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My arrival in LA and being the daddy of wireless at the Omni
Finally got here. I've been up for... oh... 22 hours? Haven't quite made it over to the conference center yet as I'm jetlagged and needed to catch up on some sleep. The Omin's wireless is now working for those staying here... (Julia? You're the only one that I know of staying here.) They just fitted a repeater in my room to boost the signal. Apparently, the other networks in nearby buildings are knocking out the signal. Works A-OK now. Of course, I'm the daddy of signal as the transmitter is about three feet from my head. Interestingly, I have just developed a headache, but I suspect it's jetlag. Oh yes - someone on my flight (KL0601 from Amsterdam to LA) was wearing an infamous “I'm blogging this” t-shirt. Who are you???
15:33:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Matthew ".NET 247" Reynolds
Distracciones cometidas por andar pensando en la señorita Li Steve*, por vega
Al desayuno, el plato sobre la mesa, he vertido la leche primero y luego el cereal. (Esto es un error fundamental) He olvidado, en el ultimo momento, si cuando se lavan en lavadora los jeans deben lavarse al derecho o al reves He pedido a domicilio un poco de...
15:16:29 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Santa Maradona
Whidbey Books Available (sort of)
The following books are available in the PDC Marketplace/Bookstore, so I'm guessing that they'll be orderable by the whole wide world pretty soon: A First Look at ASP.NET v 2.0 First Look at ADO.NET and System Xml v 2.0 ASP.NET 2.0 Revealed BTW, we'll be doing a book signing of our book at the bookstore around 5:30. If your at the conference, drop by and say hi.
15:15:39 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Sean 'Early' Campbell and Scott 'Adopter' ...
...Get your own moblog - realtime imagesGet Ringtones Now!
...Get your own moblog - realtime imagesGet Ringtones Now!
15:04:16 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: RSS Document has moved to ...
...Get your own moblog - realtime imagesGet Ringtones Now!
...Get your own moblog - realtime imagesGet Ringtones Now!
15:04:16 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: RSS Document has moved to ...
Goodbye, _targetInstanceName?
It looks like there's no way to use the very powerful _targetInstanceName property with Flash MX 2004 components. This variable used to be filled out automatically by the Flash IDE when a user drag-dropped a component from the Library onto a movieclip or button at the Stage, but this behaviour seems to be discontinued in Flash MX 2004.
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: martijndevisser.com
Forfar duo in Ibrox race
SECOND DIVISION FORFAR pair Darren Henderson and Robbie Horn face a race against time to prove their fitness before tomorrow night's money-spinning CIS League cup clash with Rangers at Ibrox.
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Scotsman.com Sport - Forfar FC
Hazardous substances in the European marine environment - Trends in metals and ...
(Hazardous substances in the European marine environment - Trends in metals and persistent organic pollutants)
This report provides an assessment of trends in concentrations of six hazardous substances in mussels and fish in Europe's seas since 1985. The trends are linked to reduction measures, foodstuff limit values and trends in inputs to coastal and marine waters. The results are presented in a series of maps.
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: European Environmental Highlights / News by ...
Parisian termites: how to get rid of them?
Termites are well established in Paris. Since August 2003, a prefectorial order has declared the capital a termite monitoring and control zone. The current situation.
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Cité des Sciences : Science news
Recherche française :tous les voyants sont-ils au rouge ?
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Cité des Sciences : Science news
Termites parisiens :comment s'en débarrasser ?
À Paris, le termite est bien là. Depuis août 2003, un arrêté préfectoral classe l'ensemble de la capitale en zone de surveillance et de lutte contre les termites. Etat des lieux.
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Cité des Sciences : Science Actualités
Recherche française :tous les voyants sont-ils au rouge ?
Budgets, effectifs, brevets, publications... Comment, dans un contexte polémique, rendre compte objectivement de l'état de santé de la recherche française ? Analyse d'indicateurs complexes et esquisse des grandes tendances avec Laurence Esterle, directrice de l'OST.
15:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Cité des Sciences : Science Actualités
Another reason not to deploy Debug code...
In the CLR Internals class today, Jeff Richter gave a great deal of really good information. One thing that I should have figured, but did not really know was about the impact of running Debug code on Garbage Collector performance. Say you have code like this: public void foo() { BigOb big; big=new BigOb(); System.Console.WriteLine("Big is Really big! {0} ",big.GetSize()); // 1. LongSlowOperation(); // 2. } The C++ programmer in me says that big will be in scope until just after the curly brace below the comment 2. Turns out that in release mode, the big object will be available for garbage collection at the 1 comment (because the framework can tell that it is not referenced again in the code) unless the code is debug code. In that case, the object will be available and not garbage colected as a convenience for you while debugging. In most cases the difference may not be critical, but it just might in some cases. Consider yourself warned<g>.
14:50:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Doug Reilly's Weblog
If only I had a plot
Recent dialogue worthy of note: A couple was sitting in front of us at a screening of "Intolerable Cruelty". At the end of the film, the man leaned over to his date and said: "You owe me 16 bucks." The...
14:32:49 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Driving Through Nebraska
More comments on comments
I have enough thoughtful comments to warrent more comments on comments. I'm not going to comment on any comments that have some secret non-public solution. God Bless and go do a start up if you're so motivated. But that leaves a lot of comments worth responding to James Strachan says I don't need a browser, just a client side proxy. In general, I've stipulated this, but I do think that local data tends to go hand in hand with a somwhat more interactive style of page in which "selection" on one part of the page (say restaurants versus cuisines versus price ranges) causes another part of the same page to show the related data. This is more than a proxy can do gracefully although Framesets solve some of it. Edward Kepler makes the same comment as I just did, only to the extreme point of arguing that it is all just one page. Now there is no doubt that one can morph a page completely and thus, can never switch, but I personally think customers are often comfortable with "pages" as units ...
14:32:13 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Adam Bosworth's Weblog
PHP and Parrot
The keynote for PHPCon is here.
14:26:57 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Sterling Hughes
Treo test 2
And this post is a test from AvantGo...
14:06:37 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Ever Curious
Treo test 1
I'm testing this in the Internet browser on my new Treo 600....
14:01:38 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Ever Curious
Odyssee 2010: 1.11 - Gegen Sozialkahlschlag
Wenn Arbeit knapp wird... Die Ereignisse bekommen eine Eigendynamik, die Sozialforen florieren - Berlin: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Köln: 1, 2, Bochum: 1, 2, Tübingen, vielfältiger Widerstand regt sich: Tübingen: 1 | 2 | Saarbrücken, Marburg, Berlin: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Daimler/Porsche, Rostock, Hannover, Dresden, die Demonstration kündigt sich sichtbar an, Plakate und Aufkleber säumen das Stadtbild. Die Parteien gehen bei kleinsten Anzeichen in Deckung oder schießen mit Kanonen auf Spatzen. Letzte Widerstände in den eigenen Reihen werden ausgemerzt. Die staatstreuen Gewerkschaftsspitzen fahren eine Doppeltaktik, blockieren und vereinnahmen, während die Basis mobilisiert. Es wird mit mindestens 10 000 Menschen gerechnet und einen revolutionären, einen anarchosyndikalistischen sowie einen Queer- Block geben. Doch die Frage stellt sich wer ist betroffen, wer wehrt sich? Es wird wärmer, das ist bitternötig, denn bis 2010 steht noch eine ganze Lawine von Verschlechterungen, etwa Urlaub ...
14:00:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: de.indymedia.org Features
Song of the Day: Little Eyes by Yo La Tengo
13:53:59 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: DailyTunes.com
Mad William Flint has left the building
New Blog Digs: http://www.mpwilson.com/uccu/ I'm finally making good on year and a half old threats and leaving http://radio.weblogs.com/0108194/ The mechanics of the affair are a bit nuts at the moment, but I"m working towards a solution that's "kinder and gentler" both on my head and the new server. So here 'goes: The new RSS feed: http://www.mpwilson.com/uccu/rss.xml The new Blog homepage: http://www.mpwilson.com/uccu/ Update accordingly. I won't be back.
13:51:02 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: The Universal Church Of Cosmic Uncertainty
Song of the Day: Spit on a Stranger by Pavement
13:50:49 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: DailyTunes.com
PreCon - CLR Internals: Writing Great Managed Components and Applications
My first session of the PDC and overall a good session from Jeff Richter. The focus was mainly on: The .NET execution model i.e. IL, verification, JIT compilation etc. Building, packaging, deploying, versioning, and administering components and applications i.e. looking at metadata, strong naming, the GAC etc. Type fundamentals such as namespaces, assemblies, objects, the heap and stack etc. Garbage collection i.e. creation, use and clean-up Can managed code outperform unmanaged code? It was a 6 hour talk so there was a lot of detail... Some of the points of note mentioned: In future versions of the .NET framework strong naming of assemblies may be enforced. Strong naming has a number of benefits (from a validation and safety point of view) and the feeling is that these benefits should be forced upon components. The ILDasm.exe tool has a little know switch “/adv“ (without the quotes) that allows you to view advanced information about your assembly - in particular, look at the ...
13:46:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Blog on the run...
Web Services Mindset
I am sitting in a PDC Pre-Conference session titled ".NET - The XML and Web Services Perspective" being given by Don Box, Tim Ewald and Martin Gudgin. Overall a pretty good summary of what the state of the technology is today. While I already have heard and written about much of this content already, it has been good at getting mind back into Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA); since I have been out of this world for a while. Kind of like going back to visit Hanibal Lector - only without the negative context. The thing I have been trying to resolve in my mind is - what role do Web Services and SOA's have in the Enterprise, since this is the space I primarily play in. At the company I work for we run our business on three large third party applications. We spend allot of our resources extending and exchanging information around these products. Not to mention that each of these three products sits on a different platform. Which when I think of what Web Services are ...
13:42:31 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Curtis Koppang's Radio Weblog
Made It!
After finding out LAX was closed this morning, we decided to drive from San Francisco instead of waiting around indefinitely. Turns out, it was a good choice. Four hours in the car and now we've arrived. More to come, I'm sure.
13:42:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Ryan LaNeve
Sample PDC Code and VM and Virtual PC pointers
If you are at PDC and you plan on installing the bits tomorrow, then go to iunknown for some great pointers, along with a reference to some code to be referenced soon. Sorry John wish you could be here.
13:40:47 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: IdendityCrisis
SOAP Formatter is dead
Many of you know that I don't have a deep understanding of XML and Schema, let alone SOAP. But I would like to get some kind of momentum toward my new XML life style. So I was glad to here Don say "The SOAP Formatter is dead". Maybe I didn't get it word for word, but I say "Great! One more technology I may have the pleasure of never learning" Bring on Monday morning when I find out about some other formatter, maybe.
13:33:26 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: IdendityCrisis
Destination... PDC
Like most other people have mentioned, getting into LA today has been an adventure - 1 hour flight delay for me in Atlanta waiting for weather to clear, and then another hassle coming into LA becuase of the problem with the forest fires - apparently, the fires weren't a threat to LAX, but to a 'flight control facility' located elsewere, and there weren't enough flight controllers to handle the traffic into the LA area. Fortunately for me, my flight was carrying precious cargo (To be specific, we had human kidneys on board being transported for a transplant). That gave us priority to land at LAX, and so here I am at the Wilshire Grand. If anyone wants to ring me, just call the Wilshire (rm 1082).
13:21:00 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Jerry Dennany's Occasional Clue
A few more Panther morsels
Panther goodies [via diveintomark] from codepoetry: Obscure Panther Features Panther's Major Text Services Upgrade [extremely cool]
13:10:13 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: icblog
L.A.S. Local Area Security Knoppix LiveLinux CD
Cool Security Knoppix CD
13:08:27 October 26, 2003, Sunday (PST) Source: Security :: Technology, Software Development, ...