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  October 26, 2003, one week (00:00:00 10/26/2003 - 22:59:59 11/01/2003)

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Song of the Day: Santeria by Sublime
I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball... excellent song! (Rock)
04:05:31 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: DailyTunes.com
PDC first impressions
I got here at 8:15 in the morning and there were a number of people around. The registration process went on smoothly except for a small glitch in the software: my last name is Sánchez, with a tilde in the a and that was too much for the registration software, but after a while the ladies at the desk figured it out and everything went OK. Now I've got my official PDC bag and shirt. The bag was full with the usual CDs and propaganda (but no Whidbey or Longhorn bits until tomorrow, sorry) and a heavy copy of Writing Secure Code 2nd Edition. Perhaps tellingly, the only big line here was at the Starbucks station. Commnet is working just right, there are 40 or 50 people in the room and probably more using wireless outside and now I have an hour or so to make up my mind about whether I shell out the almost $200 extra to get to the pre-conference sessions. Back to you when I have something more useful to report.
04:01:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Edgar Sánchez's .NET Blog
Contact me!
This is what I would look like if I still had the goatee. I thought it was making me look too evil...
03:41:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Paolo's Notes
It's here... The PDC
I feel the electricity in the air already. I'm at the LA Convention center preparing for my different presentations and even this early on the PreCon day, I can feel the excitement. Logo buses on the street, PDC logos everywhere, conference attendees scurrying around figuring out what sessions to go to. You can tell this is BIG. And I mean BIG. It is going to be a long week full of sessions, meetings, and customers and I can't tell you how excited I am. This is our chance to showcase where we are going tomorrow with ASP.NET "Whidbey" and Visual Studio "Whidbey" -- show our vision for the future of Web development and begin to prepare you for it. On Tuesday, http://www.asp.net/whidbey/ will go live with information about our improved Web platform and tools. Whitepapers, presentations, sample code and more. Check it out! I want your feedback about what we are building. I'm going to try and be good about logging this experience, but it does get busy, so I can't promise anything. On ...
03:13:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Brian Goldfarb's Blog
Its Sunday... more updates.
Its Sunday and I had some minor updates for milter-spamc and milter-date I thought worth while to publish. Nothing signifigicant really. http://www.snert.com/Software/milter-date/ http://www.snert.com/Software/milter-spamc/ Cheers....
02:21:35 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: milter.org
Ken Rockwell
Tolle Bilder und interessante Tutorials und Workshops. Auch wenn man nicht mit jeder Meinung übereinstimmen muss, denn Rockwell polarisiert gerne. http://www.kenrockwell.com/
02:07:33 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: [ o l e ] Log of Links
Tour of downtown Pittsburgh (pictures uploaded)
Kamil decided to visit me here in Monroeville, all the way from Michigan. I took the whole day off to show them around downtown Pittsburgh. Did I say to show them around? I couldn't do that. I drove downtown couple...
01:48:46 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: lost+found
Some hiccups and village people
Strategy+Business had a good profile about Charles Handy (reg.req). Especially I was taken by his view where the current...
01:33:44 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Flow Of Time
Waiting With Bated Breath
Much to my disappointment, I found out last week that my up-to-date coupon for Panther (from my new PowerBook) is not redeemable in the Apple stores -- they have to mail the OS upgrade to you. Luckily, I can...
01:24:32 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Justin Blanton Bits
Art and sessions' XML
So, I took a picture last night. You have to trust me, it's real Art. No, really! And it looks like the mymsevents.com site doesn't embed the sessions' XML data into the search pages anymore, so there's no immediate way (except for major coding that looks highly unlikely at this time of day) to retrieve updated sessions data into the PDC Session Browser application.
01:17:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Paolo's Notes
Falling Back
Time (for a) change
01:00:01 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Interesting Thing of the Day
last couple of weeks...
The last couple of weeks have been full. I picked up two applications for possible employment. Both places were seeking applications for part time work. One the New Orleans Library on Loyola and the other is Forestall's of Metarie. That...
00:57:31 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Addy's World
doctor what
Why do doctors always explain things to you in that really technical doctoring language, using the proper name for bones and stuff. I don't wanna hear "femur," I wanna see him pointing and saying "this one." I don't wanna hear some fancy term for clapping it in, I wanna hear him say it'll croak. News flash, I didn't go to medical school for 6 years, I have no idea what you're talking about. Much like he had no idea what I'm talking about when I told him the reason his computer was making weird noises was due to lack of airflow through the case....
00:45:47 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: drivel::warehouse
domain stuff
well, well, well. It would appear that for the last 2 months Sam has usurped Parker as the most popular site hosted on the drivelwarehouse domain. Both of them are averaging way more hits than me, Tony, Pete and Adam combined. In other news, with only 1 week of class left before exams and a couple of 21st's coming up, posting will be ever lighter than at the moment. That coupled with Sam's little trip up north and Parker's lighter posting schedule, could lead to a lean remainder of the month of drivelwarehouse. We could lose the war with Wickstein's ubersportingpundit, but if so, we'll resort to playing dirty. Also, Britney's new clip is quite humourous. She has an rx-8...
00:29:37 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: drivel::warehouse
Forum PHP in Paris, November 18 & 19, 2004
The French AFUP association is proud to announce the fourth annual PHP meeting in Paris, on November 18th and 19th, 2004. Developers and managers will gather to meet Zeev Suraski, Rasmus Lerdorf and other prominent community experts for two days of sessions, packed with enterprise solutions and advanced techniques (in French).
00:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Meerkat: An Open Wire Service
ÖKB Neuigkeiten auf IHRER Homepage
Ab sofort können Sie die Neuigkeiten der ÖKB Homepage mit Hilfe weniger Zeilen HTML in Form einer Box in IHRE Homepage einbinden.
00:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Österreichischer Karatebund
WKF - WM 2003 Jugend und Junioren
Zwar ohne Medaillenplazierungen, aber mit durchwegs guten Leistungen der ÖKB-Sportler ging 3. WM der Jugend über die Bühne.
00:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Österreichischer Karatebund
A Dozen NEW Gift Sets, More Coming Soon!
PopcornPopper.com, the Online Gift Center, has added 12 New Gift Sets to their lineup and as Christmas time approaches, will be adding more. Gift Sets range in price from $5.99 to $360, so there is something for everyone! Send your online Gifts through PopcornPopper.com this Year.
00:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Specials from PopcornPopper.com
Oct 26th: Last Minute Mono BOF
The first in a series of undercover Mono BOFs at the PDC will take place tonight at 7pm on the Academy meeting, in room 411. Come join us to plot the evolution.
00:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PDT) Source: Mono Project News