themselves to a higher standard? Do legal bloggers, especially if they are lawyers, have a higher duty of care than other bloggers? Do legal bloggers have an obligation to leave an audit trail when they change...
17:35:28 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: blogbook.org
Allchin keynote
Jim Allchin writing Avalon code in vi at Monday's keynote. This was definitely a sufficient reward for all the troubles I went through getting to L.A. by 8:30 Monday morning...
17:34:40 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Walter At Work
Drinking From The Firehose
516 items in my PDC folder in Outlook and counting. Well over 100 new subscriptions this week. PDC Bits ordered from MSDN. I should have quite enough to keep me warm this winter.
17:32:59 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Brian Graf's Weblog
21 feet of schema
J. Patrick Thompson, one of the WinFS schema gurus, came by the UX Lounge this afternoon with the full WinFS schema printed on a plotter. It's 20 feet long. This is the first time I've seen the whole schema printed out at once. We put it up on the wall and people are writing comments on it--at least the people who stand there and study it long enough! For those who actually come look at this, I should point out that this is the current state of the schema back in Redmond, not the one that appears on the PDC handout build. As with all of Longhorn, the schema is a work in progress.
17:29:58 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Walter At Work
All Candidates Meeting
Tonite I attended an all candidates meeting for my regional election. For weeks now sighs have sprung up all over my fair town with someones name and what they are running for. Well execpt one guy who has his name and a check mark? But a stupid sign does not insire me to vote. So off to the candidates meeting. 5 minutes per person, over 16 people! But i'm glad at least now I can make a somewhat informed decision on election day. I also collected a wad of the brochures that maybe equal in read length to Tezwarths blogs. What angered me was one guy acclaimed his counciller stop. And his speach sucked! For $30(what i've heard price is to run) I would have ran against him. Just seems like a waste of democracy when someone just gets an elected seat without any hassle. Who cares that he's been in that position for over a decade or whatever. So don't be suprised if you see Tilley running in some election real soon!
17:13:54 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: tilley's virgin blog
PDC Day 3 - Longhorn Application Framework
Chris Anderson had a great talk this afternoon about the application framework that's built into the Longhorn OS. He struggled through a couple demos, but nonetheless, got the points across in an almost all-demo talk. After the marketing mandated slides, it was just code, code, code. Avalon, along with the Longhorn OS, provide some services to prevent having us all write the same plumbing code over and over. Some highlights: It feels a lot like the MFC application framework, where we don't write Main function any longer. The runtime and Avalon take care of WinMain, Main, etc. Call us on the Application::OnStartingUp event. (We override when necessary, to create windows, etc.) Window management is handled (if desired) by Avalon core. We can have the app quit when the main window is closed, when the last window is closed, or only when we call the close method. Services provided to do system tray notification. Very simple -- on a button click handler for example, just send a message ...
17:12:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Volleynerd's PDC / TechEd Blog
Responses about vision
Havoc: The point is not what the Apollo program was able to do, but to contrast the Apollo program with the expenditures on "modern NASA" which is only 10% less funded (accounting for inflation) and does a lot less. Its an anecdote, the point doesn't really rise and fall on NASA, its just meant to illustrate on a grandiose scale ;-) I'm not arguing for haste, I'm arguing for direction. Linux 2.0 was a laughable toy, but without the direction provided by copying the features of other Unix systems, Linux 2.6 could not exist. Maybe they did it better, maybe they didn't, but in terms of core features, its the same thing. The cool things happened in a thousand steps, but a thousand steps in various directions will not get you anywhere particularly cool. So people are making the X server support smooth 3D graphics and in the future we'll implement the next generation UI on top of it. But we have no idea what the next generation UI is, so how do you know that supporting smooth 3D graphics ...
17:11:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Design Fu
Must back up Manila config.root daily because site tree can become corrupted?
(SOURCE:A site tree's XML structure must not be empty)- Sounds like config.root which contains the site tree must be backed up daily to help prevent these types of problems from happening. I've never had any problems like these before, knock on wood! QUOTEHas anyone discovered why the site tree's XML structure becomes corrupted? I know how to correct the problem when it happens, but I don't know why it happens and how it can be prevented. It just happened to our server again yesterday. This problem seems to have started about 6 months ago. I did a fresh install of Frontier on a Windows 2000 box hoping I had messed something up on the old install. No luck. Still get the error sporadicly. I save a copy and replace the root files weekly thinking age may have something to do with. That seems to have reduced the number of occurances - but has not eliminated it. The last time this thread surfaced (about a month ago), I know several other server admins indicated they too were experiencing ...
17:05:14 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Roland Tanglao: RadioUserland
Well, the last day of the trade show is definitely the big one. Many of the exhibitors are eager to get rid of their SWAG, just so they don't have to take it back. Oracle for example needed to get rid of their red PDC bean bags. I scored one in a drawing! My first win of the week! The Longhorn group was giving away the rest of their mini RC cars -- just had to fill out some survey. Finally, a couple bookstores were unloading all their books -- presumably to not have to carry/ship them home. All in all - a great day of SWAG !!!
17:04:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Volleynerd's PDC / TechEd Blog
Naming Rights:
Robert Kuttner has a great suggestion for Bank of America. If they're interested in generating local goodwill, they could start...
17:00:25 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: daleynews
Peter-Paul Koch's QuirksMode - documenting cross-browser quirks
(SOURCE:QuirksMode - for all your browser quirks)- Very cool. Someday we won't need quirks mode and we won't need sites like this and Peter can move on to cooler things. QUOTE QuirksMode.org is the personal and professional site of Peter-Paul Koch, freelance web developer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It contains more than 150 pages with CSS and JavaScript tips and tricks, and is one of the best sources on the WWW for studying and defeating browser incompatibilities. It is free of charge and ads, and largely free of copyrights. UNQUOTE
16:59:10 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Roland Tanglao: WebBrowsers
Microsoft fires temp employee for blog?
This story is incredibly ironic, considering all the positive press about MS and blogging this week....
16:52:06 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: blog blog blog
Where do you want to go today?
I'm exhausted from hearing about how cool everything is in the sessions. The worst part is that it's years until we can use all the cool toys in production. The best part is hoping it's truly a Microsoft attitude switch, because they sure seem to want to listen to what developers want and improve. They're making a real effort to bring the wizards out from behind the curtain, so we can email them next week and ask why feature x isn't in Whidbey yet. I'm also unsure as to what part of 'Do Not Disturb' the Park Hyatt doesn't understand....
16:47:18 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: blog blog blog
ok, before I do anything else, all of you must go to this site: End of the world Caitlin Cragg's hooked me up with this, and apparently she got it from a swedish exchange student... it's kinda like that six...
16:45:44 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Joel's Blog
Stevie Blunder
Ball To Cub: Catch Me If You Can"In the eyes of many, Bartman had single-handedly ruined the Cubs chances of getting to the World Series. Funny, I thought the players on the field decided the outcome of the game."
16:42:01 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: The Bad Newswire :: Where News Breaks Down
CTC8 Continues
Another long day exploring court technology at CTC8 in Kansas City. I've now spoken twice about syndication and official court weblogs as a tool for improving public access. Also timely is a front-page article in the Court Technology Bulletin (no link yet) I authored entitled "Publishing an Official Court Weblog." The concept is new, and may be slow to take hold in the courts. However, I did learn yesterday that the Supreme Court of Utah will soon join West Virginia in providing access to its opinions via RSS. Hot topics include:Automated performance measurementPublic access to court records -- developing policies and rulesBusiness process enhancement during technology implementationsFinding better ways to manage the IT budgetFederal Computer Week ran a story today about Chief Justice Toal's presentation, which is entitled "Courts must invest in IT, judge says". There's more to come tonight and tomorrow, and I'll be gathering more links as the conference moves forward for posting ...
16:41:46 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Rory Perry: Legal Information Standards
Non-specific October 29th update
* My town, Atlantic Beach was covered for the second time in six months in the New York Times Real Estate section this past Sunday: [Village That Doubles as Resort][1] [nytimes.com registration required]. * Tomorrow I'll be at the Apple Seminar Series [Driven by Design][2] in NYC seeing the latest offerings from Adobe, Quark, Extensis and HP. * I gave in an ordered an [iSight][3], Amazon's got 'em for 139 and they qualify for free shipping. Rationalization for the purchase: "Wel I'll need to be familiar with the technology in case a client has one." (I use that excuse _way_ too often.) * Ken Bereskin, Apple's Product Manager for Mac OS X has moved and ...
16:39:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: icblog
A Question
What turns confidence into cockiness?...
16:33:15 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Grok This
Oppose the Ecstasy Awareness Act PROFITING FROM R...
Oppose the Ecstasy Awareness Act PROFITING FROM RAVES" "Whoever profits monetarily from a rave or similar electronic dance event, knowing or having reason to know that the unlawful use or distribution of a controlled substance occurs at the rave or s
16:32:23 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: War on Drugs
Trading Spaces:
With the fire spreading through upscale residential areas in southern California, people are getting out, taking what they can, including...
16:25:39 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: daleynews
Omri's protocols talk
Those angle-brackets are sharp!!
16:23:16 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Musings from Gudge
WinFX 247
Well - in the software industry tradition of announcing products before they're ready, with the PDC drawing to a close I thought I'd tell you that I'm working on a sister site to .NET 247 called WinFX 247. The new site will ultimately be at www.winfx247.com, but the domain changes haven't propagated yet so please don't try it. This new site will be dedicated to everything that we will be seeing in the Whidbey and Longhorn timeframe. The reason why I'm mentioning this now is that I'm working on a feature of the site that will show you where all the new additions to the framework have been made in the Longhorn PDC bits. It will show new namespaces, new public types and new private and public members on those types. I will also be plugging this into all of the Microsoft newsgroups in short order, and over the next few weeks into other fora. This should help all of us understand exactly what we've been given. I've separated the sites mainly to ensure that .NET 247 remains useful to ...
16:22:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Matthew ".NET 247" Reynolds
The Fakir
In the book “From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan” the collected writings of H.P. Blavatsky p311. Madam M...
16:21:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Alignment and Breathwork
TACC’s 300-node cluster is just the beginning
Recently I visited the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas, where there are four clusters installed and running a variety of compute-intensive applications.
16:00:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: Dell news from Network World fusion
Interactive Wap Portal with huge stuff!
16:00:00 October 29, 2003, Wednesday (PST) Source: WebCab.de's Wireless Web Entry: New Links